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  1. Hello Nick I wish you would not show me all these gizmos I like the look of the balls must read it later and you can talk to them (bulk order through your work((trade)) Roger
  2. Hello Nick Looks to good to be true but could not see a price? I think I will stick to our 40year old home made solar panels and a hot water cylinder (if you get the extra insulated ones they hardly loose any heat) Roger ps the little radiator I fitted to the little wood burner works a bit slow as it is only thermosyphon(I thought about a small 12volt pump as in the solar circuit but it may be over kill as it would need its own differential temperature controller!) It also works when the gas boiler is on but gets to full heat!
  3. Hello Nick That is the problem and also it is detecting the differance when it is only small! (every little helps at todays fuel prices?) Plus I like gadgets and things and tinkering keeps the old brain active it is just the body thats Knackered! Roger
  4. Hello All Here is my MAD idea of a heat pump! It is a 120mm x 12volt fan and a bloody big hole in the wall(borrowed a core drill off our son and had the Memsahib holding the garage vaccumn pipe to try and make less dust!) I used a bit if stainlees steel flue liner I had lying about to sleeve the hole. A couple of grills from Screwfix and a 12v differential controller from Bulgaria via Amazon(£8) an adjustable voltage regulator to get from 24v to 12V(a spare from a batch bought cheap from China sometime ago) and the fan was a spare. So I recon it has only cost me less than £20 all in! So the idea is we find the porch is always warmer than the inside of the cottage it faces SSW so catches any sun available There is one sensor next to the porch fan(small black spec to the middle left of the grill) The other sensor is the other side of the entance hall wall and in the Dinning room(just below the ceiling and above the central heating control) So if the porch is warmer than the dinning room the fan runs and hopefully drags in warm air! Roger ps at presant fuel prices it should not take long to pay for it self?
  5. Hello Nick I think you would find starting it would be a problem and it would coke up quickly. A few stacker truck batteries and an Inverter would probably be better but you would have to limit the load when on batteries(may be a step to far for SWMBO?) I have made my version of a heat pump! I will show you all when it is finished Roger ps I have just finished fitting a radiator into the wood burning stove circuit(small back boiler) so we get a small amount of heat on the landing area when log burner is going(just have to try and get all the floor boards back down now and my knees a killing me! may need some medican later!)
  6. Hello Phil Is that kerasene? no good for Diesel generators! Still I think I make electric as cheap as the grid from what I see of prices! but we do not use much no things left on etc Roger
  7. Hello All I thought I had better order some Gas oil(Red Diesel) for the generators(honest) I thought the minimum order was 1000lt and we could only fit about 700lt in the tank so I asked the lad! at the fuel depot and he said 500lt was the minimum order! Then I asked the price(I made shure I was sitting down(a good job it is 75p per lt + 5% vat) Last time I bought some it was about 50p/lt (2019) So I told him just the 500lt and perhaps it will be cheaper next time I need some? It makes me think perhaps a few more second hand solar panels may be cheaper? Its not that I can not afford it its just that I was born in a different era and economy was normal(I like to think of it as value for money) which most younger people do not understand!) Roger ps still the gas tank is full and the log store is full(and old garage doors to cut up yet)so when the oil arrives we will be set for the seige!(the Memsahib has been stocking the store cupboards for the last 12 months!) I have lots to do on cars etc and perhaps we can take Spitty to Spain again(booked for Jume!) We had a run out on Wednesday and had lunch at Toddington Station and Tiffin later
  8. Hello All I flew to the Isle on Man for the TT in the mid 70's from Coventry Airport on a DC3 and remember seeing rivits loose/rotating in the wings but probably thought if the pilot is willing to fly in it why shloud I worry(pobably misguided?) but maybe not as not sure now but was the safest aircraft even made for hours flown in those days! Roger ps We have been on a couple of scary ones since like full thottle through the gate in Peru becase the previous aircraft had not cleared the runway and people were screeming I thought it was great and the closest I will jet to a fighter plane as it almost stood on its tail and push you back in the seats just before the wheels would have touched down!! I could tell you about the overhead bin that would not lock so after all the crew beat hell out of it the ground crew just Gaffer taped it up(would not happen in UK ! grounded and put up in some S**ty hotel for a few days or sleep on this bench!) I will go with gaffer tape! Just thought of another coming back from a cheap and cheerful in god Knows were we were told there was a fault on the aircraft but after a couple of hours and talking to UK engineers it turn out it was just one of the saftey switch lights on the door and there were 3 of them ! so you could either fly with the crew or be put up in some cheap hotel for the night? We thought they do not have a death wish normally so flew home There are others?
  9. Hello Nick I thought I may go to a higher geared rack if it works ok. Roger
  10. Hello All My kit of parts arrived Friday and it looks good and clean and made in Japan(good) It maybe be Fiat? The man forgot to put the adjuster control in but will post it to me(not exactley waiting!) I have a spare steering to dash clamp so I bored it out to fit the tube through which keeps it at the same height(Not strong enough on its own) Here is it in position but then I thought does it matter at which angle it is fitted? as I recon I could fit it upright so a bit less hanging underneath! I think I will only fit one U/J and perhaps keep the Triumph clamp arrangement? The steering wheel needs to be about 1/2" further out than the photo(just balanced on the input shaft) I just need to do some careful measuring before cutting anything! Roger
  11. Hello All After much mulling over I have decided to buy the easysteer DIY kit! I know I could but various bits off Fleabay and save some money but I would have no guarantee it would work! Plus I would have to fabricate various parts this way I will just have alter them a bit! Here is a link to one fitted in a Triumph. Power Steering on a Spitfire? Is it possible? - Chassis, Suspension & Steering - The Triumph Sports Six Club Forum (tssc.org.uk) Roger
  12. Hello Nick I think they are the same as Corsa ones? How to make your own DIY electric power steering for your TR4-TR6 - General TR Technical - TR Register Forum (tr-register.co.uk) It looks good to me and there are plenty about (its always worth using something that there is plenty of and cheap) as you know Just like Spittys EFI (vw etc coil, ford sensors etc!) Roger ps Will I ever learn to Stop?
  13. Hello All I like the look of this one it is nice and clean and all plugs are fitted 1 x Renault Clio Mk2 Electric Power Steering Column + Ecu Kit Car T25 EPS 01-05 | eBay Roger
  14. Hello All Thanks for the input and I think Nick is right it is only a kit of parts to be modified! So I have almost decided to get a one of these. 1 x Renault Clio Mk2 Electric Power Steering Column + Ecu Kit Car EPS Corsa B | eBay Plus maybe one of these. RENAULT CLIO 2 MK2 Electric power steering column controller unit box kit epas | eBay So I can probably do the lot for £100? Roger ps Nick have you found out how I donate to the Forum?
  15. Hello Nick A bit more looking into required? On a different note how do I give the money? Roger ps what is this? it is small!
  16. Hello All I am thinking of fitting power steering to the Vitesse as WHEN I have finished it the Memsahib would like to drive it and she is used to the Yeti! I know I could trawl scrap yards and find bits! but I have enough things to do already. Plus seeing as all the dashboard is out I thoght this would be a good time if I am going to do it? This is the kit I like the price of! micro motor electric power steering system self build easysteer kit controllers | eBay I will ask the man what the cost would be for an automatic reducing as speed increases. What does the collective brain think and has anybody on here done it ? Roger ps be gentle with me!
  17. Hello Nick Perhaps an empty cardboard box if not to big or heavy??? Roger
  18. Hello Patrick Thank's they will be fine with Micro Squirt then as I use a Bosch type(copy) coil pack as fitted to VW and Skoda Will just look for the best price Roger ps thats about 0.043" and 0.035" gap
  19. Hello All I have just changed my plugs as I when I looked at my records I find they had done 20,000 miles+ Plus the car is not running to well(it maybe the E10 fuel?) So I thought better change the plugs first(do one thing at a time!) I thought I would buy a new set for the boot spares but I find the WR78X are more common but I do not know what the difference is(Old Tucker fitted WR78X's to his Vitesse with mega jolt and found them ok) Anybody know? Roger
  20. Hello Pete I bet you have found it satisfying as well as saving money? ps it looks ok to me have a look around the radiator at the paid for jobs and you may be supprised by whats under the paint! I soldered a threaded bung into mine for a thermostat switch
  21. Hello Pete Just solder a bit of copper or brass over the hole. Roger Ps use flux as said and practice on a bit old copper pipe split open!
  22. Hello Pete I think it maybe it was not clean enough and perhaps to much heat1 What flux did you use? I would have another go before getting the card out! Roger ps try cellulose thinners to remove any paint and a good wire brushing(you will win) if you have a bit of brass or copper have a play at soldering
  23. Hello John It would pay for the racing! just one op per week in your garage(so as not to waste to much time away from the car!) Roger
  24. Hello All Is this why they have sauses ? to cover up the smell and taste? I once read that all the french fancy stuff was devised to hide the smell of bad meat etc (warmer climate!) All pre fridges? Roger
  25. Hello All I fitted a set of silicone ones to Spitty about 10 years ago(before they were so expensive!) They have done 40,000 miles and still just the same and been on and off a few times. Roger
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