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  1. Yes. Driven both when they were current and the 2.6 was quite a let down after the V8.
  2. Got the shells out of the moulds today after a bit of a fight. The consequence of the quick and dirty design of the moulds, especially the return flange on the top edge. Not bad really but I will give them a bit of a tart up to get rid of some of the bumps and lumps and evidence of rust and paint runs from the original steel doors. I'll also tidy up the area where the door latch goes so it's more suitable for the Mk1 latches. Next job though is to trim and then match them to the door skins.
  3. Needs a regrind though. I think the big ends might be a bit tight
  4. Not good news at all John. Very philosophical. Did you get that other block along with the crank? Hopefully that will do the job although it does mean a lot of extra fettling.
  5. Wishing to avoid picking the scab here if I can. PRVs, a bit of a pain in the posterior on the Triumph although only had it happen to me twice. Once was while trying to get initial oil pressure on a newly rebuilt 6 cylinder engine so no drama and honestly can't remember what the issue was. Many years ago and it was very early in the morning after pulling an all day and all nighter on the thing to get it ready for going to work. The other time was on the 1300 in the Mk1 after doing an oil change. Got pressure turning over on the starter motor with the plugs out but stuck open whe
  6. Thank you Nick. Very much appreciated. As you say the geography is unhelpful in this instance. See how the ebay one goes, I can always put in an offer and he's only charging a fiver for postage
  7. @Nick Jonesyou got me doing some searching. This is the Mk1,2,3 style heater, with the small motor and thin fan However looking at a photo of the Mk4 type motor assembly there are cutouts in the flange that look like they should go round the speedo and tacho cables. So presumably they were intended to fit the early cars in some form or other. With or without the later style box I don't know but worth a punt. There's a heater on ebay at the moment, £15 starting bid. Will keep an eye on it.
  8. I did wonder Nick. Air controls are different, the later ones actually have them! And the outlets for the demister vents are in a different position. But that shouldn't be beyond the wit of man. However I also know that it's thicker than the one in the early cars which is already a bit tight so I wasn't sure. And of course the diameter and depth of the fan and the motor are all bigger so that's not a straightforward swap either. It is a far better type of centrifugal fan than on the early cars. Might have a look at a bodge with that. Unless anyone has tried and can advise. Edit:
  9. Golf Mk2 fans are available from motor factors or your 'favourite' auction website new for about £35. Anyone got any thoughts on a less asthmatic fan for the early Spitfire heater?
  10. John. Really sorry to see the carnage done to such a good engine. Hopefully you'll bounce back as you have before better than ever.
  11. The cam bearings press in/out quite easily but are also easily damaged. If you have the old ones they are the best tool for the job along with a plastic mallet. If you don't I would be tempted to leave well alone as I don't think either of those are that bad. The gallery plugs are a b#####d to get out. Drilling it out is should be relatively straightforward though but you would need it done at a machinists or you will likely wreck the block. That rear one is very close to the plug on the side of the gallery though so the 'dead' area is quite small and you might be able to get at it from t
  12. Exciting stuff. That's the fun type of checking things over. Engine sounds good. I've noticed the same with tappet clearances on the exhausts even with the inserts.
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