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  1. As Mike said. An RCD compares the current being drawn from live, with the current returning through the neutral. If there is a difference the lost current must be flowing to earth and more than 30mA difference will trip-out a normal RCD. There are different ranges though - you can also get 10mA RCDs for extra protection or 100mA RCDs for circuits where 'nuisance tripping' is a problem. The fact that you can re-set your garage RDC after which everything works OK, shows that there is no basic wiring fault, else it would keep tripping, and that this is probably just a nuisance tri
  2. John - I think that content is in your personal space on Google. You can see it because you are logged in to the account but no-one else can access it, so a link doesn't work.
  3. The clamp-type knurling tools are definitely best as there is much less strain on the lathe. Can't say I've done any on brass though. Ali is easy.
  4. For android phones there's a 'free' gizmo called Android File Transfer available for Mac and PC - just plug the phone into USB and you can drag-and drop files. Works fine with an android phone on my Mac, I've not tried it yet on a PC.
  5. It's not quite as easy as that on a '3a John. The take-off for the pressure gauge is a banjo fitting on the oil filter head so the required adaptor would be quite complcated.
  6. Sorry garbled the last bit and can't edit it. - e^6 would be 403/million or about 26000 for the UK.
  7. That doesn't work with the graph John. The vertical axis is "Log deaths per million (of population)" so 5 on the graph would be 100,000 or 10% fatalities. Some of those dots look to be well in excess of 6 which would be more than 100% fatalities. Something wrong somewhere.....? It might be log to base e perhaps in which case 6 is about 26,000 ?
  8. The description I saw says it was a vessel intended for use inland on rivers, not really built for sea conditions. The 'sagging and hogging' caused by the considerable swell was more than the hull could stand. Might be metal-fatigue after years of such use combined with poor cargo weight-distribution?
  9. https://www.rust.co.uk/files//pdf/Chlor-X MSDS 2020.pdf
  10. The ONS is still reporting the UK figures in some detail: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/bulletins/deathsregisteredweeklyinenglandandwalesprovisional/latest
  11. If there really is an RCD 'protecting' this circuit it obviously isn't working. I suggest you get a new one as a matter of urgency and test it regularly. RCDs contacts can stick if not cycled from time to time. What you are feeling is leakage current through your body to earth. People's skin resistance varies as does the insulating properties of their footwear or clothing so what is felt can vary from person to person.
  12. Yes you can. If you are taking the original solenoid-coil drive wire to the starter's own solenoid instead, and supplying a permanent battery feed to the starter, then the original solenoid isn't going to do anything any more. In that case there is nothing to stop you using its other terminal as a convenient interconnection point. Since both of the terminals will be connected to the battery, nothing untoward is going to happen. This is the fuse block I think might fit inside the regulator case but they don't actually quote any meaningful dimensions: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Qio
  13. I have put a fuse-block inside the regulator box but not a Lucas one. The problem is size - the box lid isn't that big so if you want the fuse block to sit on the base of the box you need to find one where the fuses are fairly close together and without connection tags sticking out sideways. I ended up using a 4-way block for continental type fuses, which has screw-terminal connections. Since I did that I have found a blade-fuse holder that would probably also work. Most of those have the fuses too far apart which makes the block too long, or connections coming out sideways making th
  14. Environmental engineering is commonly known as 'shake rattle and roll' John, though it includes things like temperature cycling and humidity too. In the broader sense an environment isn't just confined to just hugging trees and cute furry animals you know......
  15. It can look quite convincing too (copied from a similar thread on another website so this scam must be widespread) :
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