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  1. I'm not at home now, Colin, but en route to France. From memory, for 3, 4 and 5mm rivets, but I'll check and let know when I get back from CLM.
  2. It might be the other way around.... "The UK has been rabies-free since the beginning of the 20th century, except for a rabies-like virus in a small number of wild bats. The risk of human infection from bats is thought to be low. People who regularly handle bats are most at risk. There's only been 1 recorded case of someone catching rabies from a bat in the UK." Rabies - NHS (www.nhs.uk) I know, I'm such a comforter!
  3. Its probably Omicron, Nick, that is causing many re-infections. Good news is that it's less bad and has a lesser chance of Long Covid (I know, I'm a Job's Comforter!)
  4. Conduct above and beyond, Nick, in the Covid circumstances!
  5. It's a half inch square drive. Might be considered a bit over engineered for low torque wrench, but probably a greater range of sockets available for this size than anything smaller. Norbar still in business, with products looking very similar, but nothing exactly the same:. https://www.norbar.com/products/view/nsubcategory/categoryname/torque-wrenches/category_multid/1 John
  6. You win some, you lose some. This times a winner! This IS a low torque wrench, 5-40 ft-lbs. Bought from an online auction, for less than £20, it was made by Norbar, a good name I think. I've tested it by my usual method, clamp in vice, hang heavy weight off the handle, and it reads slightly under, which is better than the other way! From the same sale, I scored a 'lazy tongs' pop-riviter. For long, I've found that the hand-grip style of tool is fine for 3mm rivets, but anything bigger is a real strain. This type let's you use body-weight and/trunk muscles to compress the rivet. Again less than £20 when its new at £75. But there were other bidders, and I was outbid by more than I wanted to spend on one lot, so bid on another. The overbidder must have dropped out, as I also won another lazy tongs! This is unboxed, not new, but not worn, and I want rid of it! What am I bid? John
  7. Sorry to hear that, Nick, but I have no doubt you are fully vaccinated, so this is most likely to be no worse than a long cold. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(21)00460-6/fulltext See conclusion at end of discussion. Best wishes! John
  8. How do you feel, Nick? When the prevalence of Covid is low, as many as half of positives may be false. What do we know about lateral flow tests and mass testing in schools? | The BMJ Test again tomorrow. Bests John
  9. Allegedly, according to the 2005 Darwin Awards, "supermanning" became a popular sport among US MH-53 helicopter crews. With the inevitable result: https://darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin0000-00.html John
  10. I've done it so often I have a routine!
  11. The yellow metal bit certainly from selector fork. The pic is extreme close-up, so not so big as it looks - in fact about 3mm long. Engine/spare gb back in, connections need to be made. One advantage of this ?Dolomite GB is the long rear extension - I don't need to change the propshaft from O/d to non-O/d. Test drive by weekend, I hope.
  12. http://www.stefanom.org/spc/
  13. Ok, engine and gearbox out, and split. Clutch seems fine, as is input shaft. Gears seem fine, no teeth missing. Synchro rings seem fine, BUT they won't engage when I think I should be able to push them together by hand. The selector forks show a lot of wear, and the magnetic drain plug had a lot of wear particles on it, a few of 'yellow metal' but mostly steel - but then I suppose yellow metal isn't magnetic. I had this rebuilt - return to maker, I think, but that will take a while, so I've put a spare box on. I think it's a Dolomite box, and I'll have to run without a speedo, but it could get me out on track. OK, enough reporting - back to the workshop! John
  14. Nobody bit, and that auction ended. But he's back, and asking the same price! Triumph 6 Cylinder 2.5L 2500CC Engine Suit TR6 2500 or Upgrade for GT6 Vitesse | eBay “Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest." In this case by a mug. John
  15. Encore! Maintenants dans le iPlayer, du BBC! Voyez-vous, pour la preparation! JOhn
  16. Colin, What?!? The Clan System was brought down by Cameron? JOhn
  17. "Cry Wilkes, Liberty, and Number 45!! The National Archive may not be usually considered as a cell of radicalism, but the latest publicity email from them may make them seem a nest of vipers to our Dishonourable Government! It recalls the story of John Wilkes, the 18th century journalist, whose reincarnation Ian Hislop may be for the many ways that he has spoken truth to power, and thereby given offence and been prosecuted. It's worth reading! See: The scandalous case of The North Briton number 45 - The National Archives blog John
  18. Here's a new one, to me anyway: New Message Notification - Vōice Dear customer you have a new auto message From: +44 74362364** Date: 16 June 2022 at 6/16/2022 02:05:36 p.m. Duration : 00:00:26 To Listen to this message, you can click below to have instant access to all your messages on the go. Listen to Vōice Mail To my shame, I clicked on the link. My only excuse is that I get valid voice messages on my mobile. And the desktop screen lit up red! Saved by my firewall! Should have known, the sender was one " FBurke1216@hotmail.com" not Vodafone at all. John PS Now I look at it, there's another give away. The 'o' in Voice. It has a 'macron', a bar over it, used in languages other than English to indicate a long 'o'. Such alien symbols are used by scammers to make their false links look valid. My vigilance is slipping. J.
  19. Happened to see a lorry with an ad on the side, for a lithium specific fire ex tinguisher. Turns out, these are quite old technology and are copper-based - forms a non-combustible compound with the lithium - or graphite (!!!) based, smothers the fire and absorbs its heat. See Fire extinguisher - Wikipedia Class D section. Lots of fire extinguisher suppliers have them. There's even a 'bucket' of granules that you can pour over a burning battery Extover® - Fire protection and Fire-extinguishing granules for Lithium Batteries in 33L Bucket - Nexus Modelling Supplies (nexusmodels.co.uk) These appear to be glass granules , that may alos work by smothering he fire, but when used to demonstrate how effective they are against a vehicle fire, they had to fill a container that the car had been put into to get it out! (10) Extover® - Firefighting of a burning lithium-ion battery of an electric car - YouTube
  20. Thank you for the warm hugs and boxes of Tunnock's ( although the Teacakes are more comforting) But back to the diagnosis, doctor. Yes, selection feels normalise, Nick. I supplemented the lightweight flywheel with a sintered metal friction plate, from a most reputable specialist, not an eBay knock-off. Oh, dear another post mortem, this is getting like Silent Witness. Worse the specimens don't need alcohol, just WD40 and it doesn't taste nice.
  21. Today, I.... took SoS for an on-track test day. All by it's little self. And Lo! just running it in the garage clearly exposes the marginal power vs. cooling of my installation, as racketing around Three Sisters didn't cause it to over heat and the oil pressure stayed this side of worrying!. Three Sisters is really a kart circuit, very tight, only one part you can call long, and it's less than a quarter mile, so I was circulating in third, just a few laps to warm everything up. And Wow! Put the foot down early and even in third I could loose it coming out of corners. Let's try a bit more scientific driving, in other gears. BOLLOCKS! What gears? No drive in second! I had braked to a reasonable speed first, Officer, and by this time first could be useful too! DOUBLE BOLLOCKS!! Nothing there either. Back to third and that's gone too. Oh, %£"*! Dear readers, I pushed it back to the pits and the paddock and came home. I'm still summoning strength the push it back into the workshop. BOLLOCKS
  22. Bringing it back home, violence, albeit not armed, seems to be on the increase in the UK, even against groups usually most trusted and appreciated in society : GPs tell of ‘appalling’ abuse as violence at UK surgeries worsens | GPs | The Guardian Community pharmacists speak out against rise in abuse and attacks - BBC News Violence in the workplace | Advice guides | Royal College of Nursing (rcn.org.uk) Paramedics abused and assaulted while on duty, survey reveals | The Independent Violence in schools | NEU OK, I'm biased in favour of medics and paramedical groups, but why, when only a few years ago they led the list of 'most trusted professionals'? See: https://www.cv-library.co.uk/recruitment-insight/10-least-trusted-professions-uk/ Doctor (61.3%) Nurse (40%) Teacher (36.9%) Paramedic (36.5%) Police (23.2%) Armed forces (20.8%) Vet (16%) Scientist (14.3%) Judge (13.2%) Hairdresser (8.4%) John
  23. Bon voyage, to all our intrepid travellers, by road, sea or gravity!
  24. We think we have problems. The US Gov proceeds against the perpetrators of the 2021 Capitol Invasion. Today's article in the Guardian Proud Boys leaders charged with seditious conspiracy in 6 January riot | US Capitol attack | The Guardian is illustrated by the image below, which better than any I have previously seen shows how it was full revolutionary violence, when most other pictures seem to show just idiots in fancy dress. Strangely, the picture isn't there on the Guardian website, nor can I find it online, although it is credited to Reuters. So I've scanned it, never a good way with dotty images.
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