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    • Yeah..... nice...… but not a reliable indicator of heart health. I recently had a call from an old friend in the US, from his hospital bed, having just had two stents fitted following a heart attack.  He's 4 years older than you but otherwise fits the description and as a regular runner/cyclist/walker considered himself a fit man.  So you did the right thing for sure. Hope the other matter is easily resolved.  There are worse things than gastroscopies. John, good to hear your procedure went well.  Here's hoping it does the trick.  Will mention it to a friend who is currently in AF having recent relapsed after something like his 3rd cardioversion.  Just in case it is suitable for his condition. NHS is much maligned, but unjustly most of the time.  For acute care especially its a world-beater.
    • Paul, they had plenty of evidence to back up their recommendations.     And what's more, the evidence was from humans!     Us non-human primates have been the victims of too many medical experiments over the years, and still are! Made me quite reassured: JOhn
    • I rebuilt the 16PB calipers (GT6 and Vitesse) with Girling stuff bought on the Triumph Shows. Works fine. But I always sandblasted the calipers, split them (against all good advices) and got them plated. The inner seals are available from Canley. GT6 with "normal steel pistons". Vitesse with SS pistons from Moss.  GT6 with DOT4 and Vitesse with DOT5 No problems.  Martin
    • you know you want to The only down side is that it just works. You just it get in the car and it starts and runs and you don't have to spend every weekend fiddling with it …. mike  
    • Excellent outcome, John.  Glad it went well and that there is nothing but positives to report. I had a short and unplanned visit to A&E two weeks ago.  Severe chest pains, radiating to neck and down arms, culminating in tingling hands.  Lot of stress at work, etc. and assumed the worst.  Result was that heart is okay, but the episode turned out to be another stage in a long-term gastric problem (and I now have the delightful prospect of another gastroscopy...) My visit wasn't quite as edifying as yours, but my cold heart was melted by the young doctor who told me off for referring to the internet for a cod-diagnosis. 'You're slim, a non-smoker and young, so no reason to worry about your heart'.  At the grand age of 56, the 'young' bit certainly melted my heart. Paul
    • Hello Nick                    PLEASE do not talk me into EFI for the Vitesse! she will not do high mileage as I prefer Spitty(until the low seat hight gets me!) So a rebuild kit for the 16p's is best? I did see big red site so perhaps s/s pistons and new slaves on the back and change to silicon?(Spitty has been on it for X years with no problems!) Roger ps its amazing how these simple jobs escalate!
    • Excellent!  Look forward to the video.
    • Based on my experiences (previously documented on here and on TSSC site) I would not touch the new repro calipers with a barge pole.  We have literally this morning removed a pair of repro 16PBs from Chris's Spitfire.  Two  years after fitting them they still refuse to self adjust properly resulting in very long pedal travel and poor braking.  I have wasted days of my life trying to make them work - and failed. We have just fitted what irritatingly turned out to be M16 calipers instead (PBs and Ms look very similar).  These have different pad pin sizes, metric threads and metric bolt holes so there was more pratting about required than there should have been, though functionally they are identical.  Chris rebuilt these with seal kits and stainless steel pistons from Bigg Red ad they seem to be working fine (though perhaps still one bleed from perfection). 16P calipers are perfectly fine.  Their only drawback relative to the PB is that the dust covers are a bit of a bastard to fit - takes about four to acquire the knack I find, which is long forgotten by the time you get to do any more. Vitesse's don't have to be thirsty Roger...... you know the answer...... 
    • Thank you, Vicky!     Recovery is hardly the word!   Although as I said I was given dire warnings about activity, lifting etc, for 48 houirs and to "return to work" only after a week, I've been behaving normally ever since, while bearing the  precautions in mind.       They are most concerned that straining would cause the vein puncture to 'pop' and bleed, so I've lifted nothing heavier than an engine block so far (joking!). I was in two minds about having it done, as ever since I got advice and drug treatment (beta-blockers and a platelet inhibitor) I've had no episodes of AF, none at all!     But talking to the consultant, he was keen to do the ablation as the AF can 'break through' and is then more likely to be irreversible.     The procedure has a better than 95% success rae in preventing any more episodes, but can be repeated if necessary. AF is commonly treated when it persists by "cardioversion", giving the heart the same sort of electric shock as in cardiac arrest, but carefully timed to the correct part of the cardiac cycle.      This stops the fibrillation and allows the normal pacemaker mechanism to take over again, but requires a short anaesthetic as it's quite painful!    And anaesthetics are dangerous - ask me how I know! John
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