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  1. 6 am 8 mm copper I sourced from a plumber supplier nearby. They had big rolls. You buy per meter. for the MOT.
  2. To finish the Vitara Story, success 2 years TÜV (our MOT)
  3. Same behavior on the continent. „Was ist letzte Preis“. But not willing to make an offer. I hate that. Hmmm, especially our folks from Eastern / South Eastern Europe and Turkey. But they ask again and again. Mates selling regularly have a mobile and an email address only for that purpose. They do not accept a „No“ and call again and again. Was selling my old Volvo V70 after a damage. For a very low price. Was worth at least five times the asking price only for some good parts I had replaced some weeks before. After some hours I was so upset that I removed the offer from the net and gave the car to a mate for free. Martin
  4. 185 60 13 there are a lot of recommendations for the Nankang NS 2R. I bought them some weeks ago for my VW Polo. But it will take some time until I will have a chance to test them.
  5. I use the Accuspark on GT6 and Vitesse. Happy with them. I use their electronic ignition as well. Rotor and cap I still got OE ones. Stoneleigh, long ago . Cheers Martin
  6. As I‘m working on the Vitara of my wife, she got the car of my sister to be flexible. My sister hates to drive. Said take it and no need to bring it back. Hyundai Getz. 1.1 46kw, Model 2003. Only 29.007km on the clock. If I can arrange for room, I‘m tempted to keep it. Memories. She used to drive our parents to the church with the car..
  7. Built at Santana Motors in Spain in 1998. Only 136.000 km and the unbreakable lively 1.5 liter 80 Bhp Engine under the bonnet. Looks bad But only rotten in a few areas that are easy to repair. Think we will get a further 2 years approval.
  8. Started to prepare the Suzuki Vitara of my wife for the upcoming MOT.
  9. Big big issue here. Germans are always beating costs down. Many children do not learn to swim at school. No money for renovating public swimming pools and not enough time, teacher, budget, ….. Big big issue with the migrants that came over to Germany the Last years. They cannot swim. Thus increasing number of drowned people.
  10. Uups, hopefully Pete stil has got some spares on the shelf. Time for a close ratio gearset? Martin
  11. Was contemplating, then searching , found it. At least 45 years old.
  12. Incidence rates in the Netherlands at the coast between 400 and 600. Germans keep going for holiday there. There will be no end.
  13. thanks, somehow its not real. We are fine and some 10km from here 9 people died in an old peoples home in the water.
  14. We have rain, heavy rain. River Rhine is quite high and some flooding. We are not affected. Campers near the River have to leave . But very serious situation at smaller rivers only 20 km from us. One small river rose from one meter to five metrers in a day. Houses damaged and still 30 persons missed.
  15. In one job years ago I had to Travel 3 times a week to Frankfurt. Only 135km one distance but Traffic, Traffic, Traffic, ……. and at that time roadwork, roadwork, ….. Happy to be at Home now Tüv no issue as my sons E36 that will Receive the 328 Engine was available with such an Engine. When we did his E36 (He started a some motorsport activities with that car) we already upgraded the brake to 328spec, means big vented discs front and rear.
  16. Engine and gearbox fine, but the body is shot.
  17. Today I assisted my son in dismantling an E36 328 to upgrade his 318
  18. Belated Happy Birthday Nick. l‘m heading today to southern Germany for the first tour with the E30 convertible. I have always some reservations on the UK plumbing. Especially at some of the B&B‘s I visited so far. Cheers Martin
  19. Quality of spare parts issue, again and again ….
  20. Same with my GT6 and Vitesse. Only dribbling a Little bit but you find no real reason. I live now with it as it is. Cheers Martin
  21. Whow what a work. I do not want to do it again in the near Future. appr. 10 Hours to remove the foil. Major effort to get the edges „piddelt“. A german word but I think you understand . 35 hours to remove the remains of the adhesive and additional primer they used on the edges. And on top at least 20 hours polishing. Around 10 bottles of various adhesive removers, alcohol, polishing compounds, ...... But I like it very much in black. Boot lid has to be painted due to some flakes of paint that came off. Im exhausted as I did. the final polishing today. I just reward myself with a Beer on the terrace in the Late sun. Martin
  22. Looks like a lot of fun. Massive work and nobody will see the result when done.
  23. It really looks good in black. We only damaged the rear bootlid where paint sticked to the foil. Has to be painted. However, the Company that wrappped the car used additional primer or adhesives on the edges. Removal is a real pita I tried Aceton, Isopropanol, Silicon remover, household cleaner, commercial adhesive remover, ...... A Special orange oil based cleaner seems to help a little bit. Took ohne Hour to clean ohne edge of the bonnet. Summing up all edges and sides totals in oh my god. And as a downside, ist seems that the adhesive worked its way into the paint. Unsure whether It will polish out.
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