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    • What an extraordinary film, Paul!  Thank you for posting it! I've only spent a few days in Warsaw, in 1991, but my hosts, not Warsaw residents, took me with pride to the Old Town and to the memorial to the Warsaw Uprising, and we climbed to the observation deck of the Palace of Culture, which was said to give the best view of Warsaw. as from it you couldn't see the Palace of Culture. John  
    • My NAD3020 is still working running the kitchen radio, well over 30years old now, the Heybrooks have long since died though. The AudioLab gear is still going strong :-)  
    • BMW sixes are glorious. I have a 3 litre petrol in a 1 series.  It is fantastic.  Smooth (you get to the red line and think "how the hell did that happen, can't I have a couple of thousand more revs...."), and damned powerful - traction control works overtime in the wet if you're not feather light on the throttle!  Vanos is a hoot too, from 4500 rpm it starts to take off. It would be a great engine for a Triumph, but I like the approach of refining and tweaking what's there rather than completely changing it (but I approve of those who want to make more radical changes). I think the engine code for this BMW 6 is N52, it's got no turbos, aluminium block and about 270Hp.  Not sure how heavy it is, but can't be more than the Triumph lump?     Will.  
    • @John - how much load is on the relay?
    • There's a film, John, which follows an imaginary flight over the ruins of Warsaw in 1945, for which an electronic model was meticulously built about nine years ago, from as many available image sources as the production team could source.  Each building/ruin was created as a 3d digital form (a couple of my staff volunteered to contribute to the modelling) and the effect is quite arresting: The irony is that the old town (visible centre frame at 3.40) was not as badly destroyed as the Muranów district (at 2.30), where the ghetto was located.  Here, the occupiers pursued a policy of total destruction and there is practically nothing left of the pre-war city here, nor any attempt to recreate it.  In the centre of this district is a rather fine classical revival brick church, which the Germans used as a repository for their stolen goodies and which was virtually the only building to survive more or less intact.  At frame 3.08, I live just to the right of this church. For political reasons, the post-war policy of reconstruction looked to create a new, model, city and the reconstruction of the Old Town was a concession which received very little official support.  The majority of Warsaw was planned along fanciful (and surprisingly decorative) soviet lines, celebrating both the toil and the art of the common worker.  The first communist leader of the country, Bierut, instigated a process of study and design to fulfil this ambition and the administration even published a magnificent tome describing the background and multi-layering of the process and ambition.  I managed to get hold of a copy of this book and it really is quite remarkable.  Unrealistic, but remarkable. Some parts of the plan were built and these little pockets of 'Social Realism' are much-prized living districts around the city centre, with high ceilings, lots of light and generous public space.  The greyness of Warsaw comes from the darker period after Bierut's unexplained death, by which time the coffers had run dry.  This period damaged the city irreparably with the creation of huge slab-sided housing estates delivered with little planning sensitivity, and the insertion of the Palace of Culture and the grim central railway station into the city fabric. Paul  
    • I just recently  recommissioned a good friends B&O turntable 4004 - needed a lot of work, but came out very nice.  Not easy to find spareparts now, but did find one here in Denmark doing belts and correct profile rubber bands for the carriage. Did a lot of work on B&O tube tv's  - but now its just a few capacitors, or the bin... My ancient Harman Kardon amp gave up last month, don't really know if I am going to fix it. Lack of time...
    • Well fairly extensive experience is something I dont have , so I will take that advice. Now I have the EDIS I may as well maximise what it gives me. The actual mapping side of things is a dark art to me so I am going to stick with the curve I extrapolated from Nick's map. Am I right in saying below 40 percent throttle I am just running effectively the first line of the map. I set my map to come in at 40 percent throttle which is the way I rerad Nicks one This is what I plonked in , allowing for fact I had to narrow his map as MJ is only 10x10. I am putting it up now, just in case I have made a huge cockup that someone spots.  In essence I am saying... check this please! Tickover is 800 ish on my car and the webers dont like less than 15 hence that being the opening number on every line.
    • Ooh, this is good. I bought a Rega Planar 2 in about 1989 and it is still going strong. I lent it to my sister when I moved to PL and keep meaning to reclaim it. She has it mated to my (even older) NAD 3020 and a truly excellent pair of Rogers LS4 speakers. I think for a budget system it doesn't get much better. Over here, I went from NAD to Cambridge Acoustics and back to a budget NAD again - it simply does what it says on the tin. I had a pair of (Danish) Audio Dynamics, which are almost as crisp and rich as the Rogers, but currently have some French thingies, which do not please me. Change is in order and I might simply do a midnight swap with the in-laws, who acquired the A-Ds by default, to replaced their ancient Tonsils. Paul Edit: "... Frenchies thingies..." - it always seems there is some spotty geek in Android HQ, who fiddles with the spell corrector algorithm to his own amusement. 
    • Good. Thanks for letting us know. Nick
    • Presumably there is reason why the smallest gear appears to be twice as wide as it needs to be? Never had much to do with bike gearboxes. Sequential dog boxes........ .........very sporting on the car world Nick
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