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  1. Worse news. I didn't do the PM very well. Seeing inside a dark crank case is never very eas, but a bright torch has shown me that the side of No.1 bore has been shattered by the loose cor rod. This block is unusable scrap, and it really is a restart from zero. Ho hum. John
  2. Nick, Holy Grail, eh? And I'm not even using coconuts! I'll get it cleaned up and have closer look. RogerG, would your method salvage that bearing cap, please? John
  3. Excellent! Thanks for all the forensic opinions and ideas! Phil, I can only give you pics, but what else/where else would you be looking? I can look and photo if it will pursue the cause. As Escadrille says, best to cure that while building anew. Nick, that No.4 Bearing cap and the concentric ring appearance (my last pic previous page) - is that wear? I've looked at another and it's very similar. Roger, your pic shows block above, cap below, yes? You do this work yourself? I'm thinking I need that mod, even if it isn't the precipitating factor. Flatter, it
  4. As for ornaments, I already have this: Not sure I want any more evidenceof my misdeeds!
  5. You got in so quickly, Andy, I was still editing the diagnosis! Kastner-type oil flow failure to the front end, I think, and I had a solution and in the excitement of getting to Thuxton forgot to fit it!
  6. The results are back from Pathology, and they are not a pretty sight. First, the damage to No.1 big end journal: The deepest gouges are about 15 thou deep, which might be recoverable, but the colour of the web doesn't look good. I fear for its strength: So this crank is unusable. No.1 conrod has gone in a big way, lots of shrapnel in the crankcase, but the colour of some of the others., like the crank, make me suspect their strength. 3,4 and 6 are unusable: 3, 4 and 6 have melted their bearing shells, and 3 still has a pretty ring
  7. Resonance - audible whining - is such a problem with Bosch mods on Lucas Pi systems, that some dealers sell 'special' hoses between pump and PRV. It would happen when idling, the 'hunting' was audible then, and on accelraion from a low running speed, so a good idea, no doubt from experience. But an effect that Malpassi avoids entirely. John
  8. Nick, Thank you - but Phil has pointed me to someone selling a box of 2500 engine parts, in Lancaster! I'll investigate and see if they will do - so much simpler than getting a lump like a crank from you to me! I'll report back if I need to take you up. I appreciate very much that the Common Room of Sideways U - or should I say the Dept of Motor Engineering? - is sponsoring me here. I ought to put a "If you're not SIDEWAYS you ain't trying" sign on the car! (or should it be Paul's Goldenback?) OIl pump out - with every sign of having pumped an oil and metal flake slurry! G
  9. I've edited the pic of the dissected PRV, above. Now uploaded from a copy on my HD. Is it working now?
  10. Up to a point! I changed the gearbox oil in the paddock and got three teeth and a lot of swarf out, but as Nick says there's the rest to come. Gearbox rebuild booked (thank you, Mike Papworth!) but any trial must await the engine rebuild.
  11. GOSH, RogerG! That is an offer I cannot refuse! I definitely need one MaxSpeeding rod, and possibly more if others have been burnt. And this oil pump must have been trying to pump a slurry of oil and bearing swarf. Thank you! And I just wonder if that No.4 main bearing cap is the source of all this grief, so a remachining might be a good idea anyway. When I first fitted the engine to the car, and went for a start, it seized! Not actually seized, but would only turn about 60 degrees, with a solid stop both ends. I found that a thrust washer had spun in the bearing and
  12. I have a length of Aeroqip to bridge the main gallery from No.6 to No.1 but never fitted it!
  13. Thanks, Roger! But A/ I need 2.5L, to be even halfway competitive - I've tried 2Ls! And B/ I have another 2.5 that I can rebuild, unless the block of this is re-usable - It's bored out so worthwhile considering And Hamish, suspect your diagnosis correct - haven't looked at the oil pump yet. John
  14. Very little big end left is correct. No.1 con rod is destroyed. It must have overheated +++ by the discolouration of the crank, and I doubt if a grind will restore the gouged journal. No.6 is burnt out, loose on the journal, no shell left. No.3 has overheated and has a rim of melted bearing, and by the colour, 4 is the same. 2&5 are fine!. And, thrust washer has come out, the oil baffle plate has been knocked loose, and the coarse filter on the oil pump is full of the same swarf that I found in the filter housing This engine is an anchor. Start again. John
  15. I gear so, Nick. I'll try again. Does this work. Gearbox and engine out, drawing 'box oil, and more shrapnel on the magnetic plug.
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