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  1. Example from the US, signs mentioning 1000 Dollar fine for littering. But I never have seen more rubbish along the streets. However, at present staying in North Wales, I have never seen cleaner streets and beaches. People removing the dogs poo so you can walk across the lawn at Picknick areas. In Germany dangerous to walk on a public lawn because of the „mines“. All the People have mobile devices and are so proud to be in networks they call „social“ but the real behavior We have to clean our front yard regularly.
  2. Great action. Nice to see the GT6es fighting. Chris Marx came over from Germany. Nick name with his TR4 here is Mad Marx.
  3. An E30 with the M3 E46 Engine, a beast. E46 is 300 kg heavier. Wonderfull Tour through the Snowdonia mountains yesterday. Am I lucky that the E30 does not qualify as a sardine can despite the AC as it has a soft top I really admire Roger and his wife for the tours they do in the Spitfire.
  4. As Nick says, get out and drive it. Anglesey yesterday. It drives superbly. We intended to flee the heat in Germany. So we are in North Wales. And it is hot. Cheers Martin.
  5. I do get the 6 cylinders in Vitesse (HS6) and GT6 (40 DCOE) not better than 25mpg.
  6. Looked already for alternative shows near Stratford where I will be that weekend. Was happy to find Tewksbury Classic Vehicle Festival. Some minutes later I detected the announcement: cancelled
  7. Roger, your comment hits the nail: "ps we are the minority that use our cars so find how CRAP modern replacements are !" Exactly that is the problem, the Polybush blue bushes in the rear spring eye look already slightly oval on the Vitesse after 1300 miles. Martin
  8. I have now the superflex bushes for the diff mounting in the GT6. wherever a bush gives up I use them.
  9. We have booked holiday in Northern Wales from August 6 to 20iest. I persuaded my SM to add 2 days in Straford upon Avon, as she knows the town a little bit and I planned to leave her alone and sneak away for Stafford. Sad news. Martin
  10. The polybush red diff mounting did wear out instantly on my GT6.
  11. Not a specialist on Citroen, but most moderns have the screws below the covers of the door handle and some in addition under the loudspeaker covers. Martin
  12. What a nice track. Car sounds really great.
  13. Was in Normandy for Holiday in 2018 and sneaked away for a day to see classic Le Mans. I had never been in Le Mans before. It was amazing. Enyoing the pictures. Have fun.
  14. What a nice holiday tour. I very much enjoy all your trip reports. We like Spain and plan for some tours when my wife follows me for retirement. Unfortunately this will take a year from now. Martin
  15. Get well soon Nick. My wife got it again some weeks ago. Works in a Kindergarden. Now we booked Wales for 2 weeks in August. Seems that there are very low figures. Martin
  16. Question, what is that for a big long building ?
  17. Brilliant video. Did you notice the strong deflection in the steering or „car behavior“?
  18. Interesting that there is such a flex in 55 race tyre. What pressure was in the tyres? congratulations for such a result , all the work pays out.
  19. Have a nice and save trip, I always like pics from Spain. Gives me inspiration for next years summer when my wife goes into retirement as well. Martin
  20. The first hole towards the engine is the same in both carbs, appr. 1mm. In the GT6 then both holes are 1.6mm In the Polo both are 1mm. Thus I removed the carbs, drilled the two holes in the Polo with 1.5mm. Other car. Lambda is now in the tick over / part throttle area between 0,85 and 0,9. Car runs smoothly (taking into account the 316 degrees cam). Now only too rich at full throttle, but there I have to work on a slightly smaller main jet. The bigger idle jets not needed. Fun to drive
  21. That lean area between 2000 and 4000 was upsetting me. Thus I thought some bigger idle jet would be good (27 Euro for 4 ouch). But then I thought and googled a bit. The idle jet does not only cover the idle mixture, but in addition is responsible for the mixture between idle and part throttle operation. There are so called progression holes that enrichen the mixture after slightly touching the throttle. What I had not recognized so far was that there are different sizes of progression holes. Two pictures. Weber DCOE in the GT6, which is running perfectly from idle to full throttle. And from the Polo, with a lean spot / area.
  22. … now I know why I rejected the wish of my management to have a loo in the cellar.
  23. With that car, last race October 1988. Then Martin and car retired.
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