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  1. Think it's intentional they don't go into specifics, but reading the first sentence, "We will create new offences for tampering with a system, part or component of a vehicle intended or adapted to be used on a road", to me reads as you won't be able to modify, change or upgrade anything. Knowone would argue that driverless cars need strict control, and certainly not modified or played around with at home on the drive, but as far as I can see they are not just talking about this being applicable to new vehicles and technologies. sorry can't change the type size?
  2. Started on this basic log type manifold a year or so ago, for my Mk1 Eunos daily driver. I intended on turbocharging the car several years ago, but other projects and the overall cost has held me back, mainly the price of the ECU. Its made up from weld elbow gas pipe in mild steel, welded to a laser cut flange. I am going to revisit and complete this part, but have had a problem with heat distortion. Originally I was on the look out for a heavy piece of box section to bolt the flange to, to keep it flat while welding on the elbows, but I couldn't find anything, and nowhere was open because of Covid. I had a piece of 10mm flat bar which I drilled to line up with the flange holes and bolted the two pieces together. I Pre-heated everything, then tacked the weld elbows to the flange before running continuous welds. Left it over night to cool, but once unbolted I could see a slight bow end to end, about a mm or so. First thought was to cut through the centre weld, clamp it back down and weld it up again to try and flatten the flange. Now having second thoughts. Haven't got a mill and trying to do this on the cheap, so was thinking of a sheet of glass, some coarse grit paper, and have a go at flattening it out. Probably wait until I have cut the hole and welded on the flange for the TDO4 Turbo. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks all.
  3. I gave up trying to drill out Mig plug welds on some wings once. It was like trying do drill into a drill bit, rock hard. Succeeded with a hammer and chisel. Watching a restoration video recently, where the young lad used the tip of a belt file to quickly grind through spot welds, peeling the top panel off, leaving the panel underneath perfectly intact, which is what I will try in the future. Using a spot weld drill you can occasionally go through both panels.
  4. Thanks for the info. About to replace our old oven, so may hang onto it for this purpose. I'll do a bit more research, but seems the way to go for me.
  5. My mk1 Eunos (mx5) box is pretty quiet, little notchy changing up to second, but it's 100,000+ Ex track day car which Iam sure has had some abuse. No carpets or sound deadening, driven daily like that for the last seven years. Like the idea of 2.5 in the Gt6, its on my long list of things to do. I've started, yet to complete.
  6. On previous restorations I've been disapointed with the durability of coatings on suspension components, wishbones, brackets etc. Using gloss cellulose on exposed parts, easily chips and marks. Many years ago I did get some parts powder coated, still looked good when I sold the car years later. Toying with the idea of buying a DIY powder coating kit. Anyone had a go? What do you think.
  7. Nice! Should go very well. My mk1 eunos is pretty nippy, probably heavier than that gt6. Can't quite tell but maybe the 1.8 version. Been for a ride in a turbo mk1 1.6 mx5, very rapid, similar performance to a fast motorbike.
  8. Any recent photos, sounds interesting.
  9. Like it a lot. My first Triumph was a brown mk3 Spitfire, ended up signal red a few years later. Sold my Cortina mk3 2000 GXL to buy it. I was 18 and asked the vendor what the extra switch was on the steering column behind the indicator, he didnt know. I found out a few weeks later driving along in third and it suddenly changed gear. Couldn't believe it, great supprise, a friends uncle explained it was overdrive. Being 18 at the time that, overdrive took some abuse, but never failed.
  10. Sold a motor bike last year, first response, I'll give you £2000 less than the asking price, next offer, I want your bike, I'll get it collected, ill transfer you the money, etc. Then you get "I definately want it, iam in your area over the weekend", all just total time wasters. You get a sense when somebody is genuine. After a week I got a message from a fellow who said if I still had the bike in a month he deffinately wanted it for the asking price, but was waiting for his insurance to pay out for his previous bike. I told him I would hold it for him, he offered a deposit which I declined. Told two other enquires that it was sold. Couple of weeks later the chap turned up an bought the bike. So there are lots of decent genuine people out there, and your gut will tell you when you've found one.
  11. I just see 12 black dots, nothing moving or disapearing.
  12. Thanks Craig for all your time and effort, behind the scenes, keeping this site running smoothly.
  13. Managed to have a play with the speedo, but only just been able to get the car up to a range of speeds due a a misfire. Speedo has been in and out three times, and as mentioned earlier, is a b*gger to get to. Gave up using my eyes, and can now remove and replace in under 10 mins by feel. Took a few hours to get sensation back to my fingers, and to be able to sit up straight again . Got the Speedo operating consistently through a range of speeds now where the speedo is reading slightly higher than the actual speed, so no fear of inadvertently speeding, getting caught on camera. First pic show pointer turned back 10 mph. Second pic shows the white spot, pointer stop removed, pointer sitting close to factory setting as in Eds post. Been tweaked a couple more times since, to get more accurate readings
  14. Hi all Thanks for the replies. You were right Nick, enriched the mixture a couple of flats, went for a ride on a local bypass, felt good, miss appeared to have gone, so branched off and committed myself to the motorway. No turning back for a few miles, so floored it and maintained 70 mph. Came off the first available exit and went back the opposite way, and rang its neck through the gears. Pulled strong with no missing, stayed consistent at speed and returned to a nice idle. I will check the plugs after some more miles, to see what direction they are going in.. Alec made a good point, and I did check the distributor. It's a Delco Remy which I think is original fitment on a Mk2 Gt6. The vac advance is working, so if the mixture was borderline weak at low speed, it would be more apparent as the ignition advanced at speed. The Gt6 does go well and feels quicker than my Vitesse, not sure if it's just because it's lower to the ground and smaller, more aerodynamic. Time to get the Dragy out and do a comparison.
  15. Plugs are new and need some more miles to establish how they are burning. If anything a bit sooty around the edge, electrode still shinney. W7DTC plugs, fitted them out of the box and running original Srombergs. I will richen the mix a bit more and give it a go. Tail pipe is sooty, but I have been needing the choke to get it started and initially run, which could also indictate it's running a bit lean I suppose. Put my foot down and it pulls strong without any hesitation or miss, it's only at a constant plod it doesn't feel quite right.
  16. Hi all Noticed a very slight miss in the Gt6 while maintaining a constant 50mph. Very subtle, but it's there. Reverted back to a new set of points and condenser from a Hall sensor type set up to rule it out, along with a different coil and new spark plugs. Still there, so thought I would replace the HT leads. They are Lucas Hywire on ghere st the moment, and were on the car when I bought it 17 years ago. Started to look, and see 10mm and 8mm advertised, looking at an Accuspark set. Want rubber spark plug connectors as opposed to plastic. Anyone got any recommendations? Thanks
  17. You and me both Hamish. I have varifocals, reading close up and computer. Took a couple of weeks to get used to them, sentences appeared to bow in the middle. Need to double check things I am making with a straight edge as can appear pi**ed. Going for two separate pairs of glasses next time. Been under the dash of the of the Gt6, removing the Speedo, 3 times so far to recalibrate, can't get my head at the right angle so end up looking over the top of the frame. Very frustrating.
  18. Thanks Hamish, great film! Spotted a racing Vitesse 26.03. Love the Spitfire 4, towing a trailer with a mini on board. Power bulge in the bonnet, so probably a bigger engine fitted, nothing's new.
  19. That's not my Speedo, that's Eds post. Thanks for all the info, I'll give that a try today. Speedo has to come out again anyway, just discovered no indicators, thought I could see a spare green wire with no home hanging up there . Need some new glasses.
  20. Thats a good idea Forgot about that. May give that a try. I had to do something similar changing a speedo dial face on a mazda Eunos import from kph to mph. Thanks Ed.
  21. Renewed Speedo cable, now a silky smooth reading, so you were all right. I can now determine it's over reading by almost exactly 10mph compared to GPS, throughout the range, tested up to 60mph actual speed. OD gearbox, 3.89 diff 13" wheels. Pretty sure it's the original OD Speedo, but need to check as I think they are different to the non OD Speedo. Forgot how tight it is under the dash to get to the Speedo cable on a gt6 compared to a Vitesse. Found it easier to remove the speedo clamps and pull the gauge out from thd front of the dash, to get to the cable.
  22. Thanks lads I've ordered a new cable from Canley's this morning.
  23. Hi all Been using the Gt6 a bit more of late but will need to do something with the Speedo accuracy. 30 mph is close to the correct speed but will then bounce to 35mph, sometimes to 40mph and then back. Don't think it is the cable, got a feeling it's the Speedo. Think the price to recon is probably similar to a new after market Speedo. Anybody had any success with a DIY repair. Short term I may get a cheap eBay digital dash top Speedo to make sure I stay on the right side, speed/average speed camera heaven where I live, until I can rely on the cars Speedo. Was thinking ahead as I have a 2.5 to fit to the car at some point, with the option to fit an OD saloon box, if and when the D type gt6 box gives up. Knowing the mods envolved maybe now is the time to fit an after market Speedo that runs off the prop. What's your thoughts?
  24. Just took my Gt6 for an MOT. Let it lapse for a couple of years, only covered 90 miles since 2019, been wrapped up working on the Vitesse and Mx5. Developed a misfire on tickover, so cleaned the plugs as the occassional start up and run on choke had sooted them up. Normal method wire brush in a vice. Ran well to the MOT garage. Car passed with no advisories. On the way back the miss reapeared and gradually got worse. Plugs were new about 6 years ago, but look new with low miles. Checked the plugs on return, no fouling, so assumed they had deteriorated, through getting damp, and not being ran much. I usually just replace the plugs and have done this numerous times on different cars over the years because of similar problems. Don't usually throw them away, and have accumulated about 50 used plugs. Read or heard somewhere in the past about using a blow lamp to clean the plugs and burn the carbon deposits off. I gave it a go and was surprised to see embers of carbon peeling off down the side of the ceramic plug and floating off as ash. End result is a really clean plug, (chalky appearance) that I would never achieved using a wire brush. Refitted to the car, and the miss had gone and the car runs smooth. On reflection it seems I have been prematurely replacing good plugs, so I will try the same method on the the box of used plugs I have saved. This method may be common knowledge, but seems to have passed me by. I wasn't sure how much I should hest them or if I would damage the plugs, but I kept the heat on until the carbon started to glow and peel away. The plug was glowing red hot, but after leaving to cool seems to have worked.
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