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    • I've not had to dig into that as the EDIS unit takes care of it.  Doesn't seem to be very fussy about air gap.  EDIS uses VR sensors. Something else that EDIS takes care of which seems to create problems is coil dwell/charge time, which can be another cause of misfire at higher rpms. Sounds like you are having a good learning experience though and building up useful knowledge! I remember being amazed when I first ran the Vitesse on EDIS (it had already been on injection for about a year, triggered by the points!) as it idled like a clock for the first time ever - I knew before I put the timing gun on it the marks would be rock steady - and they were. Nick
    • This is an interesting journey... It would run but started to misfire when the rpm was increased. Lots more analysis with the 'scope. One of the problems was that the timing wheel was not running true on the pulley, so the mark space ratio from the wheel was varying. Put it in the lathe and trued it up but noticed that there is some damage on a couple of teeth, so have ordered a new wheel (this one was a used one from a friend). After trueing it up and refitting it was much better but wont go above 3000 rpm before it starts to loose the pulses, the RPM drops (well the MS3 thinks it has) and starts to misfire. I am using a industrial hall effect device (just happened to have it available) so is more sensitive to gap between the teeth and sensor. At tick over the stability of the timing is amazing after the standard distributor. Will fit the new wheel when it arrives and check that the Hall effect sensor has a large enough bandwidth, if not might change it for VR one. Getting the timing working seems to key to the MS3. Lots of work but learning a lot about the MS3 and its capabilities, it is very impressive, the diagnostic capabilities are good once you understand them but glad I understand electronics and have the tools to sort the sensors.
    • Looks eminently savable.  I've seen far worse, though that windscreen surround and A pillar rot could turn out to be really ugly.  Doesn't appear to have gone above the headlights though - which is a big bonus.  Pity there is no overdrive. I don't need or want another project though....... Nick
    • I was contacted by a very sweet old lady from down in Plymstock, Devon who has recently had to give up driving and wanted help selling her 1979 Dolomite 1850, which she has owned from new. Anyone  looking for a bit of a project? So here are the good and bad points... 2 Owners from new, but same family at same address
      Genuine 54000 miles
      Tahiti Blue
      I collected it as a non-runner, but just needed a fuel pump and it now starts on the key.
      Everything on the car seems to work, except the wipers which don't park.
      MoT expired July 2016 It does have some issues, which are: Bodywork
      3 of the doors will need replacing, the other needs some repair work.
      Will need a new NS Sill and repair to rear arch
      Hole in boot floor where it meets the inner arches
      NS front wing has had a parking bump, but would pull out easy.
      Boot Lid corners need a repair
      Front valance needs a repair
      Inside A-Pillars also need welding
      Chrome is pretty good, but some trim will need replacing. Interior
      Drivers Seat is well worn
      Passenger Seat has a split as does the rear seat back Loads of pictures attached and a short video of her running. I have driven her for a couple of miles and she starts, drives and stops very well. This car is very savable and would make an excellent project. Customer is looking for around £950, but I'm sure she will take a sensible offer. If I can't sell it for her, then I may restore myself! Please message me if you're interested Video & Images below.
    • Flanges were o.k., I hope it will not leak. Can tell in 1? 2? years from now. Preparations for the rear end done. But this week on business trip and then 2 weeks holiday  
    • Finally got it running today. I have run the Ms3 on the simulator, hooked up my scope to all the signal, drunk far too much coffee and obsessed about the sparks and the timing.. But forgot you need petrol to make it run.... Lots of cranking to get fuel (still on the mechanical pump and it hasn't run for about 5 weeks) into the carbs and it started. Have added a big pipe to get the fumes of  the garage and tomorrow will start to play with the settings. Time for wine   Mike
    • The actual depth of the pressing varies...... or the flange is twisted? Guess if it looks ok and doesn't leak - no worries! Nick
    • Lucky........!  Nothing wrong with being lucky though! You'll be finding kitty litter for years......   Nick
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