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  1. Hello, A little step back. Found one of the bolt holes in the cast alloy sealing block at front of block to be stripped AFTER fitting sump so a heli-coil fitted in situ. Regards, Michael.
  2. Hello, And I thought you "chaps" had evolved a bit after "we" had migrated! Sorry, Regards, Michael.
  3. Hello, Had L4 and L5 removed and some of my hip transplanted in mine (about 33 years ago) and 75 in about a fortnight. It now aches slightly all the time and A BIT worse some of the time and.... but there are a lot of people worse off. So glad to be able to do what I can! Regards, Michael.
  4. Hello, A couple of photos of motor with some paint, and the alternator bracket. Regards, Michael. (the engine man says no paint on bolted surfaces)
  5. Hello, Paint is on,then had to go to a funeral (100 odd km. trip) then some work on my back,so am looking forward to seeing what the paint dried like. Regards, Michael.
  6. Hello, There will be, and a silicon one under the rocker cover. Hopefully some paint on things this morning then bolt on sump and then prime the oil system then..... regards, Michael.
  7. Hello, Finally got the rocker cover spacer finished (12mmX12mm square aluminium) .Just about ready for a bit of oil pump priming ! Regards, Michael.
  8. Hello, A couple of photos to add to the above comments. Regards, Michael.
  9. Hello, Put a camera/light on a flexi arm in the back of the motor (near main bearing) to check clearance between big end and sump baffle as I thought I heard a little noise when turning motor over to adjust tappets, but all appears good (about 3mm clearance). Made a shaft to attach to drill to turn oil pump over to prime motor. Hopefully get welding done tomorrow on rocker cover spacer and collector on exhaust. Regards, Michael.
  10. Hello Well done Hamish. Regards, Michael.
  11. Hello, When the people IN the car had to do it for themselves! Great. Regards, Michael.
  12. Hello, That's living near the edge. Great!. Regards, Michael.
  13. Sorry, And new everything Regards, Michael.
  14. Hello, What about with FULL roller rockers? (6cyl. 2.7L) Regards, Michael.
  15. Hello John, I seem to have a habit of confusing people! The lugs are welded to the sump (just sitting on the baffle on other picture) and when happy with fit are given a slight twist to stop the vertical movement and yes had to make the dipstick hole a little larger. Thanks again for plan. regards, Michael.
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