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  1. I've been working with these odd arrangements lately. TR6 axle shafts mated to Nissan diffs and Corvette hub/stub axles, fitted into TVR Vixens. The Corvette stubs are cheap over here, about $105 Cdn so about 65 Pound, the splined flange is about $45 and requires interface to the TR6 axle shaft flange pattern, which is my job, making and modifying the adapters and altering the hub bolt pattern.
  2. Hey Guys, I see you are looking after Dylan quite well, I knew he would get the required perspective from the group. I wanted to share a few of my initial concerns when he and I were discussing this problem. The donor car is an early 5 leaf spring, and a Spitfire not a GT6. The receiving GT6 is an ex Rotoflex car, so he can't use the GT6 spring that came with it. The GT6 swing spring is a different stiffness as well as differing eye to eye length and also has 6 leafs. Couple the fact that the old Spit spring will have knackered spacers or non at all between the leafs and is unlikely capab
  3. Been a while since I've occasioned the Sideways forums. Lots of projects work and play have been keeping me busy during retirement. I'll post a few picks of some of the parts i've manufactured for the TVR and Lotus Vintage racing and restoration crowd. I was wrangled into this by a local expat who races an original Lotus 7 and TVR Vixens, Interesting but challenging work as some parts are NLA and no dimensions to work from. One of the TVRs he is restoring, for someone else, has a Ford Cosworth 2.2? litre, turboed and producing 370 HP at the crank, killer stuff. There is also a Jensen Hea
  4. Damn, that is something I would like, instead of messing around with manual machines. It must have been a very tempting price for an Ebay impulse buy. I haven't priced conversion kits in Canada, likely would be far cheaper to buy a slightly used one that has been retrofitted. what language does the controller use?
  5. Sorry to read about the luck of the draw Nick, hope your recovery is smooth sailing. Cheers Tim
  6. I am not planning on altering the hubs or bearings , though it is worth considering.
  7. I decided to work with the Datsun sliding axle but with a slightly different modification. I've shortened the stub axle and machined a serrated spline on the former rotoflex end, added an original yoke from the opposite end of the axle. This yoke attaches directly to the slider portion of the Datsun axle , the Datsun yoke was removed and a centering bore machined in the butt end. The rest of the Datsun axle, unmodified, is to be bolted to the existing diff flange via an adapter. That slider portion has nearly 2" of travel . Picking up the spline without an involute gear cut
  8. Yes, I would agree with that, I am thinking of using the later Spit propshaft with the cylindrical opposed bearings. Combined with a shorter Spit damper mounted on the frame it would in theory limit the extension range and prevent fouling on the chassis. I don't know if in practice that is a good idea. I will mock them both up to see where everything falls. Ive made up this device to preload the spring and give me some reference to movements and position.
  9. Hi Steve , good to hear from you. I too, don't really have an issue with the Rotoflex, other than the unreliability of the replacements offered today. For myself I am content with the stub and hub assembly, would be nice to have a larger inboard bearing as you used though. My thoughts are the sliding spline from a GT6 driveshaft is actually quite small in diameter,13/8" compared to the Datsun. I don't want to hack up the frame for clearance, so maybe I'll thin down the mount bushing on the diff to tilt the front Of it up a bit while I have access to everything. I can mo
  10. I have been considering a replacement for my very sketchy Rotoflex discs. Having just shortened a drive shaft to accommodate an overdrive I was struck by the fact the flanges are shared between the axles and propshaft. Taking this further, rather than going the Steve Smith route with Datsun 240Z axles shortened and flanges adapted, why not shorten a driveshaft to about 15", cut off the rotoflex fingers from the stub axle and weld a flange on it. There is plenty of travel on the spline, more than is required, the incline angles aren't that bad to begin with even at full suspension travel
  11. You got away with it with existing in hand tooling, resourcefulness in the right application for the moment . Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. A drill can be ground flat bottom like an endmill and can be used carefully to "move" an existing hole going to a larger diameter, carefully being key. Cheers Tim
  12. That's right Nick, about 220 Km away, @ 120KPH on the 401 highway. Toronto is an okay place to visit, nearly the most expensive housing in North America as a drawback. But only 180 Kms away from the Muskoka Lakes , great twisting roadways up there, watch out for moose though. Pretty exciting to have a member and his car move over here, I'm putting together a spit six for my wife, would be interesting to see Nigels version.
  13. Where abouts in Canada are you landing? If you need anything please let me know, if I can help you out with anything from this end just ask. Cheers Tim
  14. That Jag rekindles my lust for a series one. Helping out a new triumph convert with some NOS body parts I had surplus, I delivered the parts to his parents farm. His dad met me and we conversed at length about cars and the hobby and his son's enthusiasm for his spitfire. he mentioned he had an E-type and was looking to finish it someday. After some more conversation he invited me to have a look, it was actually in his barn. We went out, it was a large old wood barn, multiple level, and sure enough there was a work shop and loads of farm equipment, and some vehicles, and a distinctiv
  15. Outstanding, you are inspiring me to get creative and tackle a few projects in the same manner. Cheers Tim
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