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  1. Bit like these “shade balls” something satisfying with that delivery.
  2. Thanks for your generous kind words. it all hinged in the last event - that I don’t do. I was sitting 3rd overall and had to wait results. the champion was decided there as well but the 3 contenders were racing at least. We have a very complicated handicap scoring system so every year it tends to come down to a point or decimals there of. I was beaten to 3rd overall by 0.035 of a point. My wife says 1st in class ( the biggest class) sounds better than 3rd. the thing is - I really enjoy it and probably just as much the “pissing about” ( as my dad used to say) in the garage. Good job really as it seems to be 90% of the sport !!!! apart from my regular gear box issues ( I think I need to be more mechanically sympathetic!) the car has been brilliant. This is where I have been since I started this game properly having bought the car in 2016. 2017 2nd in class 10 overall 2018 3rd in class 10 overall 2019 2nd in class 7 overall 2020 Covid year 2021 1st in class 4th overall Thanks for sharing this experience with practical and moral support in exchange for light weight videos. roll on next year when this ace versatile little car will have a new heart.
  3. Hi guys i know some of you follow this sprint and hill climb championship via my video endeavours. the last event of the season was castle Combe on Saturday and it was a deciding round for many of the top places. the following results were shared this evening. 2021 Champion: Len Olds Second overall: Nick Smith Third overall: Jim Giddings Class 1, ladies and under 30s awards - no awards as not enough entrants Class 2 - Seven entrants so three awards: First: Hamish Roscoe Second: Larry Jeram-Croft Third: John Weedon Class 3 - Four entrants (as 1,2 and 3 overall are from class 3, so only one award) First - Shaun Roche thanks to Larry JC for taking on the coordinators role and doing a great job.
  4. well that did its job then !! fascinating stuff. only experience i have is with factories that have hinged panels in the structure of the building that deals with (potentially) dusty atmospheres to release the pressure of any explosion from ignited dust. the hatches flap open rather than the fabric of the building ending up over the neighbourhood. and this was in the then my council area https://dustsafetyscience.com/a-dark-day-in-cheshire-bosley-mill-explosion/
  5. Thanks for the memories Nick my grandad taught me to fish at Worbarrow and Kimmeridge night fishing with parafin lanterns a proper adventure I have now been fishing for more than 50 years, sea, course but mostly fly nowadays.
  6. That’s a great result. Well done just shows how quick brass loses heat you still have paint and the sticker on it. learning by doing it the best way - for me anyway. well done sideways college.
  7. vacuum table spitfire countryside i'm only confident with one of my guesses - i'm not good with these online quizzes
  8. No one came knocking on my door as having a lapsed class 1 or c+e articulated lorry licence. just didn’t bother with paying for and having a medical after not using the licence for a bit. got to be easier to get a lapsed driver back in the driving seat than starting from zilch with a new driver.
  9. this another od dads films this time a variety of VSCC events, cars and people before barriers and other ungentlemanly safety gear do you know of them ( cars or people) ??
  10. lovely work and thinking it through for later ease of access and dis-assembly. i went to hard engine/gearbox mounts (TR3a) and that stopped engine rocking and my stainless system is very tight to my chassis in places so far without detriment but i also wondered if it would worth a flexible woven coupling piece
  11. Yes you have to keep an eye on the blue book rules and the rules for the championship you are in. my championship built in some flexibility with a catch all “tyres from any yearbook” which helps when the MSUK remove a tyre from the blue book usually indicated the year before with an * going low profile helps with acceleration ( my route) for tight twisty tracks - any where you don’t reach top speed with that tyre, circuits are different as often you need that top end. Nothing worse than being on a long straight having to hold back as you’ve Max’d the revs. I struggle to find 70 profile 15” comp tyres esp now kumho700 70a are off the list. i scrounge around for CR6zz I found one very ! Used set just above wear limit that were handy at aintree sprint as thats a speed circuit. ( I say speed !! it’s all relative as I cross the line just under 100 with 70 profile tyres) But just found a much better set CR6zz 6mm 185/70x15 much less than half price. i hope these will see me through a few seasons with the new engine. I am a bit of a tyre mug vredestien sprint classic for the road maxsport RB5 for competition avon CR6zz very worn for competition ( now with back up set) all on cheap ebay bargain alloys. lack of space at home is the issue !!
  12. These have been popular on the sprint scene in the last few years. https://www.extremetyresuk.com if you intend to use the tyres in competition eg sprints and/or hillclimbs you will need to see if they are listed as permitted tyres in the msuk blue book.
  13. See if maxsport rb5 or rb6 are available in your size sir I use the Rb5 great sprint tyre
  14. My inhibit switch wiring is switch to switch od on 2, 3, 4 don’t know what the nonwired switch is? i guess reverse light switch ? it’s a tr6 box
  15. There has to be spare Armco floating about as there have swapped out bloody miles of it on the M5 M6 and others to replace it with continuous poured concrete central barrier.
  16. I hope this is the right place as I feel there is a not tooo dissimilar association with the OD logic switching thread - that got me started on this Avenue. as you guys know I destroy gearboxes in my futile attempt at faster times. I came across this Rev limiter (which I guess would be wise for my new engine) with an added function of reducing the revs with a full throttle gear change. as I understand you can set the overall engine protection Rev limit eg 6000rpm but with a switch connected to the clutch you can set another clutch actuated on and off limit eg 4000rpm so you can keep your right foot buried. Gimmick or useful ! I feel it would be an unnatural thing to re-learn as we all have that foot automated reaction to lift and plant again through a gear change https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/armtech-panel-mounted-rev-limiter-with-full-throttle-gearshift-240115/
  17. For those like me without electrickery understanding revington tr do them at a cost https://www.revingtontr.com/engine-transmission/gearbox/logic-overdrive-device it’s what I use. They use the switches on the box. going up the box is fine but on the way down it’s trickier eg 3rd od to 2nd is a big step. As you need to move the gear lever or flick the switch out by hand. a momentary switch on the dash to engage up and a clutch switch to disengage would be good. Just dip the clutch and no gear stick waggling would work. but you can’t have the clutch switch operating the od or every gear change would be trying to operate the od. you see it’s beyond me already.
  18. Moved from Greta's "Miss-fire over 4000 rpm" thread https://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/8993-misfire-4000-rpm/&tab=comments#comment-130401 my 2nd gear OD has been used a lot but i suspect a different box and switch arrangement alloy switches are on the top. its an early tr6 box later tr6 boxed have switches on the side of the top case remote. H
  19. Glad you got this sorted and TRE stepped up. my “new” engine is as good as ready with them. I just need to get my g/box sorted re- worked under warrantee first. taking it out tonight ! TRE want me to go to their points based dizzy but I think I want the 123 on mine it’s not an FIA. Spec so no real need for points. Part of their reasoning is it’s repairable on the side of the road or in paddock my reasoning - don’t want to have to repair it. I use a 35 quid accuspark points replacement unit and it’s been great!! good luck with the rally let us know how you go on. H
  20. My gran had a 1300 vandam plus that has gauges like that I’m sure lovely classic look with all the warning light in them
  21. thanks guys i don't know how she did it and i was there. what the times don't show was the 45 min drive to and from where we were staying morning and evening so the alarm was going off at 4.15 to get ready and eat and drive to each days signing and transponder fitting on at 5.30 for the 6am start friday night vey little sleep may be 2.5 hours "rest" saturday night ( well sunday morning really) about 3 hours sleep we had planned refilling stops at the designated check points so we caught up with her then. amazing person i am sooo proud of her. thank you for the donations she told me that you guys are still donating - its a great cause thank you again. Pics from tracker screen shots and an emotional reunion with her mum, who thanks to the fundraising charity suzie was running for is with us to see her daughter be even more of a super girl !!
  22. Thanks for the good idea options
  23. So true I’m fed up with the wheel tyre combo on my A5 255/35x19 to harsh and it makes the dogs car sick.
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