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  1. Yeah. Stubbornly immobile! Not actually bolted down but might as well be!
  2. https://www.quickfitsbs.com/rewebbing.php http://www.safetybeltservices.co.uk/contact.html Not used either myself but I'm pretty I've seen a couple of people recommend the first one (in Stanmore)
  3. Big. Especially tall. Which is a problem, the main problem I should say. Heavy. Not especially powerful. Didn't have a great reliability rep back in the day. Now rare and parts hard to find. Many better options...... probably including the original 1300/1500!
  4. This is the "holy grail" of factory 2.5 cranks - the early Mk1 PI or possibly TR5/early TR6 crank with cross-drilling. One thing to watch is whether it is a long or short back crank. That is whether the rear of the crank where the flywheel attaches is longer, moving the flywheel backwards. All Vitesses and GT6s would be short back from the factory as is all the later stuff. Not sure exactly what cars the long-back cranks came with (they also exist in non-cross-drilled form) or why Triumph thought it necessary to do this and have two versions, but I suspect that a long back crank would be d
  5. Nice job Roger. I've also seen similar where they've also drilled and tapped for a couple of brass counter-sunk screws to make absolutely sure. Don't see the need on top of what you have done though.
  6. Might have a spare here. Though geography not very helpful...... Had been contemplating putting one in the Vitesse (not easy)
  7. Can you not just fit a later Spitfire assembly - they seem quite reasonable?
  8. I think it's something more fundamental John. That would have knocked out no 1 big end right enough but one big end doesn't drop the oil pressure that much. My feeling is that something started chewing itself apart and the swarf from that ate the the oil pump, so the whole engine started seeing less oil (starting at the front, furthest from source), then bearings started failing, progressively dropping the pressure further. I wonder about the thrust washers as the origin of the problem as that area is really chomped. Normally takes quite alot of miles to get that level of damage as the
  9. That’s pretty comprehensive...... one rod isn’t going to be enough...... Reckon there might be two you could use.... Looks like general oiling failure to me. Wondering if something relatively small fell off initially and went through the oil pump (maybe wedged the relief vale open). The thrust washer thing is odd though, wonder if that is what kicked it all off.....
  10. In theory I have two...... at my lock-up. Will investigate later in the week when I can get there.
  11. It’s fair enough really - it’s done quite a bit of long distance work at speed.....
  12. I was going to post a link to the same company...... Also Golf Mk2 ( have one on my Vitesse) and Nissan Micra (K11). Very likely others out there. Golf may be harder to find now but Nissan should still be ok.
  13. Track day coming up so time for a bit of fettling. Tappet check (can't remember when I last did them) revealed the inlets still to be bob-on@ at slightly tight 15 thou (book says 14) but exhausts mostly to be on the tight side. 12 - 14 when they should be 16. Now sorted. Inserts or not it seems there is still a little recession happening. Also fished out the injectors and gave them a ride on my new cleaner/tester. Actually all pretty good spray patterns and within 5% on volume to begin with and a little better now. Plugs look pretty even too. Air filter looks like it needs a
  14. Probably got some 3.89 gears...... whether they are any good....... Why not just try the 3.63 if first is that short? Not very much between 4.11 and 3.89? Slippery.... oh yeah. Remember marshalling there years (decades) ago in the esses and going down on my arse when I hopped off the bank to sweep the track between cars. How the cars were (mostly) staying on, I have no idea. Gave the spectators something to cheer I know the track has been resurfaced since then, but there's between plenty of time for the tree-slime layers to build back up and polish!
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