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  1. I'm of the view that this would be unlikely. This is based on what the oil system is supplying, which in this case is 6 big ends, 4(??) Mains, plus camshaft/rocker etc. So the loss of one cylinder is maybe 10% of the system? However the oil pump already over supplies the system (hence the PRV), so this is why I think this is unlikely. To continue that thought process, had the number 1 failure caused the lube failure, I would have expected the other damaged units to be #2 etc, as being the next in line to lose oil pressure. I'm leaning towards a general lube failure because the damage
  2. I'm going to follow the others, and go with general lubrication failure. I also suspect the original engine issues may be a leader. This would then suggest that the oil pump was not the root cause. My thoughts go with one of Nick's earlier comments, PRV. It looks like you lost oil pressure pretty much across the engine, the heat marking on the rods alone tells you that. One rod/bearing failure should not cause that as Nick mentioned above. So you are looking at a failure that affects everything. So Pump, filter and PRV. All three would cause full loss of oil pressure, however your ea
  3. Regarding the bearings, my fear would be you more likely to damage in removal? Doable however, with some freeze spray and care? Another option might be to carefully relieve the holes in the bearing a touch to match the block. They are soft metal, so very careful use of a sharp edge should suffice? Regarding the gearbox shaft bearings, get a pan of oil (engine oil is fine) and heat it up. Camp stove/cooker hob etc is good so long it is VERY stable and preferably outside. Place the bearing in it and heat to roughly 85 Deg C. The bearing should simply slide down the shaft at this point.
  4. Gonna counter that one slightly, on the basis that once you have had Covid you can continue to test positive for some time afterwards. This is why flyers can get a doctor's letter to certify recent infection in lieu of a PCR test. We have a guy who has been stuck in Dubai for nearly two months because they will not let him out of quarantine until he tests negative. Now given that once your symptoms clear up you are thrown back into society, I would seriously hope that their "positive" tests don't mean infectious. Not that we can tell the difference between the two, but I can see the
  5. Improving, we think Nick? Today is in theory the last day of official quarantine for those with negative tests, and we seem to have been fortunate that we only had the two positive tests. It looks like pure luck we caught the messman's case at the earliest opportunity and onboard measures were sufficient to contain it. Bizarrely however, office have said we don't need a final test to close out the quarantine? We are scratching our heads on this, but hey ho. Of greater concern right now is crew reliefs again. Basically this Indian outbreak is causing manning some serious headache
  6. Peter, out of my area of expertise I'm afraid. I do recall some discussion though regarding water content, which is some way linked? Essentially we can tolerate some water in our fuel (bloody hope so, I drain litres of it out the tanks on a daily basis!!) whereas the aviation fuel has zero water. I may have misunderstood that though, I was earwigging at the time. Phil
  7. John, I understand you correctly in that this happens when you slow down (remove load)??. If this is right, I would also lean towards your PRV failing. My thoughts are it is not suction related, this would affect increasing load, not decreasing usually. Nick's suggestions of checking power supplies is worth a check, it is possible the pump is seizing. But I would be surprised if this was the case, as again I would expect to associate that with increasing or high loads? That's not set in stone however! So PRV is first port of call in my opinion. The Bosch pump is supposed t
  8. Agreed! Up here in bonny Scotland we essentially have two main roads north from the Central Belt. The A82, and the A9. I live just off the A82. In summer months with normal traffic it is not unusual to have queues of up to 20 miles in length. That's on a 60mph road (and the decent bit at that). Now, we reckon during summer that on average the A82 will be closed somewhere along its length (which is admittedly Glasgow to Inverness) every second day. Fortunately Police Scotland are reasonably on the ball, and it is very rare that the road is ever closed for more than 6 hours, and o
  9. Excellent!! There's nothing more satisfying than finding a potential culprit for a recurring problem.
  10. Ahh, you found the Winder towing guys as well! One of my regular fixes, some of the off-roading they do (with a ruddy trailer, no less) is quite something! Their latest video rescuing a jeep thing shows the Corvair build well! Phil
  11. Follow the password reset procedure Roger, they applied an update to fix one thing and broke the logins instead!! So you need to reset your password, you can use the same one as before (at least, I could). Phil
  12. Is it still a commercial vehicle, or registered private John? It's not something I have much knowledge about, but IIRC you cannot carry a child in a commercial vehicle, pay the VAT etc and it's okay! This question comes up on the Ford Ranger forums regularly, as they are only sold as commercial vehicles in the UK, yet all come with the ability to disable the front airbags for a child seat (and the corresponding very bright light on the dashboard!). So first check, can you disable the passenger airbags? Phil
  13. There appears to be only two options, going by the website. Standard K-Seal (+HD) or K-Seal Ultimate. The HD simply means it comes in a bigger bottle. However, the FAQ's do seem to suggest caution using it with a coolant into oil leak, they suggest it might not be as effective a repair (something to do with poor air interface), so I would personally be considering the Ultimate version? Phil
  14. The reason it stores under "DCIM" is because the camera is no different to a "normal" digital camera, so it follows the same naming convention. If you access a digital camera you'll find a lot of these use the DCIM folder. Have you got your USB mode set correctly John? If you plug your phone into a PC, you may have a wee icon appear at the top of the screen, probably LHS. Pull the top menu down and it will have a message saying something about usb mode. You want either the file transfer option or the PTP option (this makes you computer think your phone is actually a camera). Many newer
  15. I shall read that with interest John! I note today that the "wonderful" Johnson vaccine we constantly hear about in America is starting to gain a similar rep! However, today we had two guys onboard carrying out PCR tests on the entire crew. Here we get results same day, in fact if it is a suspected case they come with a machine that gives a result in 30 mins!! We were hoping that as our current positive case was a new joiner who was only allowed to his cabin and duty mess for food, and was working outside that we might have had a fighting chance of it being contained. Regrettably not the
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