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  1. Sitting here with a bad back at the moment. Was moving a couple of heavy tool boxes around, on the way to work on my Vitesse at my lock up. No issues, leant over to pick a rag up off the floor slightly rotated as I stood up, felt a twinge, by the time I got down the garden path I was in agony. Only thing that helps me is to try to keep moving as much as possible. Sitting for any length of time makes thing worse for me.
  2. Hi thanks. I have managed to get a good seal now between the adaptor and engine block, so no leaks from that area now. I can only put it down to initially using to thick an O ring in the centre, and also possibly the NOS outer O ring I've had stored for years had gone hard. Using new outer O ring, with the thinner centre O ring pictured cured it. Still leaking oil from the back of the engine/sump so trying to get myself motivated to get on with it and find the source.
  3. Managed to stop the leak between the oil filter adapter and block. Used some blue tak to take an impression for the centre O ring between adapter and block as Nick suggested, which showed the thin centre O ring I was using was about right and wasn't stopping the outer O ring sealing. I then fitted the original type canister housing with a new filter and O ring to rule out any issues with the Mocal adaptor. Ran the car and still found a small amount of oil dripping off the rear edge of the sump, but no oil leaking from the filter. Refitted the Mocal adapter and brand new outer O ring
  4. Looking great. Lots of work, but the end results are excellent.
  5. What a great interesting fellow, been whatcing all his videos, proper old school, wealth of knowledge, should write a book. Believe he also raced various cars to a high level in his day. Just watched him take his 1959 850 mini and cameraman for a little spin, hope I am as sharp as he is, if i get to 80.
  6. Don't want to count my chickens, but I think Nick was right. I just couldn't face, taking off the exhaust, and all that entails with removing the sump, especially when I couldn't see exactly where a leak was coming from. Also been suffering with tennis elbow, bad back etc. Numerous runs in the car, de-grease and repeat, back up on the ramps, dabbing with thin pieces of tissue, I thought I could see a tinny weep of oil from the bottom of the Mocal oil filter housing where it mates to the block. Removed it and dug out the large o ring from the engine block, which looked new. Clean
  7. Thanks for your thoughts. More than likely as suggested some sort of trade tool. A Podger, first time i've heard that word, looks like a possibility, but it dosen't have the spike on the end. Could have been modified, but does look original. One side turns clockwise, the other anti clockwise, both sides are the same size. Looks hand made. Hard to read in the photo but it reads POLLY/ PERKINS, may have been a nickname, or possibly the maker.
  8. Can't remember where this came from, possibly a relative. Interested to find out how old this is. Looks primitive to me. No screws, just hammered over pins. Still works with a nice action. Any ideas? I've not been able to find anything similar on google.
  9. Great car. Love Caterhams. Looked into building one in kit form 30 odd years ago, wish I had now.
  10. Checked the breather set up today before I start taking the sump off/gearbox out to identify and cure the oil leak. Couldn't feel any vacuum at the top connection of the PCV which connects to the catch tank. Removed the tank and there was 50ml of water, no milky residue and no oil. The gunk at the bottom of the tank is rubber sealant. There are no baffles, pick-ups, just two threaded hose barbs at the top of the tank. Seems to be doing its job, and I don't appear to have any visible oil blowing past the rings. 50ml over a total 800miles seems pretty good to me. Cars covered a total of 61000 mi
  11. Hi Ian Thanks for the advice. I need to get to the lock up where I keep the car and see how i have routed the pipe work and think it through. I used the can as supplied, so didn't add any material inside to help condense the fumes, can't remember taking it apart either. I didn't do any research at the time which I probably should have, and will do so now. On a previous Spitfire I had a pipe from the rocker cover into a catch tank, which did the job. I am curious if there is anything in my catch tank, so will open it up and have a look. I live in Eltham SE9 London.
  12. Hi Ian Think I may have got the idea from you, it was on this forum anyway. Probably not the cause of my oil leak but I just want to rule it out. I also need to check its correctly plumbed in. I need to start labeling things or making notes, as when I've revisited various mods on this car, my minds a blank. I haven't seen any evidence of oil or moisture in the catch tank inspection tube, so need to take it of and open it up. I would expect to see something based on the amount of fumes that were coming from the breather, the main reason I went this route.
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