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  1. I could post a picture (your picture!) of some particularly spectacular wreckage as a reminder as to why that might not be your best idea…… I would not be ignoring chunks like that. The suggestions I’ve made are all fairly easy to check. Rocker cover off to check the valve cap and rocker spacer. Possibly you know you have alloy valve caps and roller rockers, eliminating them anyway? The other means removing the distributor/MU and pedestal, which is a bit more involved, but if this is where the bits are from (and I think it is), the damage could allow the teeth to come out of mesh. Yes, this will stop the engine, but if it chews the teeth on the camshaft in the process, repair will be non-trivial.
  2. Piston=aluminium=non-ferrous…….. further ideas…. -valve spring cap -rocker shaft spacer Still liking my first suggestion the best….
  3. Well, the wishbone bolts are out - which is a great start! Those brackets though….. If they are in decent condition and the bolt threads are good…. My strong advice is to leave them be. Because, as you note, it can be (usually is!) difficult to remove them without hurting them or even killing them completely. I had the luxury of the machining being done in a mill so not spinning the whole knobbly mess in a lathe. It can still be done like that but needs a big lathe and lots of caution. Heating the link over the bolt area (not the bolt itself) fast, with oxy-acetylene, and clouting the end of the bolt (protected with a couple of old nuts screwed on it) with a big hammer is the best hope. Just don’t overdo it and bend it or ruin the threads. Some just will not come out whole. Depends on the environment they’ve been subjected to and whether they’ve ever been out before. If you do ruin them it’s highly likely you’ll have to make your own new ones. Can be done, I’ve done a couple of pairs, but it’s very fiddly and time consuming. Or do without them and go for the twin lower link arrangement.
  4. Oooh…. That’s not what you want to find in your oil…. Assuming it’s ferrous, It looks to me like the remains of the flange on the top of the cast iron oil pump drive bush, though I’m struggling to form a theory on how it can to be so distressed…. Relatively easy to check (though possibly not quite so much on a PI equipped Vitesse) by lifting off the distributor pedestal. Check drive gear and cam gear carefully too! If not that….
  5. Cruelty to beans…. Flogged. Rolled in salt, then sentenced to 1000 laps of the M25 in their own crapi product….
  6. Clearly a spelling error. Right letters, wrong order. R misplaced.
  7. Oh yeah…. On several 10CRs we’ve spent all day driving up and down passes, sometimes in hot pursuit of the big bikes. Great fun, but not huge distances covered. MPG suffers….
  8. Why indeed….. because marketing wonks are weird…..? The Daihatsu “Sirloin” gets me every time. Ok, they don’t actually spell it like that, but it’s how I read it…. Do try
  9. Oh. Dear. Delicately handled I thought. The video that is, not the Chinese naming. Tricky thing language. Especially when it’s not yours…. Apparently “Pajero” is quite rude in Spanish. Which is why Mitsubishi called them “Shogun” in Europe and Montero in other Spanish speaking countries. Though it remained the Pajero in the USA in spite of a high proportion of Spanish speakers…..
  10. Welcome & greetings from a South Somerset GT6 Mk3 (and Vitesse) owner. Feel free to ask questions, post pictures or even throw up a resurrection thread
  11. https://www.dellorto.co.uk/shop/dellorto-car-carburettors-parts/parts/drla-parts/butterfly-screw/ This says M4x0.7, which is the standard (and only) metric thread at that size.
  12. Yes. Don’t find the oil pressure much different from Valvoline VR1 20/50 but it doesn’t seem to go black so quickly. Not a huge fan of the Stelvio. Visually impressive, but not much fun to drive as usually clogged with bikes and camper vans.
  13. I think the issue may be that you can’t embed videos directly on this forum (and indeed most forums) due to their size. Can you upload to YouTube or Vimeo or similar and post a link to that?
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