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  1. Should be fine. Usually the tech guy will run off some emission tests after completion, however if the nozzle is a direct replacement for the old, not an "upgraded" part you rarely get issues. The "pros" who did my boiler last year installed a new nozzle that was an "upgraded" part. Should have seen the clouds of smoke that it started belching out upon firing The look of amazement on their faces when I simply glanced at test data, asked if they had fitted a bigger nozzle and then told them to reduce the fuel, which sorted it all out. But yeah, no visible smoke and no smell of unburnt fuel, you're good.
  2. You've got the main components, nozzle and filters. Depending on type of filter, if it has been 3 years think about at the least investing in a spare? The other main area to pay attention to is the ignitor. Make sure it is clean and the gap is set correctly, ignitors do have a habit of inexplicably moving for no ascertainable reason!
  3. For a new ship, this class have very little in the way of automation. They were designed and built by a Greek company and we have them on Bare-Boat charter. This means we have a pretty simply ship that has had the money spent on the things that matter, such as pumps (mostly Schinko for the bigger stuff), mooring gear etc. No bells, whistles or indeed any frippery at all. My impression so far is these look to be solid and dependable ships that will be easy to sail and maintain, which really is what you want. The main engine control system is robust, but it can be defeated. Rare, but possible. We don't want the system to be too sophisticated as that then makes it harder for us to bypass it easily in an emergency.
  4. Yeah, us engineers simply lump em all together. It makes little difference as to rank, they are all equally as capable at breaking everything they touch. Even now crew may be in charge of lifeboats, particularly on the likes of cruise ships and ferries! It is a little known fact, but rank stands for nothing in an Abandon Ship situation. We are all given dedicated duties up until the point of launching, however once you have abandoned your ship the most competent people take charge. Which is often not the people you might expect........
  5. Yeah, us engineers simply lump em all together. It makes little difference as to rank, they are all equally as capable at breaking everything they touch. Even now crew may be in charge of lifeboats, particularly on the likes of cruise ships and ferries! It is a little known fact, but rank stands for nothing in an Abandon Ship situation. We are all given dedicated duties up until the point of launching, however once you have abandoned your ship the most competent people take charge. Which is often not the people you might expect........
  6. Guys, my apologies! I maybe should have given a brief description of the system layout first. This is the problem when conversing with knowledgeable folks here, I tend to forget that you don't have the subject matter knowledge to hand! The bursting disc is fitted to the starting air system, which has a maximum operating pressure of 30 bar. It is there in case the starting air valve fails, allowing combustion pressures to enter the air system. The disc ideally bursts before the pipework does! I don't have the exact figures to hand, however as John suggested we operate a safety margin of 1.5, so I assume the disc ruptures at around 45-50 Bar. Combustion pressures are in the region of 100 Bar at low revs/starting condition. So this is what the disc likely saw. Why it happened - we aren't sure. However the deckie on the bridge at the time tends to be a bit "trigger happy" with the engine, in some belief that he is playing a computer game as opposed to trying to make an engine that is larger than an average bungalow start turning. We certainly haven't found any actual equipment failure that would point a finger elsewhere..........
  7. Well, it's been a while and for various reasons. Firstly, plenty of vacation from this last trip (eventually flew home early June). And secondly, my current job! As I mentioned elsewhere, I have been assigned to a new build vessel this time, it is 4 months old and currently trading between Black Sea and Europe. However, to disappoint John, for me this is not as exciting as it could be. Reason being? They have sent me as an Inventory Engineer! Basically, my job is to count spare parts and liaise with the office as to what is here, and what isn't. Would be an easy enough job if I had been the guy who started it, however in the typical run of bad luck I am the third guy to take the job on and all I have been left to do is the difficult bits the previous incumbents didn't want to tackle. Which mostly involves redoing their jobs and fixing their errors.......... However, it is not all doom and gloom! As this is a busy trade we need 3 watch-keepers, so I am granted a respite from counting and spreadsheets. And just the other day, I met a failure that I haven't come across before. Going for anchor, which requires lots of stop/starts of the engine (we have traditional fixed pitch propellor here). And on one particular start there was an almighty great bang from the engine, and smoke everywhere. We are not sure why this happened, but essentially number 6 unit fired at the same time starting air was being injected. Starting air pressure of 30 bar Vs combustion pressure of well over 100? Fortunately such failures are planned for, and the loud bang was the bursting disc giving way. So here are a couple of pics of said disc. Phil
  8. Yup. However, will work fine in a diesel generator so long as you add an oil additive. Kerosene doesn't have the lubricating properties of diesel fuel (also known as 35sec fuel) so it tends to damage fuel pumps etc. Aye, and the way things are moving in the UK, I reckon I might not be that far behind you in Off-Grid production! My electric bill has nearly doubled in the last month (my old supplier was one of those that went bust). Given my usage now rates at roughly 3000kwhr per year (SWMBO still working from home), shouldn't be that hard to produce that much electric surely? Phil
  9. So long you have enough to pass the winter period, as I cannot see prices dropping any time soon! I bought some 28sec oil end of September, as my tank was low. This was before the gas prices went bananas, but during the "petrol crisis". 2110 litres at 51p/litre! Dread to think what the price is now! In fact, just checked, 59p/litre! And thats only two weeks difference. Phil
  10. I echo both John's and Nick's comments. Bizarrely, we are in the arduous process of setting up a new ship just now. It came out the yard in July, and came with the bare minimum. So we have so far installed one bench/toolboard: One welding bench (note the rounded corner!): And one "Island" workbench, which is in progress: As Nick says, we tend to try and mount vices over a leg where possible. All three of these benches will move under hammer blows! Your hinges are more than up to the task of holding the table, but impacts will quickly wear them out. Phil
  11. Yup, I echo sentiments of both John and Nick above, always space available in Scotland if you make it that far! Anyway @GT6MK3, we need to get you a driving spot when things calm down enough! I am still (somewhat vainly I suspect) hoping to at least have my saloon drivable for next year's 10CR, and finished for future RBRR's. The saloons have space for three drivers comfortably? Team S-T? Phil
  12. Not a bad guess then! I saw the holes, and having followed your thread on making panels decided it was worth a punt. Phil
  13. I can hear the gritting of teeth here in the Black Sea Me on the other hand, no qualms. I'm f***ing jealous, even though I simply don't have space or time for any additional projects. Phil
  14. Pete, If you haven't got it already, Des Hammill's book on carb tuning is a good read. Called "SU Carburettor High Performance Manual", and is part of the "Speedpro Series". Amazon doesn't have it physically, but claims there is a kindle version? Phil
  15. Unfortunately I'm in the wrong place to put pictures up (currently sailing up the Med) but "Shacktune" sells a momentary logic box for the A-type O/D's on the saloons. I haven't looked into it in great detail yet, although I have one sat on the shelf waiting for me to do so.
  16. I can't comment on the Gimmickness/Usefulness, however I can't help but suspect the re-learning the gear change might be deceptively easy. Probably to the detriment of every other manual box car you drive!! Phil
  17. I am lead to believe that e-bikes are also better for developing/maintaining fitness levels which I always thought to be counterintuitive. However they (whoever "they" are!!) reckon that because most e-bike set-ups have a variable input, or assist, rate it allows you to continue pedalling on hills etc where normally you would end up blowing like a grampus! The road legality side is just bizarre, but then I guess it is the usual case of progress always being several stages ahead of policy. Phil
  18. Odd how they work out insurance renewals. Just renewed the insurance on the Ford Ranger, which I never expect to be particularly cheap. Sure enough, all the price comparison sites show modest increase over last year's price. £330 last year, looking at £360ish this year. I consider that acceptable given it has a 3.2l engine, multiple drivers named and is a rather desirable vehicle these days. So much so it has rather bizarrely increased in value since last year by over 3 grand. Then my partner asked if I wanted the renewal quote. She had it as she put last year's policy in place as I was stuck on a boat. So I said yes please. This is with Churchill, renewal £260 thank you very much!! How the heck does that work????? Needless to say, I double checked all details and hurriedly renewed before they could change their mind lol. Phil
  19. Will agree with this one. I bought fan units for several of my radiators to improve output. My radiators are already oversized (some by quite a margin), however in winter it still could take a while to bring room temps to what I wanted. Downsides of living in an old manse built in the early 1700's with single glazing. The fans have actually reduced oil consumption, as the rooms with them fitted (2 main rooms and the study) come up to temp far faster. I'm still uncertain about fitting them to the bedrooms, as they are audible. Quiet enough to be fine in main rooms, but not so sure about sleeping with the noise. They do work with a thermoswitch, so they only run when the radiator is up to temperature. Phil
  20. Excellent program, and shows what is possible. It does highlight (albeit inadvertently) the issues of supply. I'll find out more tomorrow hopefully as I have a mate coming to visit who is one of the managers at Gretna services, but a lot of the service station charge points are designed to reduce capacity if load is high. Too many cars charging, or high demand on the network. If we don't sort out the infrastructure, electric vehicles will struggle to gain popularity. Unfortunately a Tory government does not bode well for spending the necessary cash to sort out the infrastructure. Phil
  21. Yeah, and surprisingly Glasgow pales into insignificance compared to Edinburgh. The trains are better here, unless you want to go to the airport, but buses are terrible! Edinburgh has less trains, but the bus network is spot on, and easy to use. The cycling provision is better as well I reckon. But anyway, that's an aside lol.
  22. Chic Doig's advice to me the other week was to use a spray glue, and glue the gasket to the head, gently clamping in place with the rocker. I haven't done this yet, but have it too do, though I have the added complication of an aftermarket rocker cover that is flat flanged, so locating the gasket is harder. I presume any spray glue that is oil resistant should work? Phil
  23. I've been following Shauna for a while, amazing climber! Unfortunately this looks to be her first and last event, as she plans to retire from competitive climbing after the Olympics. She has however done a massive amount into normalising the female body, having been completely transparent about the issues she faces with periods etc, and how they affect her training etc. I have a lot of respect for her, and am hoping she comes out of tonight with a chance for a medal! Phil
  24. Yeah, that's the one Nick. There is actually two in danger, though one may well pull through, we haven't been informed further yet. Currently trying to dry out kit, it appears that my drysuit is not quite as dry as it should be. Thankfully the weather being warm does help with such matters.
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