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Yeah, yeah..... I know..... barking mad.    Should have just called the knacker man..... But when I look at that tiddly little hole and think of the junk I have welded up in the past..... I cou

MoT pass gained this morning. Advisories of corroded fuel return pipe - and it is, plus CV joint gaiters on their last legs, which they are. Emissions were no drama. Blew 0.7 first try..... The t

As much as anything else, I come here just for these punches from the master of understated truths.

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@Nick Jones @Hamish thanks for the suggestions gents as you say Nick a goodly distance from Dorking, and I agree Hampshire a good independent is worth their weight.

yes it is the 40v but short block version. all the independents around me were either equal in price or greater than my local Audi shop.

with the lump out it is only sensible to replace the whole of the timing chain set up including the variable timing head mechanisms which suffer from critical wear.

These parts NLA but there is an outfit in the states that do an improved piece....at about $1000 a pair plus shipping and the extras to get it in here. Other plastic bits/tensioners are available from Europe about the same in euros plus the extras. 

So only area to lower the cost is labour still going to be 20-25 hours all in without too many surprises. 

Not sure it’s really worth it even though it a great drive when working well. SM used it to rearrange the entrance gate post a few years ago car stood up pretty well considering, gate post now propped up!

would rather spend the funds on getting my triumph based special/kit back and running if I’m honest.

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