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  1. Imagine if we could achieve such figures from the good old triumph blocks
  2. Loaded the van with a bed which was going to the upholster in Higher Wrackleford near Dorchester, also loaded SM/Memsaba plus one dog. Drive should have been about 2 1/2 hours there, drop off bed have lunch walk the dog and drive home another 2 1/2. Seemed like a good plan for the day.......so you would think! Off we went filled up at local garage heading for the great car park that is the M25. Hadn’t even got up the hill to the slip road when a metallic sound striking the bottom of the van resonated into the cab. SM says shall we go and look to see what that was.......driver no just something on the road. A few minutes later SM’s acutely sense of smell kicks in....”I can smell burning rubber, can you?” Driver not at first but after a bit yes. By this time we’re on said M25, luckily Chobham services just up the road so pulled over into slow lane and eventually into services. Bonnet up, nothing untoward there but did spy piece of plastic inner wheel liner missing on passenger side. Closer inspection said this had been rubbing before missing piece separated. Me thinks that’s ok, report to SM and off we go again back onto M25. Within minutes SM’s nose was reporting burning rubber again. We pulled off at next junction and slowly made our way home only 15 mins away! After a cuppa out with the jack and front end up. Passenger side first to reveal part of front coil missing and tyre rubbing lightly on what remained. Just thought I’d check the other side....... bugger that one as well but the rubbing was far worse. We wouldn’t have got much further let alone to Dorset some 130 miles down the road. Near miss thanks to SM’s nasal prowess. Two new springs on order! The clunk was a piece of spring from the drivers side about this size parting company with us, and this bit was wedged some how on the passenger side.
  3. Don’t feel the need to hold back Paul, our lot are a complete joke on that front not even worthy of a Monty Python sketch. They at least have got the balls on this occasion to send defensive tools to the right place. Very difficult to stop land launched Missile and shell bombardment with a no fly zone. Harsh choices in that regard so more defensive tools needed and quick. So heartening to see the response that your countrymen are giving to those that are fleeing that mad man and his deprived puppets called a military.
  4. Last log book issued 7 July 2012 and taxed until 31July 2022, so still appears to be on the road
  5. I think the registration is in the heading John
  6. Living dangerously , well certainly in my house!
  7. Six days to climb as high as aeroplanes fly impressive that’s a workout . Next stop Everest.
  8. That’s about the same era as good old Henry Cooper’s splash it all over “brut” Not sure which was worse/better............come to think of it my Dad used the Spice!
  9. Thanks John, glad to hear your knee is improving. I was given some info but your links are good reading and duplicates some of what I was given. Good news to hear that OA gets better, not so sure on the also gets worse bit especially always worst in the long term. Thing is I can kneel down but can’t reverse the motion without aid/point of support and I certainly can’t bend over to pick things up off the floor without striking a pose not dissimilar to an angle poise lamp not pretty! Cheers John
  10. Just got my X-ray results.......it’s all in the title...Today I...(bollocks!) Been feeling a little stiff recently like somebody has put my middle section in a straight jacket so had telephone conversation with doc, very good sent me for X-ray and booked physio slot. Off to Perthshire to see MIL, great to see her looking so good and mobile at 93. Results in say I’ve got moderate degenerative Ostia arthritis in both hips more so on the right.........how did that happen I asked the physio. After discussion on how active/sporty I was or had been her conclusion was earlier activities had probably taken their toll. I thought this meant I could now slow down a little, oh no she said you now have to keep active so it doesn’t seize up altogether. Funny how life can be........so it’s streches of every different kind from now on, I might see if I can find some sort of Castrol for the hips?
  11. That looks just a little bit crispy! Perseverance with the other bits and sacrifice
  12. You’re expecting to replace all of them or is there going to be a run/shortage of said bulbs in scrapyards
  13. In my three years in Australia during the early 80’s the most dangerous breathing thing I came across was “refreshed” Aussie rugby players who objected to us pomes chatting up any half decent looking girl that they thought should be theirs. Thankfully we had guardians onboard in the form of six NSW waterfront police. They were about as forgiving as a pair of 4x4s, kinda of felt sorry for the rugby guys if they got too out of line.
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