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    • Hi, I have not progressed any further with my GT6 restoration but I have an issue (2 in fact) on which I would appreciate your opinions and advice. In replacing the floor pans I now must replace the floor cross members and dash support brackets. I obtained replacement crossmembers from a spitfire shell that I bought for cuts etc., and one of the dash support brackets is reusable (I will have to purchase or make another one) My problem is knowing exactly where to weld in the cross members to the new floor pans. They fit well enough on the floor pans in the area where they are meant to go but I am reluctant to weld them in case they will not line up exactly with the corresponding mounting points on the chassis when I refit the body. I thought of leaving the welding until I refit the body so that everything lines up but I was hoping to have them welded in place and to have the underfloor primed and painted before refitting the body. Could I take the chance of welding them in place using precise measurements from the heelboard as a datum point for correct location ?  If so, would anyone here have a precise measurement that I could use (perhaps from their own GT6 or Spitfire. With regard to the dash mounting brackets, I cannot remember where they were located on the car and I do not have any photgraph that helps me in that regard. I see them in the parts diagram on the Rimmer site but that does not help in regard to where exactly I should weld them. Again , any photographs or measurements that would assist in their location would be greatly appreciated.
    • Nick you need to check the Air Quality data  I think AQ is now one of the biggest hammer in the box.  Use  your  pollution control AQ officer in the environmental health dept. To question the environmental impact report. For the road transport  You can also help them with specific local knowledge.  Distance to carriage way for the facade of dwellings. Eg those that step out of their front door on to pavement. ( NOx AQ drops significantly with distance.) if they quote monitoring with NOx tubes. These have a 25% accuracy.  But sadly this is a typical modus operandi get permission for a lesser scheme. Mission creep. So much easier to get permission for a bit more ..... it'll happen every few years very typical for waste sites
    • thats because you were going quicker elsewhere  i'm still fuel suspicious or a plug breaking down from the noise alan 
    • I’ll Do 5.5 on a sprint.  And it was all fine the first 3 runs crossing the line 73 in third.  Last run it wasn’t fine but a faster run time. 
    • Just some of my views - One would think that an open car would have a higher risk of something nasty happening. How often do you hear of a TR (as an example) over turning under reasonably normal conditions., I know the odd racer flips over but they are beyond the extreme in most cases. An impact with another car/obstacle could flip it. If low speed probably not too serious. Any decent speed could be very upsetting. But do you hear of any. OK so you fit a roll over cage, the TR flips over and you are now scudding along the road at 50mph.  Where is the top of your head - oooer!!!! So you now have a roll over cage and a decent helmet - where does the luggage and open car driving fun fit. The cage and helmet only suit one type of incident. Also our cars do not have crumple zones, side impact protection, ABS, a decent collapsible steering column, usually no head restraint etc etc. If you play the numbers game then flipping your TR is very low down the scale. Flipping at speed is even lower. But I agree with John, it would be very useful info to see the historical evidence to improve ones feeling of driving our open tops.   Roger    
    • John, I believe the most comprehensive statistics on car accidents, repair costs, serious  personal accident would be held by the insurance industry. It is how they access cars for the insurance grouping / premium.   Alan  
    • And the design and cosntruction of moderns, that include incredibly strong materials like boron steel, mean that even a windscreen surround can keep you off the road, even inverted.    Not the case in any of our cars, let alone those with Brooklands wind deflectors! John   
    • One of, no the main, reason I had the roll over bar fitted to the TR2. Most moderns have all sorts of clever stuff that deploys if a car rolls - Diana's Focus CC3 (now sold) had some sort of device that would deploy behind the rear seats to protect occupants. I imagine trying to get stats on cars that do or don't have that sort of protection, or any other could be difficult?
    • As many will have noted, one of the many bees in my bonnet is the need, IMHO, for open cars to have adequate roll-over protection.   That a car with a hard roof IS adequately protected is also dubious but even my hobby horses have to stop somewhere. So I looked on the Gov.co.uk page "Road accidents and safety tables index"  at https://www.gov.uk/government/statistical-data-sets/road-accidents-and-safety-statistical-tables-index#history to see what the actual figures were, for injuries and/or deaths associated with open cars.     And they don't exist!     This has been confirmed by correspondence with the most helpful statisticians who work for the Dept.of Transport, who explained that the stats collected are determined by the Standing Committee on Road Accident Statistics, a body of the DoT, which has not asked that the open or closed nature of a vehicle is recorded.    I am amazed!  To have nothing between you and the road or other solid objects is such an obvious risk!  The Index of Tables available is an Excel page of its own with nearly 200 listed, that informs us in details about every other aspect of road accidents ("incidents" nowadays - an accident is just bad luck, an incident can be prevented). but not about open vehicles.    I am promised that this will be suggested to the SCRAS, but there is no harm in asking them myself.      If you would like to do so too, I'll be most grateful.     You can email the Committee at roadacc.stats@dft.gsi.gov.uk Thanks and bests, JOhn
    • And in Greece, but here it's an elite sport....
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