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  1. Hello All Here you go Denford "Educator" Lathes T.D.S.1.L.S., T.D.S.5.B.G., T.D.S.3.M.W, 240, 250 Roger
  2. Hello John I would have bought that lathe if I had not just sold a Myford and had bought a Chinse one(which is still better than my old Myford!) Roger
  3. Hello All A nice set of rubber casters or even better a nice little electric trolley or better still rebuild it so it can move its self? Roger
  4. Hello John Yes all my own handy work! I will do yours for you I just need the depth of the recess in the block so they are the same! But I can leave a few thou on the thrusts and you can flat them down to suit(on the back of course!) What I did was make standard size for the front then adjust the back ones to give the clearance required! As I said I machined the front face as well so I have full circle both sides which really is over kill!!! Roger
  5. Hello All Didn't all the 4 cylinder TR's go on to that? Roger
  6. Hello Peter That has educated me a bit more (I think) So I think I will go for B5AJ if I ever get it all together again! Plus I have 3 richer needles so I would be able try them at no extra cost and with AFR meter I should be able to get it something like? Roger
  7. Hello Nick That is why I did it that way I did not fancy the screws Roger
  8. Hello John This is how I did Spitty's thrust washers(I did both sides a bit OTT) I think your block and cap are badly damaged and would need to be machined as a pair and have special thrust washers made and pined to stop them rotating. So probably a non starter! This is the way I have done the oil feed pipe on Alans Vitesse. Roger
  9. Hello John Was the oil pump the type with a pin in the rotor? Or has the tag broken off? The pump and rod will be collected by the postman tomorrow. Roger
  10. Hello John I have had a rummage and I have found the Max con rod I have found the pumps and I had pinned the end cover for best position and deburred the oil ways and reduced end clearance and rotors are in spec I think and it is a pegged rotor(the other one is not!!!!!!!!!!!) I have also found a set of Cord Piston rings and they are +0.040" Plus the non overdrive gearbox which I will inspect if you are interested in it? Roger
  11. Hello John Alan had done this I have kept it but changed it to a solid copper pipe(belt and braces not that the engine will be worked as hard!) Roger ps just remembered I have the non overdrive gearbox from Alan's car going spare as well as I rebuilt the O/D gearbox for touring and longer legs!(If we ever can? ) Roger
  12. Hello Nick Yes I have one he obviously bought a set of 6 used one and sold a set of four(clever man) John it is yours and I have remembered I have 2 oil pumps for the sixes (for some daft reason I thought they were the same as the one in Spitty!!!!) A friend gave me two and I checked and blue printed one and probably pined the cover for best position then found they are different so they are both yours1 The deal would be the usual a donation to your or my favourite charity Plus I will make you some solid bronze thrust washers if you want (I have a lum
  13. Hello John That does look nasty! Are you going to build another 2.5Lt engine or go back to 2Lt? If you are going back to a 2Lt I have a complete 2Lt Mk2 engine here that is not needed by me! It is quite a late one but I do not know what it is like inside it was part of Alan's collection If is is of any use to you it is yours for a reasonable sum. Roger
  14. Hello Nick Still you know me ! I might still find an old fan and give it a try for when we can go to Spain Again and drive Spitty Spiritedly up and down the Pyrenees and perhaps she would get so hot under the collar? I am now getting a bit obsessed at looking at the AFR meter and thinking that could be leaner!!!! Sad I know and she is giving about 40mpg all the time on average!(its not even about the money!!) Plus I have just sold an old Velocette motorcycle part for £75 and he wants more? Plus a hard top just sold on Fleabay for £430 and it was rough!
  15. Hello All We went for a run out today in Spitty and I kept my eye on the oil temperature gauge. I recon just gentle running nothing above 2500/3000 rpm and it was cool it took 15+ miles to get to just under the 90deg were it sat all through the run until on the way back we had to creep though traffic in Stourport on Sea (local joke!) Then it went just above 90 deg but soon dropped back to just under 90 deg So to me that seems to indicate the oil cooler does its job? I may still play with a small fan in front of it to try(just a lash up at first)
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