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    • Peter. Thanks more stuff there. I take vitamin supplements as a matter of course anyway. Vitamin D3 of 400IU in the summer and 800IU in the winter. I also get myself an annual MOT which checks things like blood calcium and all good on that front Interesting the Vit K association. Further reading required. Whilst I may be reluctant to go too far off-piste as it were I do consider it to be MY body and I like to be well informed whenever my body is being poked and prodded by the medical profession so I can hopefully ask relevant questions and challenge an opinion that doesn't get me as good as I can be. This is most definitely in that category and only going to get more relevant as I get less young Cheers mate
    • Hello Nick                 I think the head I have would just need a lick to get a passable seats To be honest you can have the head as it is only a door stop to me now but I would expect a few wine tokens for the valves and guides. Roger
    • I have one but it turned the rad shops test tank into a jacuzzi. The re-core quote was £300 ish so I bought a mk2 Golf one for £30 new.
    • Been talking to Mr Castrol. He doesn’t know..... though he’s promised to find out. That was this morning and he’s been silent since. There are various technologies based on different metals. Castrol is phosphorus and says it’s not cat safe. There’s a Wynns one based on potassium that says it is and Morris do one based on manganese and they say nothing. May be worried about nothing as the zinc in engine oil is supposedly bad for them but the Vitesse one has survived since 2009 in spit of massive oil burning up to 2015. Doesn’t really thrash it, though as a weedy 1300 you are inevitably using a fair bit of throttle a fair bit of the time. Probably lean cruise and high exhaust temperatures contributed. Also that I had to grind the valves extensively to get some approach to a decent seal seal most of any lead memory will have been removed.
    • Hi all, after the above. Preferably a leak free rad. Or if anyone knows people who have them cheers, Jacob
    • Hello All               To those who may be still interested this is how I decided to locate the air filters. (a bit over engineered again!) Just some flanged nuts to braze on the back and ready for painting. Roger
    • Hello Nick                  I have know idea what valvemaster will do to the O2 sensor But wondering why it has happened fast now assuming the lad does not Thrash the car(hard to believe knowing what we were all like at that age!) But lots of people have done thousands of miles on unleaded seats but on Carbs? Now just wondering now it runs on EFI and probably leaner most of the time so does that mean the exhaust gas is hotter? If so that could be the reason for it (well part of the reason!) Roger ps so does that mean running richer and more expensive would have been cheaper? I going to run the Vitesse on unleaded seats but with Valvemaster  added but there is no O2 sensor but was thinking of welding a boss onto the new exhaust but would only use it for setting! Perhaps an Email to Mr Castrol would be in order?
    • Colin,   Gerry  Schwalfenberg treats his elderly pts routinely with D3 to reach >100 nmol/L. This article by him covers vit K : https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jnme/2017/6254836/ If I  were concerned  about taking D3 I would get my serum 25(OH)D measured eg City Assays Birmingham. Deficiency is very common and the frther north it gets worse. There is no doubt amongst the D3 Campaign Group that low D3 is drivng the pandemic and having a serum level of 100 nmol/L to 150 is safest. Unofrtunately the majority of UK GPs are D3-unaware so you  are on your own. Unless you cna find a GP who is a member of BAPIO: they have been D3-aware since last May. Vaccines are no substitute for D3. As new variants evoleve present vaccines may not work, In contrast the defenses promoted by D3 work agsinst all variants, by lysing the viral membrane. Peter
    • Smart meters have cost me A fortune. Has taken two years to pay back what the shit things did to my bank balance. If you live in the NW do not waste money getting them fitted. Dumb shite. My house is mostly IOT. Now that saves money.  Eon have on file the request not to ask me to read the meters. I tell the person to F*** *** before putting the phone down. Utter waste of money for the country & loads of money for installation companies who don't give a ****. Biggest & most expensive Technology mistake I have every made.     
    • Yeah, which is a bit annoying as the lead keeps getting tangled... @PeterC Thanks Peter, that's actually quite interesting and I'll have a more in depth read later. However, still not going to self-prescribe
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