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    • My megajolt will talk to a laptop with XP Pro via the TriggerWheels supplied serial port adapter. Havent tried via a USA port. Its possible that the Insperon may only spport USB 1 not USB 2 or 3 , which may be the problem. 
    • I wouldn't rule out an old machine or Windows XP purely on age grounds.  XP is one of the better MS efforts and in fact Megajolt (and Megasquirt for that matter) date from similar times and also use aged tech.  My "car" laptop is a very elderly, though not much used Acer, running XP without even built-in wifi.  Does the job fine.... The issue is that more recent interconnecting cables and the like might not come with drivers that will talk to XP.  There are usually ways around this though they can take a while to unravel....... Of course, some of the USB - RS232 adapters simply don't work.  I have that T shirt as well. Nick
    • John It might indeed be a driver problem.  Have you tried uninstalling the usb driver?  Equally, the equipment may simply be incompatible with XP - the packaging should give you some indication of which OSs it is suitable for. The Inspiron 1300 is an old machine and a quick check on the potential to upgrade the OS to something newer suggests that even W7 is unlikely to work, so it may simply be a question of biting the bullet and getting a new(er) laptop.  I used to buy refurbished equipment for the office and a decently specced year-old Dell laptop can be had for very little. As Ian and Nick have observed, reinstalling any Windows OS involves a lot of brain damage.  Dell outlet is offering an Inspiron 15 with W10 for £245 here. Paul
    • Thank you, John!  I have been on the look-out for something digestible about the Kurchatov Polygon!  The closest I've been is Novosibirsk (close on the map, but a day's travel from the Polygon). In this neck of the woods, disaster tourism is focused on Chernobyl and, about ten years ago a then-assistant of mine joined a tour going there from Warsaw University.  His biggest challenge was getting hold of a Geiger counter, for which he needed (as a private individual) a permit... and a plausible explanation.  Apparently, an unquenchable desire to enter a radio-active zone was not seen as an acceptable reason. Paul
    • After the extraoridinary., and fortuitous preservation of the Reims-Gueux circuit buildings, I thiugh this might be of interest.  I was led to it by a thread on TenTenths, "Abandoned Tracks".   The Middle Georgia Speedway lasted twenty years from 1966, so isn't as aged as Gueux, but asx well preserved.   This video gives a good idea of it today, by some nifty drone work, including a 'drive around'. John
    • Windows software is not fun, full stop. I am rather hoping that when the time comes, a friend will have a suitable laptop for tuning my car.
      If not I guess I'll have to buy a laptop just for this purpose?     Ian.
    • Exactly this....... a US feature for reducing "fugitive emissions" from the float chambers. Nick
    • Thank you, both. Yes, I have an in-line fuel filter, but common wisdom has it that petrol in Poland has a higher ethanol content than in the West. Being a lowly carb car, it has a mechanical fuel pump, but the quantity of the stuff piddling off the front valance was impressive. Not. I will do some float chamber thumping when I return to the ranch tomorrow and report. John, the carbon cannister is merely a capture device at the end of the overflow pipework, so no more than an obstruction to identifying the source of the streaming fuel. Cheers Paul
    • These things are sent to try you. And do. "Blue coloured hiatus" Yeah. Maybe some small tools ricochetting of the walls too. Can relate. Nick
    • My first thought is that the unnamed suppliers supplier is not the manufacturer. One wonders how long the chain is, who actually commissioned the manufacture (one of the usual UK suspects or maybe Bastuck?) and where they are actually made. Also whether anyone in the chain does any QC........ though I reckon I might know the answer to that........
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