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  1. Just to add to the drivel above - there are 3 flexible pipes - 2 at the front and 1 at the back for the live axle. It was this rear one that was duff. It was the rear near side wheel that was getting hot - hence me concentrating on the near side slave cylinder (ooops). Roger
  2. Hi Folks, as a round up on the brakes - A few days after starting this thread I eventually found the problem with the rear brakes - the off side rear wheel was getting hot Sadly not before tearing the whole car to pieces (not quite) Because I am stupid I started to look at the brake slave cylinders - the near side cylinder was seized on the back plate - I sorted this but not after lots of rude words. I broke the brake pipe line down (starting at the front) to see where fluid was flowing (or not in my case) I eventually homed in on the offside flexible pipe. Everybody knows that if the brakes don't work then look at the flexible pipe - well I did (eventually) Indeed the flex pipe as well knackered (and it is only 59 years old. I replaced all 4 flex pipes in time for the re-booked (three times) MOT and all was well.
  3. Hi John, the craftsmanship that went into restoring that log book was worth enjoying. The book binder is truly gifted. He did another on the same show a year or so back that was even more of a challenge and it looked almost new when he finished. He didn't renew it as he wanted to try and keep its character Absolute quality. Roger.
  4. Hi Richard, it must feel good to bet back on the job. Are you going to paint the chassis? Roger
  5. Hi John, I've given up with Hermes. I used to go out of my way to use them but my last experience has brought that to an end. As you found there is nobody to talk to. If you persist with the robot you may get a real person to send you an email. But they are useless. A package I sent did not arrive. OK perhaps I can claim the default "20 insurance - no bloody chance. You need proof of value from Ebay. BUT !!!! it didn;t come from ebay or any other alphabetical bays. I gave up. A month later the package arrived at the correct address - but covertly. It was left on the door step without oa knock or anything. At least it came home.
  6. Hi Colin, before you get too excited the above circuit is for an A type OD. It would power a J type but needs the A type relay fitting. I don't know about other OD's. The momentary switch could be a push button (as have) or a toggle switch - it only needs the shortest possible pulse (1/2 second or less). Roger
  7. Hi Folks, this is my version of the OD Logic Box. As you can see based on relays and works eually as well as any on the commercial market. A 12v momentary pulse goes in at #2 This finds its way to the OD relay and supplies power to the solenoid. At the same time the OD relay supplies 12V back into the relays to switch over Rly1 AND to hold the OD relay in the ON position. If you activate the On/Off momentary switch again it shuts off power to the the OD relay coil so OD drops out. Or - if you change gear the earth circuit for the OD relay is broken (as normal) and the system goes into OFF mode. It all fits nicely on Vero board and in a small box. For the real dinosaurs there is an optional relay for a night time dimmer circuit for the warning LED. The 12v momentary input could be swapped for a negative pulse by using another real (win/win situation) I can supply these ready for action at £25. The momentary switch I use is from the steering column on a stalk (I like it that way) Roger
  8. Oh dear, what does it mean if you can't see any dots. Roger
  9. Take it steady Nick. Take all the rest you can get. Roger
  10. back in '92 I did the London to Bright bike ride. Getting near the end there is a serious steep down hill section. In my struggle up one side I was overtake by an ambulance. On going down the other side at a sensible speed I came to a sharpish bend and directly across the bend in the road was a bicycle/cyclist shape in the rater thorny hedgerow where the keen cyclist passed through. Apparently it took some getting him out. Roger
  11. Absolutely. Cheating the system (clocks and timing) is one thing but cheating the spectators is disgraceful. Roger
  12. Hi John, It wasn't cancelled. The organisers actually cheated the system They had a three hour window to start the race after the official start time. That was not going to happen due to the rain storm - so they stopped the clock. When the weather looked more promising they started the clock to continue the three hour period. And then the rain came down hard again. The two lap procession could have continued into a full race if the weather cheered up but it didn't. However it was getting darker and darker. An utter shambles - and the spectators were cheated out of a refund. Roger
  13. Hi Nick the hormones are a two year course. So they should end in March 2023 They are not affecting my short term..........thingy. Roger
  14. Hi John, The RT side effects were fairly minimal - tiredness and a squitty bottom but that was easy to live with. All side effects should be gone within two weeks. I shall be asking plenty of questions. Roger
  15. Hi folks, my 3 month TR4 rebuild that I started in Feb 2010 is now effectively finished. (just 10 years late) On Sunday I took here for a 5 mile run and all was pretty. The mixture was seriously rich and the brakes were not impressive. I took her out again yesterday for a 10 mile run having weakened the mixture and she ran much much better. The brakes also improved with each application. I backed the rear brakes off one click as they were binding slightly. I did a much shorter run in the early evening and it felt very good. Will take her put later this morning having weakened the carbs a touch more. Compared to my TR4A she is so much more solid. The doors do not rattle etc. Don't like the thin rimmed huge steering wheel Roger
  16. My little ray of sunshine for today - I finished my 33 sessions of radiotherapy. Hooray. I will be intrigued as to how they will know if it has worked. I am also on Hormones to inhibit the testosterone which brings my PSA reading down to baseline. I will find out in October. Roger
  17. That is incredible. I didn't think that he would have got that detail. I wonder if I could try that on the London Underground starting at Oxford Circus !!!! Roger
  18. Hi Hamish, I have just fitted my GB, I used a small hoist to get the GB into it apprx position. Then with a crocodile jack under the engine and a scissor jack under the GB I got them aligned. With 1st gear selected you can rotate the output flange to help the splines engage. I had two 4" long studs at the 12-o-clock position in the engine holes. These were put in place when the GB was near enough to get them in. Roger
  19. Hi John, the Linac at 6MV (6 x 106 ) produces X-rays just like mine at BA on the C0ncorde but at a mush higher energy level. I believe the high energy level helps to destroy the cells with too much damage to the body. My BA machine operating at 100Kv or so would still kill the cancer cell but also do a great deal of damage to the body - so my Responsible person stated many times when at work. We used a range of Isotopes Cobalt, Iridium, Caesium at different strengths to get through what you are looking at. On one occasion at Gatwick the isotope got stuck in the tube between it's transport case and the aircraft (this is shielded and has a window) the high radiation set the fire system off in the hangar. Not only did the hangar fill to about 3Mtrs with foam but the security people contacted the police and shut off the A23 for about an hour (we told him not to) Eventually the source was retrieved The twit that got it stuck (not me, I was at home in bed) got a reward for saving the day - I think this was to hide the departments blushes for a cock up. Oh what fun. Roger
  20. Hi Hamish, is that 2nd gear - they take a good thrashing. If you need any parts I may well have them from a stripped GB Roger
  21. I can't see the picture clear enough - but, can't you drill and tap the hole that is there and then make a new stud to screw in. Roger H
  22. Hi Nick, the treatment is easy - just a matter of turning up and laying down. No side effects at present. Radiotherapy uses ionizing radiation to kill the cells within the cancer thing. Electrons etc get knocked off and it changes its nature until it is either gone or become benign. (I think) Roger
  23. Hi Folks, had quite an eye opener this morning at my Prostate Radiotherapy session ( 11 of 32) I usually have a good chat with the girls about what is going on and compare it with when I was doing radiography at British Airways NDT. Today I asked them what energy levels they use in their machines. On the aircraft it was typically 50 - 100 Kv (KiloVolts) This goes through light alloy very nicely. I understand that normal Hospital radiographs are about 75Kv. The girl had to think for a moment to understand what the hell I was talking about. She said they use two levels, 6 and 10. She then qualified that - 6Mv and 10Mv (6,000,000 & 10,000,000v) Perhaps that is why they are using an Liniac to produce the X-rays. I hope the cancer cells understand what is happening. Roger
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