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I have a tiny Zyto lathe, it's probably 70+ years old, the tool post and cross slide are worn out and wobbly, the feed control is dodgy, the belt drive to the head stock slips and can't be changed to vary speed    - but it's a gorgeous piece of Victorian design and manufacture!

And now I see this: https://www.yeumano.com/product/auto-mini-metal-lathe-8-x-16-1100w-1-5hp-metal-gear-brushless-2250rpm-2-chucks/?fbclid=IwAR2zZwAAHm35LNqlSL3pUjs2CSnhj0_20iPPdVBjQyI3Bu1AjogDT5KR5Xs


Clearly a Chinese product, but that's not necessarily bad.  Its the price that makes me doubtful. $180 when the cheapest small lathe I've seen before is about £600, and on special offer(?) for $100.   Would this be rubbish, or worth a punt?


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Hi Folks,

I have one of these  https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cl430-metal-lathe/  cost about £600 12 years ago,  Now is is £1300

This is smaller but still £900  https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/draper-lathe-300-variable-speed-metal-work-lat/

This is a little cheaper but thankfully not Draper  https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cl300m-metal-lathe/


I think John's must have the decimal point in the wrong place



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Thank you all!    The video posted by DeTRacted features a man who bought one of these for $898!   So a tenth of that seems too good to be true.

And thank you, Nick & Son!  For confirming that.

   I shall lock my wallet away. Too good to be true = Not True.


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49 minutes ago, JohnD said:



Can't have had many takers - the price has dropped!   Just £50 now!  If it's too good to be true .....

Hello John

                  You order 2 I will give you the money when they arrived OK?


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@JohnD You've got a Zyto too! We have one which we've just about got working. Bit of wobble in the toolpost, one of the cast feet has snapped off so I've made a little angle-iron bolt-on replacement, and the belt has snapped (which needs sorting). Oh, and it's got one of those chucks that have a knurled ring to clamp with, which isn't really man enough for steel. The job we were doing when the belt snapped was facing a 7/8" 9tpi nut to make a backplate for another chuck. It's a dinky little thing. Proper model-maker's lathe.

On the subject of scams I've found a couple of places offering things like Milwaulkee impact guns and other such pricy but dead useful things for cut price offers. I'd messaged one of them just in case, but they want you to buy a token to use on their website to buy the tool. My guess is that they just never ship the tool, and because they've provided the token you paid for they're in a better stead legally as they've provided what they said they'd provide (even if that wouldn't actually hold up in a court of law).

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