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    • Ho good  less points for me ;-)   you need to sort out this 4th overall and get to at least 3rd OA.  Allows me a better class position !!   see you there fingers crossed it’s dry.  H
    • Bumblebee, Ignore the normal helpline for BT, they are next to useless. Find the email address of the CEO, and send the complaint direct to them. This will get it transferred to the "Executive Complaints department", which is UK based. They actually get things fixed! This is what I do whenever I have an issue with BT, which is all to often. Cheers Phil
    • Amusingly whilst I was on my daily hour call to BT getting transferred/put on hold/being told it was not their department my next door neighbour who has ordered the same thing texted to tell me his internet has been cut off too. This is despite him hearing my tale of woe and specifically calling them to make sure it didnt happen to him.  I laughed, but that's because I now don't feel so picked on.  I thought of that re collector , but I don't know if there's enough room to spread the 3 pipes on the collector apart far enough to get mikalor bands on them and my welding is average at best on mild steel, and totally untested on stainless if I make a single slit and eyes to bolt through. I may go for the old shed loads of heat and see what gives approach. the worst that can happen is grinding it all off again! Good tip on mounting to gearbox though, thanks I am looking forward to getting home, getting at least the manifold bolted up and carbs back on and kicking back with a beer and no broadband. Tomorrow will be try and mount the rest of the exhaust on the 6 and sorting out lucas related gremlins on the stag. Neither of which requires the internet (i hope!)
    • Out of interest, Nick, when Devon and Somerset are connected to each other, will there then be some attempt to connect them with the outside world?  Or is it a local fibre optic network for local people?
    • John may well be onto something.  Fuel is suprisingly variable.  The Vitesse never pinks (except when fed rural French 95 piss which is 20% water) but the PI was quite fussy about it's 95 (10.5:1 CR!).  Some was ok, some was not.  Source didn't seem to make much difference.  On one or two occasions I was actually moved to top up with the good stuff to shut it up. Low rpm /low load shouldn't do much hard unless severe. Any deposits on the plugs?  What plugs are you running? Nick  
    • Can relate.................. 1. BT are genuinely unable to organise a piss-up in a brewery.  In my village we have an ongoing saga whereby we had been trying for ages to get our painfully slow FTTC speeded up (cabinet moved nearer than 4 km) under the CDS (connecting Devon and Somerset) scheme.  We were told this would be impossible as our cabinet was already fibre enabled (but 4 km away in another village).  Fuss had been made about this all the way to MP level. Then one day a gang arrived and started digging up the road.  They thought it was for BT.  Then another gang turned up and cast a plinth by the side of the road.  They also thought it was for BT.  Neither CDS or BT admitted to knowing anything about it.  Then a third gang turned up and fitted a cabinet.  It had a sticker on it saying "fibre broadband is here".  This was a lie at the time, but an important clue.  The men installing it told us it was a replacement for our section of the cabinet in the other village because the rest of the capacity of that cabinet was wanted for that village.....(just blind luck for us then). CDS and BT still denied everything.  Fast forward about 4 months and a number of visits, then someone noticed that he was now, according to the internet, able to order superfast broadband.  Wonder of wonders, he could and it actually happened taking him from 3 MBs to 72.......  CDS and BT still denied everything in spite of actual evidence. Of course, it's never that simple as there are two cabinets in the village, one of which never has been fibre connected.  Some of us are connected to the new one (the ones of us who were connected to the cabinet in the other village) and some to the old one.  Those connected to the old one have no chance (probably ever) of getting fibre broadband even though the two cabinets are only 50m apart.  The additional wrinkle is that the BT records of who is connected to what cabinet are incorrect.......... so when you look yourself up on the internet the following possibilities exist It says you can be connected to superfast broadband and it's true.  There is some chance of being connected
      It says you can be connected to superfast broadband and it's false.  You will never be connected but will take months of pissing about to discover this.
      It says you cannot be connected to superfast broadband and it's true. You will never be connected
      It says you cannot be connected to superfast broadband and it's false. It is theoretically possible you could be connected, but my god you'll have a battle on...... Any one of the above provide the opportunity to be left in the situation you find yourself in, except no actual digging is needed.  They do however have to go to the cabinet and physically swap some wires over.  They do this each time someone requests the service even though it could have been done in bulk when the cabinet was first installed as they can still still determine in software, remotely activated, whether you get superfast or standard service.  Every time they rummage in the cabinet they mess with the old copper wires and create faults...... I was in the first group, luckily enough.  It still took 3 months to get connected though because PlusNet (BT owned) can't organise a piss up in a brewery either. The follow up to this is that we've been trying to get BT to upgrade the second cabinet to fibre.  Technically and practically, this would be easy and cheap.  It would be worth their while too as there are 23 businesses connected to that cabinet, struggling with two lines @ 2MBs each.  However, BT didn't even bid for the second phase of CDS and have no interest in doing outside this.  The winner of that bid has started digging up every road in the village to lay more fibre.  This will be FTTD but at 3 x the BT price and with a connection fee of roughly 2 years subscription. Sod that. If there was any doubt, the lunatics are running the asylum.  The WHOLE ISLAND is the asylum...... (and I really want to get off) 2. Pheonix.  GT6/Vitesse 6-3-1.  Fits where it touches and touches where it shouldn't.  Yes.  Normal I'm afraid.  Some mostly fit, some don't nearly fit.  Problem areas vary on an individual basis, which tell all you need to know about their jig.  If they even have one. All leak at the 3-1 joint.  You can mitigate the leak by slicing the outer tubes and creating clamps (pic).  This isn't easy as space is short.  A good strong support bracket from the gearbox area to stop the joint being flexed also makes a big difference. 3. Lost text...... Sorry.  Operator error.  I usually find (being prone to similar error) that when I go to retype, my text magically re-appears (honest!).  However, that would normally be when replying to a thread rather than starting one...... Better news, it's Friday....... it's not raining (here anyway), chill, have a beer.  Have several beers........ Nick
    • So having put up for years with fibre to cabinet FTTC broadband that runs at 4 meg finally BT have upgraded us to fibre to premises FTTP.  Brilliant so I order the upgrade on 23rd July. I get a very nice text message telling me that they will be round to install on August 8th. Wife takes day off , no engineer. I phone BT to be told it is now 10th. Take day off, and engineer shows up. But he cant do the install as openreach have not yet extended the fibre to the house! In the meantime BT have decided the install has been done and cut off the old FTTC.  So for the last week I have been chasing BT to get my old FTTC switched back on. The FTTC team wont help as records show I am FTTP, the FTTP team cant help as I need FTTC reinstated until they can install my FTTP. A date of which they cant give me as they don't have the staff to dig the road, so have subcontracted.  So I am in a perpetual BT loop of doom. An hour on the phone every day and I have got absolutely nowhere.  ARRRGGGGHHH!  To compound my pissed off edness I decided to fit my 6-3-1 phoenix manifold, which as has previously been discussed on the board, fits where it touches. Having used the old tickling stick to mod it around the steering column I then discovered that the Toilettune weber manifolds wont fit between the exhaust flanges, so had to take it all off again and grind the flanges down. Just when I thought I had got there a thread stripped on the upper inlet stud, so I now need to find some bolts to use. The slip fit for the collector is naff, how on earth is that not going to leak?  That is only 2 rants, the third is I pressed the wrong button whilst editing this message, deleted the lot and had to start again.   GRRRRRRR!    That's better.
    • Are you still on the tankful  of fuel from before the engine was rebuil t? Modern unleaded fuel loses the octane boosting components on storage, so old fuel may be much lower octane than you think!     Fill up with Shell V-Plus or similar 98 octane fresh.  If you have a lot of old fuel, consider draining it, and donating to the lawn mower.! If you didn't run on 98 octane, consider it. John  
    • Which brings us to a different story.   How far can a cat fall safely? Studies in cats that have survived falling from buildings found that 90% survive falling two to thirty stories!   Less, and their rightng reflex doesn't have time to bring them to the foot down position, so that their legs can act as shock absorbers. A cat's terminal velocity is 60mph.  A human's is 120mph, even in classic skydive position, but more than 350 mph in  head down, 'attention' position.   A kitten's will be much less as they weigh much less per surface area, and they are "fluffy" so more air resistance.  The physicist JBS Haldane famously said of dropping things down a mineshaft, "A rat is killed, a man is broken, a horse splashes."  The kitten might have survived!    Probably, and wisely, to steer well clear of the gliding club. john
    • Chris and I managed to get last min entries so see you there. Alan
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