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  1. Hello John I have one I removed from spitty I could make you one if you like? You can have the Stainless braided pipe as well if you want it? Roger
  2. Hello John Just convert the banjo bolt to a needle valve then you can adjust it to your hearts content! All you need to do is drill and tap the banjo bolt say 4mm until it breaks through to the cross drilling then turn a very slow taper on the end and fit a copper washer and lock nut and jobs done! Roger
  3. Hello John Have a look at this site gives easy(cheap) and proper way! Split Charging Guide - caravans, campervans, motorhomes, boats, vehicles (12voltplanet.co.uk) Roger ps I would go for something automatic because if you are anything like me you WILL forget to switch on or off!!
  4. Hello All Rubbish just wear a hat! We had up to 40degs in Spain in June ! Now that is HOT! But still better than a Sardine can with aircon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger and the Memsahib ps Ferry already booked for next year!(if I am still here!!!)
  5. Hello Ian Our regular Wednesday crew have a TR6 and a TR4 you could try. If it was me I would have a TR4 not TR4A just the 2.2 lt 4cylinder engine will cruise at 70/80MPH and give better ecconomy! Roger ps I am getting close to 50MPG out of Spitty
  6. Hello All I had forgotten I had got this one from my Moto Guzzi Motorcycle days to set the twin carbs! You remove a plug on both carbs and screw in an adapter then attach rubber tubes to 2 inlets on the top of the Carbtune and start the engine then adjust the carbs so they a level. You would not be able to buy one now as the indicator in the tubes is Mercury!!!! (they did make a later one with some other fluid) But the Mecury one is best as it is more stable Roger
  7. Hello Nick I saw this one today at a local show (I did not buy as it was £10 he may have taken £10? I have never seen that type before! Roger
  8. Hello All I had that to Roger ps I thought I had buggered someting up!
  9. Hello Nick That is what about I thought ! We do all the right things (wind And Solar) but get Screwed! Tell me something new! and as I said we paid our way that was asked if that was not enough it was not our fault? Shaffed again by which ever one is power(all tarred with the same brush?) Still back to car stuff now and not get up tight!( because we have no control over it ? it is like peeing in the sea and expecting to warm up!(grow up!!) Roger ps a mad idea we have booked to go to Spain Again next year(Booked) but Maybe cross over to Morroco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What could go wrong? and you are a long time dead plus we are only Middle Aged !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (77 & 73???) Still beening a bit naughty you are as only as old as the woman you feel??? Roger and the Memsahib
  10. Hello All There is all this talk about everybody getting a energy payment? So what I want to know how do we apply for it as we have no gas or electric meters? We still have to buy LPG, Wood and Generator fuel which have all gone up in price. Plus I paid my taxes etc for 45years!!! Roger and the Memsahib (poor pensioners!) ps both the wind turbines are faulty now! but the old Rutland FM1803 has been flying for just under 21years with NO maintenace! (bearings noisey now and a bit rusty on the tail!) The other one is only 8 to 9 years old with no maintenace and noisey bearings but has stopped giving power now!(maybe the slip rings and brushes?) I am thinking of replacing that one with another Marlec 1200 Terrain Windcharger it will fit straight one the tilt up tower and will be quiet (the LE 600 Howls in high winds!)
  11. Hello Nick It is at a cafe we stop at for breakfast but the sad thing it must have its flight feathers clipped as there is no roof on the cage! I am not sure I agree with it? but it is the world we live in! Roger ps i think it is bored as the bark is stripped !
  12. Hello Nick I Know it is only a little Spitfire and I probably do not drive as hard as you as I have the Memsahib with me most of the time! From the start of the trip to Spain to last Wednesday we have covered 2468 miles and used 51.67 gallons of petrol. Which is 47.76 MPG overall! Roger ps feeling Smug?
  13. Hello All I checked my records (Back pages of Haynes Manual!) They were fitted at the start of 2016 when I rebuilt the Diff and reused when I fitted different rebuilt one 3 years later So I suppose they passed the time scale but have only done 30,000 miles? So I suppose the same again @ about £62.50 just for the Diff ones or do I go for a Floflex kit for the rear at £43 for all? I wiould leave the spring bushes as they are proper ones as fitted by Heritage Springs and seem ok Plus how long do I think I am going to be driving Spitty (77 this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and hopefully the Vitesse will be on the road next year! Roger ps Just had a rumage in the garage and found some new ones that came with the Vitesse! I think they are flowflex they are Orange So I may fit those in the winter! pps I found Trunions and top ball joints and all sorts of other bushes etc! So enough to keep this poor pensioner going !!!
  14. Hello All Has anybody made a claim? and how do you do it as bills are probably long lost! Been out today and still rattling (maybe body mounts!) Now thinking the bit so called good rubber substitite for the swing spring is the same rubbish if you use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus the eye bushes are probablly buggered as well? Thank goodness when I fitted the new rear spring UK made I left there bushes in there ! as I had some others on the old spring go oval!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roger ps we are the minority that use our cars so find how CRAP modern replacements are !
  15. Hello All I have managed to pressure test the oil cooler after a lot of messing. Grease guns that would not pump water! grease nipples that leak back So what I did in the end was fill the oil cooler with water right to the top and then fit the grease nipple then I put some cheap engine oil in the grease gun and pumped it up to 120psi it dropped back to 115 psi but then held so I left for about 30mins and it held So I will be happy to fit that sometime Roger
  16. Hello All We had a run out today and hit some rough roads as usual I thinking the bang is a bit less! but I have been thinking about and I suppose the ones in the 2 rear ears are probably knacked as well and maybe the swing spring one(OH such wonderful Crap Parts??) Plus Spitty has covered 125,000 miles from new and I do not think the body has ever been off so all the body mounts are probably knackered as well? Its all a bit like the driver!!! Roger ps I must check the boot for loose spare wheel etc as well!
  17. Hello All And we all thought these are the GOOD ones??? I have used those and binned them! I think all these might be ok were they to an have a easy life? I wish we could get modern car quality ? they would not fail at 30,000 miles! My theory they work on the fact that MOST classic cars do not do may miles so if they fail after 5 to 10 years they are good but only done 5,000 miles!!!! I will report back tomorrow as we are out on one of our mid week runs and bound to encounter some rough roads! (not as may in Spain we recon it was less than 10% and we were off into the Bundo!) Roger
  18. Hello All I have been getting a different noise from the rear of Spitty over rough roads(arnt they all?) So today was a bit cooler so I raised the ramp to have a look around All shockabsorber mounts looked ok and the radius arms and exhaust was ok. So I removed a nut off the diff mounts and could see what is probably the trouble the Super Pro bushes are knackered! (life time warrarty !!!!!!!!! if you do not use them much!) There was space around the pin and the outer but I thought I am not taking the diff out at this time in the year(winter job!) So I turned up 2 sleeves 9/16" bore and 0.705" outer by 1 5/8" long and levered the diff to get even space around the pin and taped them into place and fitted a thin wash over the pin to give more clamping(worn again!) Now I have about 1/8" clearance at the back were I think it was touching on bumps! To be fair the bushes have done about 30,000miles Roger I wonder how long Triumph ones lasted (more I bet)
  19. Hello Patrick I would not help it warm up any faster or no much if it did! I went for the 80deg as I thought I do not want it getting to 92deg then trying to cool down! I find ours warms up after about 5 to 10 miles depending on outside temperature and I have set the Microsquirt that I can not go above 3000rpm until the water temperature is about 125deg and hopefully the oil is a bit warmer! But then I use Mobil 1 race formula 10/60 so flows well at lower temperature(well that's the theory!) but thicker at higher temperatures(seems to work!) Roger
  20. Hello The sandwich plate has the thermosat built in to it like this. Mocal Thermostatic Oil Sandwich Plates and Oil Systems | Competitionsupplies.com The Mobil 1 oil seems to be ok and the oil pressure does not drop to much when hot or excess pressure we cold start up its just expensive but I just look for the best price any time and buy it for stock. The only thing I have noticed it seem to give a different smell when burnt! We only used about just over 1/2 litre in 2000miles when tourning Spain in high temperatures (30 to 40degs!) Roger
  21. Hello John It is a new oil cooler so no oil in it yet and if it leaks it will go back to the supplier! As far as I know pressure vessels are always tested hydrauliclly! Roger
  22. Hello I have a thermostat built into the filter adaptor and I picked the lowest they do! So it does not cool until about 80deg which takes about 15 to 30 mins to reach depending on time of year Plus I have Microsquirt set so I can not rev over about 2500 rpm until choke setting is off. Roger
  23. Hello All I have bought a new oil cooler a 15 row one which I think I can just fit in the same position and in theory give 15% more cooling capacity! It is a cheap Fleabay one so I want to pressure test it before I fit it (just in case!) So I was thinking perhaps 50% over normal oil pressure 70/75psi= 112psi So Ithought 120psi! What does the collective brain think? I will fill it with water and pump it up with a grease gun it is the safe way to pressure test if it splits it just leaks not shrapnel all over the garage as air would! Roger
  24. Are we all up S**t Creek with out a paddle now/ I would not trust any of them of any colour! Still 2 months without a government of any sort is just what we need now with covid on the rise and Putin want to kill us all plus all the rest! Still it can only get better (He lied to himself!) Roger
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