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MG Magnette

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On this rather dull dreich morning in Wick town centre, something did rather catch my eye.......



I don't remember these cars at all but for some reason I imagine them being either black or grey
so this blue is rather striking.

At a guess, I'd suggest it is being used for the NC500.
We do see (and hear) a lot of classics and (hired?) sports cars here through the summer months




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Nice cars, saw a few at the Shuttleworth airshow last weekend, I think there was  club outing there..
Lots of nice duo colours and bright colours and most seemed to been modified! Everything from light tuning to full rally spec. 
it seems very easy to add MGB bits to them (brakes, gearbox, axles etc) making a very nice good handling quick 1950's car while maintaining the 1950's look.

I was surprised how very modern they looked for a car built in the 1950's and ended up wanting one!


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They are classy looking cars. I considered getting one about 10 years back as the family runabout. But was intimidated by parts availability compared to the MGB GT I owned at the time. Might start window shopping again now!


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