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  1. Quality of spare parts issue, again and again ….
  2. Same with my GT6 and Vitesse. Only dribbling a Little bit but you find no real reason. I live now with it as it is. Cheers Martin
  3. Whow what a work. I do not want to do it again in the near Future. appr. 10 Hours to remove the foil. Major effort to get the edges „piddelt“. A german word but I think you understand . 35 hours to remove the remains of the adhesive and additional primer they used on the edges. And on top at least 20 hours polishing. Around 10 bottles of various adhesive removers, alcohol, polishing compounds, ...... But I like it very much in black. Boot lid has to be painted due to some flakes of paint that came off. Im exhausted as I did. the final polishing today. I just reward my
  4. Looks like a lot of fun. Massive work and nobody will see the result when done.
  5. It really looks good in black. We only damaged the rear bootlid where paint sticked to the foil. Has to be painted. However, the Company that wrappped the car used additional primer or adhesives on the edges. Removal is a real pita I tried Aceton, Isopropanol, Silicon remover, household cleaner, commercial adhesive remover, ...... A Special orange oil based cleaner seems to help a little bit. Took ohne Hour to clean ohne edge of the bonnet. Summing up all edges and sides totals in oh my god. And as a downside, ist seems that the adhesive worked its way into the p
  6. I do have HS6 on a Standard MK2 engine. Works fine. Needles are BAE. Standard manifolds and air filter. Cheers Martin
  7. Track days should be implemented in Germany as well. Looks good the Vitesse in Full motion
  8. A Girl friend of my daughter works in a company that does car wrapping. She has the lead and I follow her instructions. Yes, I prefer the the black as well.
  9. Decision,the foil has to be removed. Livetime of a wrapping foil 2 to 5 Years. May the forth be with me.
  10. Sorry to see this damage. I feel your pain John. I‘m really curious about the oil Pump and its drive. I have an unused TH2 Kent 295degree camshaft kit I’m going to part with if of any help. Martin
  11. We had only normal flue symptoms. Besides that taste and smelling disappeared. Taste is back. Smelling is not fully back. Its a really dangerous infection. The sister of my wife got it as well and passed away. I started to consume D3 last May after a PCA surgery triggered by the recommendation of the clinic I was. Taking 2000 ie a day. Since that time I had not a single flue or other hassle . Whether it helped during the Covid? Martin
  12. Germany has the same approach like Poland. I got an appointment for vaccination in early April and this was cancled because I went through Covid in January. Earliest date for vaccination for me is now July. With the plan of only ohne dose. They count the Covid infection as first shot of the vaccination. Same for my wife. Martin
  13. Great car. I always wanted to build a 7 like Kit car. I always buy a Kit Car Magazine Wien in UK. But we do have a TÜV over here. No Chance. You can Buy a Caterham which is road legal, but at an eyewatering Price . Cheers Martin
  14. I had a 21W Foglight installed in my former Racecar for immidiate reaction in case the pressure dropped.No way to disregard. I blew some pressure switches until I added a relay. Martin
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