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  1. Don't get me started on roads "daan saaf". I generally try not to try device when I have to go, as my blood pressure goes through the roof. Usually starts around Lancaster (Fortin) services, runs at "slightly elevated" until Manchester where it goes into overdrive. This would be tolerable if these drivers stayed "daan saaf", however it appears they insist on coming to Scotland for holidays and like to proceed up the A82 (which is a decent road even by English standards) at 35-40mph. Ohh, and to top it off, they will randomly pull an emergency stop (please bear in mind this is one of two main arterial routes north so used by HGV's etc) to take a snap of Ben Lomond. They are normally easily spotted, they mostly hire motorhomes. And people wonder why there are so many accidents on this road (and similarly the A9).
  2. Not personally, but the phrase "Make the noise" immediately springs to mind, which is pretty reasonable endorsement in its own right? Phil
  3. It was that! Nuala would take on anything for the sake of a good drive, that trip included a Stag (whom we covered liberally in oil when we passed them) and a Vitesse. Both vehicles usually counted as being well out the league of a 1500 Spitfire. ......... That's the one. Indeed, that is Nuala at the boot. Cheers guys.
  4. Ohh crikey!! That's the downside of being at sea, you don't hear about these things. Nuala has long been someone I was proud to call a friend, after I worked for her many years back at her hotel. Indeed, my participation in the Triumph world (and indeed here) is directly because of her. I entered and completed my first RBRR with her in the "yellow peril" back in 2018, and we had planned to attack the 10CR in my 2000 when it is completed. Pete - you think following her was hard, believe me you should try being the co-driver My thoughts are with her two children and ex-partner (with whom she remained very close). Phil
  5. Yeah, I'm kinda with John, I think Miles is being a tad unfair to both the NHS, and "lefties". Show me one government department that is not catastrophically underfunded and abused. Lack of money, employees and taking constant criticism from all and sundry telling them they are failing. Hence the "unfair to lefties" comment, I seem to recall that the government of the last decade has been decidedly right wing. If it had been just one sector that was underperforming, then yes you can maybe something is wrong with that sector. But all of them? Thank god the NHS is a devolved service in Scotland. NHS Scotland is far from perfect, but it is still chalk and cheese compared to what you guys have in England. Phil
  6. Ohh, lordy. Easily five years ago, maybe even longer than that? Couple of years back they finally upgraded my local mast to 4G, so I never had cause to revisit. I'm not surprised they are rethinking, dropping all the lower "G" data rates was/is going to have quite a knock-on effect on plenty services, so allowing repeaters was pretty much going to be a given. LAN cable, or if you can find an outdoor rated router with an external wifi aerial connection you can use a higher gain directional aerial?
  7. Colin, The simple answer is yes, there are repeaters available that can amplify signal. However (as always!!) this falls into the murky depths of telecom/radio law and licences, and to I suspect (keeping it simple) that your proposed use may be classed as illegal under that. I could well be wrong here, but I think you will find you are technically transmitting (rather re-transmitting) a radio signal. I looked into this for my house a while back and decided not to run the risk. What you could consider instead is some sort of mobile router that takes the signal and sends it to the croft as a WiFi signal. Most UK networks allow WiFi calling now, and there are no restrictions on WiFi radio signals. That would be my approach, can't help re equipment advice however the likes of Craig might be able to point you in the right direction maybe? Phil
  8. You can probably revise that figure up somewhat John. My MTB has died (bottom bracket has died and unfortunately not fixable either) and it was quite the nasty shock when I started looking at prices, both new and SH!!
  9. Ohh darn it. You had to post this two days after I agreed to taking a moderna booster in US when we arrive I shall keep fingers crossed it doesn't hit me too hard. Will be second booster (equiv of fourth shot but not as I had the Johnson single dose as the first shot) so might be okay.
  10. Mad. The missus does this by choice twice a week. Open water swimming, all the rage the last couple of years in the UK. Supposedly has health benefits, or so I am informed. I have refused to join, in my view it's bad enough getting into the water to rescue folks when I am wearing a full drysuit and thermals under it, never mind swimming gear! The diving bit sounds cool enough, I have to admit.
  11. I reckon honours are about even, I have never found in the loo yet!! And if I increase the garlic consumption I'll likely turn into one! I prefer a bit of garlic with my meals, not the other way round
  12. Pair of gloves, I tend these days to simply stick em out onto windowsill outside. Technically handling bats is actually illegal without the relevant licence, however provision is made for relocation if they are in harm's way (I suspect a toilet bowl more than qualifies for that!). I have a roost in my attic space that numbers well over 300, several different breeds at that. So evicting them out the house is a regular job for us! Three at the same time in the same room is the most I have had so far. Fortunately I like em, and the added knowledge that 1 bat can eat up to 3000 midgies a night is enough to endear them to anyone I reckon.
  13. Duly noted guys. Maybe a wee while before I action however, not long joined ship and currently loading in Algeria! Might even be some photos of a Panama transit to come as well on that front
  14. If it is something you are considering, look up MTB shoes. These usually have the cleats "inset" on the sole allowing them to be useful as trainers. I use these with MTB and trike. Bizarrely, my next job is to remove the pedals Craig is putting on his bike of my trike! I have a set of "Power Grips" to go on, so I have options of cleats or normal shoes. Recumbent trikes require one or the other, riding without ensures running over your own leg at some point.........
  15. Radio Scotland had a "piece" on this just after it happened. The presenter/interviewer popped up to a nearby airport that had a flight school to interview an instructor (how likely kind of thing). Unbeknown to him, the flight school decided that the easiest method to explain it was to re-enact, using the poor presenter as the bogeyman. Up he went, with an instructor initially flying before "playing dead" and allowing the second instructor in the tower to talk him down. Made for quite an interesting article!
  16. Yup, which equates to roughly 7 tonnes of fuel (as opposed to the "8 or 9 tonnes" quoted in a couple of articles I read earlier!! In the grand scheme of things pretty insignificant, although for a harbour like Torquay the visible results will be amplified. (For comparison, Exxon Valdez spilled roughly 37000 Tonnes, Deepwater 780000 tonnes). Not to "degrade" the severity of the spill, more to observe that whichever Spill Response Team is tasked out will take this in their stride, probably without even breathing hard. I'm more concerned with how much pollutants were released by the fire, this in the long run will have far more effect I suspect. Phil
  17. My other thought (I had wondered about Colin's approach, but don't have enough knowledge of the Garmin mount to feel confident enough to suggest it) was given the time of year, do you actually use the light just now? If not, I'd be tempted to wait it out over the summer and see if the mounts come back in stock, they are used on a variety of the Lifeline lights so I figure they will likely come back in stock at some point?
  18. John, This one looks to be in stock? https://www.bikelightstore.co.uk/bike-lights-uk/lifeline-aluminium-handlebar-mount-lifeline-chain-reaction-cycles-uk-bike-light/ Phil
  19. John, this any good for you?? https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/lifeline-aluminium-handlebar-mount/rp-prod162371 To give more help, we need more details of the light in question, however a quick investigation has told me that "Lifeline" is a brand made/owned by a company called Chain Reaction Cycles (as the link above). Phil
  20. Maybe not a fanciful as you suspect? I'm assuming you might not be aware of the push to build one at the north edge of Scotland? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-48119118 Hydrogen power is already used on Orkney, who due to the low capacity of the links to mainland cannot export a lot of the power that is produced there (many tidal and wave power projects are tested around Sullom Voe, and the power has to go somewhere). So instead they produce hydrogen and take it too Kirkwall and use it there. https://www.orkney.com/life/energy/hydrogen So the technology is there and has been for a while, I'm just slightly surprised it has taken this long to reach mainland Scotland.
  21. Well, never mind the ticks, I've just had to evict three bats out the house! First time we've had three at the same time. Last year we got a couple a day for most of the summer, and for the last week we have had the odd one or two in. A count last year put us at over 300 in the roof space, I suspect this year will be similar. Mixture of long eared, pipistrelle and some form of Myotis species (there are multiple of these, never managed to identify which it is). Thankfully the law does allow you to handle these in "rescue" scenarios, and given how many make into the house I class eviction as rescue! I really do need a net however, waiting for them to land long enough to grab em takes time!! Can't even use the "bat detector" microphone that attaches to a phone inside, which of course makes ID even harder. I will not harm a bat in anyway (anyone who has met the Northern English or Scottish midge will fully understand how valuable bats are at a consumption of roughly 3000 midges per night, per bat) so ID on catching is not possible. But I do wish they would stay outside the darn house though!
  22. Not such a good thing at this time of year, they bring ticks along with them!! We have a serious infestation of ticks up here in Scotland this year, worse than anytime in my memory certainly. The other week we had several days in a row of picking 20+ of the buggers off EACH of the dogs (four in residence at that point), it was ridiculous. Last night I removed nearly a dozen from the remaining dog. NHS24 were saying the other day that they were receiving large numbers of calls from persons bitten as well. I've only had two bites this year, both removed fairly fast so safe(ish) from the dreaded Lymes.
  23. I take it you have tried installing it on your Win10 machine, using the option to run as Win 7? It's a while since I last tried this but I seem to recall it worked for whatever I was doing at the time? Apologies if you are already ahead of me btw!
  24. Just to add to the map envy, here's another couple of collections hiding round the house! Believe me Nick, it doesn't matter where we go, it always appears to be an area we don't have a map for. Which given we have several dozen, is quite something!
  25. Mike, a wander and a pint does sound very appealing, I have to choose carefully up in this neck of the woods to achieve that! I seem to remember I have an app that does the OS maps. The image I used above is simply the GPS track from my watch in the Garmin App, I guess I could use it for navigation but I have never bothered working out how? I'll be honest, I'm still pretty old school, so this is (part of) my main "app":
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