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    • You’d be very hard put to find any modern car speedo with a 10% error. Modern electronic speedos are quite accurate, a percent or two over at worst.
    • So after 11 years of abuse on sunday I killed the diff in the Hurricane old one is a 3:89 from a spit 1500 It currently runs a Ford block with about 160 bhp what options are there out there for replacing/upgrading it (without loads of extra work) thoughts and costs please - many thanks for the help      
    • We have a similar affliction, but fortunately most MWays are 3 lanes, and they are banned from lane 3 or I think things would get very interesting!  Whilst visiting colleagues in Germany I have noticed that on a number of 2 lane MWays that between certain times of day Trucks are banned from the outside lane, so just have to stay in line. I have always thought that we ought to have something in the highway code that prohibited overtaking a vehicle that will take more than a mile or say a minute, the thought of a careless driving conviction and the ever growing number of surveillance cameras might just reduce the practice.  Alan 
    • I visited Poland by car, shortly after Glasnost, the fall of East Germany and the rise of Solidarnoshk.     I entered via the south west corner ( can't recall the route exactly now) via a motorway built by the Nazis.    Two carriageways, two lanes each.   Both surfaced with cobble stones, no tarmac.  Cost cutting road builders aren't new! John
    • Evening, firstly apologies for delving into history for this post. I actually ordered a set of the mini 1275gt dampers, for my mk2 rotoflex GT6, and as you say the holes in the eyes are too narrow to fit the car. Im running the chassis mount extensions, currently with old spax.   GT,  I dont suppose you (or anyone) can remember what size and where you got the wider bushes from please? Again, apologies for dragging this back out into the open!! Martin      
    • Sticky Tyres + Hot Day = 
    • Had an interesting few hours with the Vitesse and Nick at the RR last week seeing what we had with both Dissy and Points or MegaJolt, can now swap between the two in a couple of mins, so were able to do a back to back test of the two.  For those of you hoping that full digital crank driven ignition will give more top end power the results are disappointing, although expected, you cant get a quart out of a pint pot, if your dissy was giving you the correct advance at high rpm's (which mine was) then there is no more to be had. Interestingly the initial back to back power runs were as near as identical as you can get, meaning the base MJ map I had created wasn't far off what the dissy was doing. However the good news was that after that we managed to pull about 8-10 ftlbs of torque increase most of the way back down the rev band, from about 2K upwards. This was on WOT power runs, which is my prime interest area. We started to see what we could do in the cruise range to see if improvements could be made, but time and a few technical gremlins that made the MJ reluctant to accept updates whilst engine was running (of course miraculously cured the following day when no RR!) meant we didn't get very far. So will do some road testing data logging to see what improvements can be found. Twas interesting in that Nick is used to mapping ignition timing to MAP, whereas I has set my Megajolt to run from TPS, although I do also have it using MAP as a secondary input (although not using it to apply corrections yet).  So the question arose what is the difference between MAP and TPS in relation to RPM. Realised I had some logs from  last year using the same MAP and TPS sensors, which I had actually done for my AFR tuning, but realised that they would make a nice comparison set with the AFR noise edited out. So thought I'd post them here just in case they are useful to someone else pondering the difference. Alan Red = RPM,  Blue = MAP,  Yellow = TPS Circa 4.9v is atmospheric (WOT) anything below is vacuum! TPS shut (on these) is just over 1v and WOT about 4.75v
    • Ok so it’s worth 2.4 secs  the difference between best time last year and this year same place same course  reading the tyres I need camber at the front.  H
    • I was mulling over the subject just yesterday, returning from family duties in the west of the country.  Our main east-west motorway (alternatively known as 'the Motorway of Freedom' - its official title - 'the Berlin-Moscow highway' or 'the Euro 2012 approach road') is a fine piece of modern road engineering, but for the fact that a third of its cost was saved by not building the third lane.  It is therefore the very essence of a spine road, coursing through the heart of Europe, choked up with HGVs most of the time, who go to enormous lengths to overtake one another, invariably with the overtaker travelling at 0.01km/h faster than the overtakee, thus choking the road still further for the 5 - 10km it takes to achieve this phenomenally pointless manoeuvre. The law requires these behemoths to be speed limited, yet the maximum speed of one is evidently different to the maximum speed of others.  Do they overtake to distract themselves from the monotony?  I doubt collusion between like-minded drivers, since there appears to be some nationalism at play, with Lithuanian truckers vying with Ukrainians to be ahead of the Poles and the Germans. Part of the gamesmanship is also to judge the moment well, so that the start of the overtaking manoeuvre engages a high speed car approaching from the rear is some seat-staining brake testing.  Flashing or honking elicits little more than a extended period of parallel pacing between overtaker and overtakee. But by then, my mulling had spilled over from the vagaries of speedometer settings to the idiocy of govt policy that would not encourage more of this freight to travel by train and to leave diesel to haul it on the last delivery mile only.  After all, the motorway was built for me to discover that the A6 has an unnerving and sudden lightness of steering at 230kp/h... but only in that short bit of free road between overtaking trucks. Paul (not my real name, Officer)
    • I've read that the US Department of Transportation requires speedos to read 10% high.  I always assumed it was the safety nazis trying to slow us down but John's point makes as much sense if not more.  Damn I hate giving up a conspiracy theory!  LOL
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