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  1. One of the radio news channels said it was 8000 ltr. still quite a lot. Roger
  2. Hi Hamish, those scooters brought back some lovely memories of the mid 60's Even a cheapo Li150 series 2 would be most welcome. Roger
  3. Although I wasn't there the TITANIC bumped into an Iceberg and the unthinkable happened - the Unsinkable TITANIC sank. Roger
  4. Hi Folks, any steam buffs out there. Very very soon there will be no home produced coal to power the preserved steam railways in the UK. The mines are being closed in an attempt to show the world how good we are . That will leave this sector t import poorer quality coal from the likes of Russia ad as fa afield as Australia. The morals and carbon foot print are undesirable . OK, our smokey, sooty engines do produce muck and rubbish and CO2 - so they deserve a good slapping by those that make the rules. BUT!!!!! hang on a minute, the greater part of the preservation arena only run the engines fora small part of the year - usually week-ends for 8 to 12 hours ata atime. Now consider the car industry. Within the UK we produce apprx 600,000 cars annually and the majority are on the road 24/7/365. Govt appear to like this- I wonder why. Surely it is not because ALL those cars plough untold wealth into the Gov't coffers, where as the poor little chuffers pay in nothing. Can't those people that make decisions see that using home grown coal would actually reduce the world wide CO2 asthe coal will still be required from wherever it comes from. As long as the GREENS are happy then all is well. Roger
  5. Bang goes another conspiracy theory - my lad will be disappointed Roger
  6. Hi Folks, here is one for Prof. PeteC My son's blood group is O-ve. He was speaking to a female work collegue who is also O-ve The spoke about C19 and found tha they both had not come down with it. The girl also tends a Blood forum for like minded O-ve blood owners and they have also not come down with it. Is there something in this !! Roger
  7. Hi John, you have certainly done your bit. Well Done. When September comes embrace your renewed retirement. You can't go on forever. Roger
  8. I know how they feel having landed on the cross bar of my bike as a child !!! Roger
  9. It stops it coming completely off. Will not stop it undoing a tad. Roger
  10. Hi Paul, should those migs go up in flight they would be taken out just like that. They are old classics up against F1 machines. Earlier today Boris was talking big about improving the refugee withdrawal towards the UK. We are slow but getting better. All of the UK would help but what can a single person do. Roger
  11. Hi Folks, I need to pass on some tools. BriTooL Metric Socket Set Sizes 32, 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21. 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 20 Items £40 The large sockets down to 20mm have never been used The box is not a BriTooL box. It looks like an apprentice piece. Roger
  12. Hi Colin, we must have been having a duet in shouting at the TV last night. The UK is being made to look very uninviting to very very desperate people. I'm a retired aerospace engineer and spent my life being controlled by planning. I am also an ex-Scout leader and spent many years telling the scouts that you ONLY succeed by planning. You can't rely on luck or stupidity when things are important. Roger
  13. The gramophone cylinders were ahead of their time. The linear speed of the track under the stylus on an LP (flat Vinyl disc) reduces as the time passes. This is not a particularly good feature. The cylinder has a constant speed and should give a better reproduction. Don't get me started on stylus alignment. Roger
  14. I never had a fear of heights until one day, and I don;t know when, I realised both my ankles were hurting. Since then when I go up or even see dodgy heights on the screen my ankles tell me 'go down' In Portsmouth they have the Sail. There is a lift to the top. When the doors opened at the top my ankles told me I had arrived. It has a glass floor so that you can see straight down to the ground. By this time my ankles were in my coat pocket, holding on for shear terror. Back in the lift the ankles instantly go back to normal. Watching John N going up the column with no safety rope with an over hang ladder had my ankles screaming for thicker socks. What were the producers and steeplejacks thinking of Roger
  15. Back in 1980 having been to an AC/DC concert could hear them for about three days afterwards. As for ribs vibrating - well!!!! My worst story regarding my gramophone. I bought a lovely Ortofon 540 Mk2 back in the early 2000's. About two weeks later two things happened. - my son invited a bunch of friends around for a summers evening bash. And my mate Dave turned up from deepest Wales. A few days later I went t play a record and the arm would not sit down properly. When I looked at the stylus I nearly burst into tears - it was pointing downwards. Some bast**d had pulled the end down and bent it. I immediately blamed my sons friends. But Russell came back and said - 'don't forget Dave was here' - Oh shit. £150 down the pan. Roger
  16. Hi John, That is what I said - sort of - Ian & Duncan Smith and Vague Haig - not at the top but what were people thinking. Roger
  17. Hi Folks, the owner has just come back to me to say drilling a hole to get a drill in to clear the interlock web holes when he spotted that there was an ali plug fitted to fill the access during manufacture. That's a new one. The holes in the web between the rods was then cleared - success. Thank you for your interest. Roger
  18. Hi Nick, Have a look here Top over scroll down to page three and you will see a top cover on a red back ground. On the top surface of the Top cover you will see a rectangular hole - its purpose is unknown !! Immediately to the rear and on the side wall you will see a raised area. This where the core plug would go to machine the interlock web holes. Scroll down to page 4 - the author has sectioned the interlock. clearly holes need to be there. ll very ice but does not answer my query. Roger
  19. Hi Nick, I also was wondering about Vanguard etc. The GB has a 7mm front flange so it is an early example but I still think TR. What is curious is the lack of holes on the side that would enable the interlock web holes to be drilled. Overcoming the problem should be easy - drill the side holes and pop a drill in to clean the interlock holes. But!!! how was it first machined. Roger
  20. Hi Folks, we have a GB top cover that has two oddities. 1 - the standard interlock ball is 3/8" diameter (Moss # BLS112). These do not fit in to the interlock webs (2 off) Question - Has there ever been a smaller diameter ball used for the interlock 2 - The same top cover does NOT have the two core plugs in alignment with the interlock to allow the interlock cross holes o=to be drilled in the webs. Question - has anybody come across this before !!! Roger
  21. I'm just thinking about the UK leaders over the last 40 years. Boris - not to every bodies taste and appears not to think more than any steps ahead. St.Theresa (if only) - just simply a waste of space. Doing a job she did not believe in. David Cammoron - who Desperate Gordon Tony B Liar - blood on his hands - but he could have been great Ian & Duncan Smith and Vague Haig - not at the top but what were people thinking.. John Major - too much Curry Maggie - who sold off the silverware and destroyed traditional industry causing to many deaths What a bunch Roge
  22. I did state it would be a 'bloody big gamble.' and that is what politicians do. Sadly we have no politicians that would be able to carry it off. Roger
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