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Vespa RatRod

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I really don't need another project, but sometimes stuff pops up, and you have to grab em.

Back in October someone pointed out an add for another smallframe Vespa on the internet.  They were never sold in Aus, but the attraction is that they're super cheap to register (as a sub 50cc bike), and they're great for nipping/ripping around traffic.  The one advertised had two serious problems:

1:  It was disassembled and being sold as incomplete/parts

2: It was on another continent, 8182 miles away.

But it was super cheap, and while a little beaten up, it was crying out to become a ratrod.

So after lots of emails, a flurry of paperwork to get and import permit, and a whopping great big fedex bill, I've got another project to do.  Sometime down the track...

The seller and awesome bloke called Keith didn't blink about helping me export it to Aus, and agreed to "box it up for Fedex".

Which he did.

Bye Bye enjoy your new home in the sun.JPG

He also plowed his 1200yard driveway so Fedex could get in through this

What its leaving behind.JPG

Apparently it's colder in Buffalo Minnesota than here in Melbourne Australia.

Today it arrived.

Upside down.  Thanks Fedex.


Fortunately, Keith had packed it well, so out came my new toys.


The rust looks only surface, and the dents will punch out.


Pretty solid really.


It was a very full box.


Pretty much everything I need


Admitting you have a problem is the first step...


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Oh yes you have a problem! :yes:

Tinwork on that looks like it needs little more than a bare metal strip, an odd tap here or there, and a coat of paint. Guess we don't get a 101 photos of exquisite tin bashing, welding and the utilisation of the worlds largest collection of Mole grips that we did on the last one?


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You do have a problem, though more benign than some :biggrin:.  But this one looks like a much better prospect than a certain other one did to begin with!

Fedex'ing a Vespa "kit"..... from the USA...... to Melbourne........ :no:

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