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  1. So a Jaguar XF heat exchanger has arrived and it appears the hot water can be from the cabin heater return and the oil can be instead of the feed and return for the oil cooler. hope it may warm up oil quicker and stabilise oil / coolant temps.
  2. The wet is a great leveller power wise. you only need to change the gearing if you really have to change gear whilst in the 1st 64ft in the dry. surprising how many of those 1/10’s can be gained in those 64ft.
  3. That is such an upsetting nightmare. Really feel for you John. I know I’d be devastated.
  4. Really sorry to see that John. so did oil supply just stop ?
  5. And looking at the colours the metal got hot doing it. very small sample tho
  6. i hope the bad back doesn't lead for the need of a post mortem report !!!! i have done that back strain thing a couple time and i feel for you John - very frustrating wish you a swift recovery. and the same for the car nothing too serious i hope.
  7. Hamish

    Impact switch

    that's another job on the list then !! my old car to do list never gets any shorter !!
  8. Hamish

    Impact switch

    I fitted a huco pump and an inertia switch to my 3a after mechanical pump suffered diaphragm failures. I wish I had put the switch in reach - but in saying that it hasn’t tripped yet and I do throw it about a bit and run the rumble strips in sprints etc.
  9. Nice tribute to an amazing chap. you are lucky to have spent that time with him nick. You will have to add to this thread with some anecdotes. H
  10. Thanks for the quick replies. the Ali sump was fitted as it was available bling and I thought you can’t have too much oil. But it’s only about an extra 0.5L. it’s only because the sump has the extra boss to fit a temp gauge that I now know the oil temp. Apart from the Ali sump it’s had an air oil cooler without a stat for 30+ years so I presume the low oil temps have been the same for that time. I was considering an inline stat for a while but a found these heat exchangers then Alans thread and thought heating the oil was a good idea especially on sprint hill climb
  11. I have fitted an oil temp gauge Tested it with boiling water and it’s good. Something else to worry about - yes my car has always had an oil cooler but with out a thermostat. From PO fitting. the oil just doesn’t get hot 50/60c on a run. Admittedly it’s been quite cool lately but did a hour plus run in the Derbyshire hills. can oil be too cold. oil pressure is good no water emulsion I could just put a loop pipe in and bypass the oil cooler. See how it goes. but a found on old thread by Alan (old tuckunder) where he had similar concerns and t
  12. Couldn’t edit to add all the more reason to donate https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/suzie-roscoe?utm_id=25 thanking those that have already. you know who you are
  13. We had a simpletons theory as to why athletic / sports people got it bad. deep breathing and the full use of lungs so any harmful pathogens get wide spread and deeply embedded in the lungs together with an attitude of powering through an illness with a body that hasn’t any excess capacity to deal with additional burdens. but it was just a thought
  14. Thanks Peter I have heard these potential risks associated with exsercise. we have been very cautious all through COVID virtually shielding so that we can visit aged and ill relatives at the drop of a hat if needs be. we have taken a judgement on the associated risks versus the training requirements. Thus she will be cautiously continuing her training plan. H
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