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  1. On a marginally related note, my most satisfying minor mod is the gas-strut boot prop. I used an Audi 100 bonnet strut (one of a pair) liberated from a scrapper for a couple of quid to oust the particularly recalcitrant standard ratchet strut. It took under 5 minutes and has worked beautifully for at least 20 years. Sadly, the gas has mostly escaped now and it can longer hold the bootlid up on a cold day….! I suppose I’ll have to renew it. Entropy… Bah!
  2. That sounds like the sort of work environment that gives Darwin a chance of cleansing the gene pool of the careless and unwary! Well survived that man! My first “real” job (after welding up scabby old Triumphs for money in distinctly primitive conditions) was in an experimental foundry making metal matrix composites. Injecting molten aluminium into heated dies at up to 14 Bar. There were occasional mishaps, sometimes spectacular, very occasional successes, much scrap produced and an awful lot of trying to salvage expensive machine components from a matrix of escaped aluminium. For this we had a 200L drum of concentrated caustic. Dumping 20kg or so of almost glowing press tooling covered in barely solidified aluminium into that produced a lively reaction, somewhat akin to Old Faithful. Getting the victim into it and getting yourself back out of range in time to avoid the splash back and fallout required cat-like reflexes! I don’t recall anyone dying or getting any major injuries, more luck than judgement though. In the accident book (yes, there was one!), the forklift was the most frequent offender. Mainly because it was used in many ways that it’s creators had neither intended or foreseen, and beyond its limits where they had. Hard, sometimes hazardous, usually extremely hot work. Very poorly paid but quite enjoyable in a masochistic sort of way and very educational!
  3. Ah, trike….. great for cleaning, bad (sometimes very bad) for operators….. I think a neighbour (ex RAF) was speaking of that very fatality at the weekend. Apparently the operators main failure was falling forward over the tank when overcome by fumes rather than backwards…..
  4. Yes, considered this. I have some Bondloc equivalent of 660. However, I thought I’d see what happens first as a). Fair bit of dismantling needed to access the spline and do it properly and b). I might want to take it apart one day! Its also possible that some moderate “percussive maintenance” on the male spline would have substantially the same effect without the removal concerns. Yes, it’s a bodge but…
  5. Investigation of a newish driveline take-up clunk today revealed that the LHR hub nut was no longer tight, in spite of being torqued to 210Nm and staked. Now retightened with a bit of thread lock and re-staked. Hopefully the splined aren’t now so baggy it’ll keep undoing itself…
  6. Similar, except that although my grass badly needs a chop, there is no chance of it happening today or for the foreseeable future as the whole area is a swamp, apart from the east lawn, which is between paddy field and lake. And it’s pissing down again.
  7. We are shamed, once again, as a nation by the antics of parliament over the Gaza ceasefire. Attempts at petty political point-scoring gone wrong for all Meanwhile, the divide between fortunate and less fortunate, starkly illustrated The Royal Crescent in Bath. Home to the very fortunate. And yet, turning on my heel through 180 degrees and I photographed this Home of the much less fortunate. And yet still better of than those under the next bush who were making do with soggy cardboard and plastic sheeting. Not photographed as they were in residence!
  8. Nice looking road. I assume a “fly cemetery” is more appetising than its name! Millionaires shortbread for me please! Yes, the caravan parks are numerous, outstanding in their ugliness, and still expanding. I’ve tried to keep themout of the pics, but there is a bit of the Seatown one in the first pic. It extends half a mile inland up the valley and is currently under expansion…. Again. All fully sustainable obviously. Tend to avoid this bit in the summer!
  9. Bit of a walk along the south coast earlier. Seatown to West Bay and back. About 3 miles each way but also 600m of climbing …. Each way. Inner harbour a West Bay. The all day breakfast bun was very acceptable and seagulls stayed away. It rained on the way back…. But not too much. Big landslide. Cliffs are fairly active along here!
  10. Something bad happened in the PSU (caps related!) and cooked the rest. Pre-amp IC sounds potentially tricky?
  11. This is how Chapman’s Bookery describes itself….. “We are a veteran owned independent bookstore located in the heart of the redwoods in the historic village of Ferndale, CA” Location explains why they can’t spell “neighbour”
  12. Yeah. The boss suggested a T shirt. "We live amongst them" on the front, "if you have to ask you won't understand" on the back...... Just reading "Pathogenesis" by Jonathan Kennedy. This illustrates the bellcurve comment quite well in places. Not a light read but interesting, with some particularly eye-popping stuff early on. Observations on Roman "hygiene" Bluuuuurgh!
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