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    • Hello all               Here goes the daft old man again on another trip that seemed a good idea on a Sunday night after a visit to the pub The idea is sail to Bilbao then up and down various passes in the Pyrenees to Andorra then do the other side of the Pyrenees (French bit) before going up to Le Mans Now what could go wrong with that plan? Well the oil leak on Monday with a sailing on Tuesday for a start! Still dinner at 9 pm then packing and a quick polish bed at 12 up at 3 am for 8.30 sailing Blogged our way onto lorry deck to keep Spitty dry and salt free and off boat first (was looking good gods on our side?) Then got stuck in massive traffic jam 3 miles down the road! Pulled off to all cool down and the made our way to san Sebastian Parked Spitty 4 floors down in a private car park then bought a nice bottle carva for 1.75 euros plus nibbles Since been out for a meal and more carva so world seems better now! So game on again Roger
    • Hello John          Yes we should be there on Thursday breakdowns allowing Roger
    • Hello Nick                   I do not have any jb weld is the same as araldite? And as for brake cleaner I an old school and clean with celly thinners! Just been stuck in major traffic jam and Spittys 2 nd fan came on and oil got to 95 c  Still a bar calls now Spitty parked 4 floors underground! Roger  
    • You could lend it to me for a Hill Climb season, I think that would give it reason enough  Although a few more track days with the boys................
    • That's ok then - haven't done any. Should be on the way home in about an hour. Sleep is on the agenda. Then some more sleep........ N
    • Triumphero Award of the Week to Roger.    See you at Le Mans?  (Tertres Rouge?) John PS currently taking root on the M40.   S'posed to be en route for Spa, but I presume there's an accident.   Police wagon (not patrol car) just gone by, but we've not moved for thirty minutes.
    • I wasn't saying it's fun or a good idea or anything. Just that it is possible if sufficiently motivated. I've done it on a Herald 1200 in a London street. Because poor student, because looney. 4 pot easy enough, though very unpleasant job. 6 pot howling bastard job and very very unpleasant. This is why my over-baffled sump remains in place! It'll get done when I pull the engine for some other reason. Nick
    • Thanks Nick.  I am more concerned about the actual mapping than the install.  Installing it , it either works or doesnt, there is kind of no middle ground.  I think it is trying to build an understanding of what I am actually trying to achieve, something I am not sure about myself really!. I am hoping that adjustments will be clearly felt just in terms of seat of the pants, and over egging the pudding will give me a pinking warning so things will be obvious.   Having read your and Alans comments over the last couple of days I am going to re write a map, effectively off of Alans, but expand it down to 20 or 25 percent throttle which is where I am going to be at tootle along mode, find a helper, get at a cruise speed and push advance in  touch at a time and see what gives.  All this over ignition mapping. Ive got an engine to build at some point.... think of the questions I can ask doing that! Its an old vitesse block with a 308778 cam original pistons knackered crank (eaten at the back by a disappearing thrust washer) and a head thats never had a skim but needs valve guides. Destination my MK2 spitfire if I ever finish welding the body together.. Still thats for another thread at another time.       
    • It could be my age and the prospect of lying on my back underneath trying to get at those joints that convinced me it couldn't be done, or that on my Vitesse everything is just a bit tight. But as well as the heater matrix needing out, I can get very little lift before the exhaust headers foul the suspension towers, which means exhaust headers off, which means I have to  remove the starter motor, which means the tunnel out, and then as exhaust headers coming off the inlet has to come off... and then you realise that you are only half a dozen bolts and a few wires away from lifting the whole engine and gearbox out and doing the job way more comfortably. Of course if this was project Binky, whilst we had the engine out, we would cut out that chassis cross member, fabricate a new one that bolted in with probably a cross brace that slid between the rear of the sump and the bell housing, that greatly improved torsional rigidity in the front of the chassis, and that could be dropped out in a couple of mins when you needed the sump off, without even having to undo the engine mounts.  Dream on Alan 
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