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  1. Day 175 “Hey Craig, is this yours?” I was pretty happy to get sent this today by one of my neighbors. I got it while I was stuck at the dz, a couple of hours from home, not long after another neighbor rang and let me know that my van had been broken into overnight and rolled into their spare car on the street outside home, and that my new bike was no longer inside the cargo area…
  2. Day 174 when you really should be at work doing the stuff that pays for your life, but you have a prior commitment at the drop zone that need your sign off Thank you to whoever thought up remote computing.
  3. Day 173 After a long annoying night of updating servers and no sleep I had commitments I couldn’t avoid through the day, so by 7pm I’d been up for 36 hours with the majority of that spent at work. Big weekend coming with more instructor exams, as well as having to remote into work to do more (fairly critical) updates. Kicked all the users of the networks and started lots of backups running and should really have gone to sleep and respected my impending 5:30am wake-up call. Went to the footy and caught up with family instead. Tomorrow is gonna be a looooong day.
  4. Well that sucks Nick. Better living through chemistry, keep the fluids up, and enjoy the couch… Hope it’s as short as it’s been sharp. Bat/Covid, irony indeed!
  5. Day 172. Certainly does. Went out for a "getting to know you" hour this morning. I cant really go any faster on the bike paths, because the pedestrian traffic is always unpredictable, and I'm still a bit suss about the rear brake on this but on the road it's sooo much easier to lug up hills. Snuck off to the tunnel again before school holidays sees it full of families More lazing around. Currently doing penance for my fun by spending all night loading updates onto file servers. Oh the joy.
  6. Very much a result of me intentionally exiting the plane quite badly to test the trainee instructor - hazard of the job. Not hard to fix - it’s a lot like being a kid on a swing that’s been wound up an needs a bit of “body English” and leg swinging to unwind. These are big friendly student parachutes, and while they’re sized for light weight 55-65 kilo students, they’re well over double the size is my sports parachutes. 15 seconds later all was fine. On my parachute, if I couldn’t fix it in 5, I’d be onto plan B. Day 171 Gorgeous afternoon for the winter solstice. ((10 minutes later it clouded over and rained on me for the last 10km’s home from work). Ahh well, better (longer) days are coming!
  7. Day 168 A quick check of the altimeter while causing a little havoc on an instructor exam jump
  8. Hahaha. I wish. I spent 60 minutes in the Tunnel within the last 24 hours. (Which cost about the same as a changeover GT6 diff at Reamers). Day 167 An hour in the airflow within 24 hours is the equivalent of 60 freefalls from 12-14000'. At the end of it I'm getting some payoff by finally starting to fly in some sort of form in the sitfly position. Progress.
  9. Day 166 Ready for a late night indoor flight. Back again tomorrow… $$$
  10. I genuinely haven’t stopped to think “a that’s what today was about”, and grab a photo today. Woken up by texts from a lawyer who needed tech support, one of those shitty work days when nothing wants to work easily, took out my frustrations at the gym for a couple of hours. Then, as I sat quietly at 10:30pm SM decided this would be the opportune moment to announce that her email hadn’t been working for 3 days, and she needs it fixed before morning. So, day 165. FFS.
  11. Day164. Rode to work the long way, with extra hills and more pain. Only to discover that a home bake morning tea was in progress… May have undone all my good work on the bike.
  12. Day 163 Last jump of the weekend. Home time.
  13. Surprisingly little hurt the day after. Day 162 Instructor exams mean waaay too much paperwork.
  14. Prolly shouldn’t have followed it up with an hour at the gym.
  15. Clips are great Hamish, it’s a different world out of the saddle and going up hills. New muscle groups getting hammered though, and I’m still building the muscle memory to get them hooked in, and having to think well in advance when they have to come out. Surrey Hills is still pretty posh. Melbourne house prices are insane, the median house price in Surrey Hills is currently a hair over 2.5 mill in $Aus (about 1.5 Mill Gbp).
  16. I wouldn’t know… headed out the door for a quick pedal with no real plan in mind. Ended up linking 5 bike paths, some main roads, a couple of dirt paths and an unrideable goat track together into a 52km odyssey around Melbourne’s inner east. Pleasantly surprised to discover my legs had it in them, especially as every bloody suburb near home seems to have the word “Hills” in its name.
  17. Good as I’ll get for a while. Day 160 It’s dark and stormy outside, but the DZ is closed due wx tomorrow, so this is my first Friday night in a while without the responsibility of being clear eyed to drive and dive early Saturday. Time for a quiet red, an a bit of footy on tv.
  18. Day 159 Didn’t get a holiday. Did spend half an hour in freefall Thats the equivalent to 30 skydives worth, but the dent to my wallet was worth it for the lift to my mood.
  19. If you’re running GoPros you can get a fairly inexpensive remote to control multiple cameras at once, with a wrist mount.
  20. The shoes I went with are designed that way, I specifically searched them out so I can get up the concrete stairs at work in the wet. Still should be fun to do though. The pedals are actually cleats on one side and flats on the other(with screw in spikes). It’s a hybrid, and I want to be able to be able to ride it with or without cleats. Day 157 The car park at work in the city is a shiny concrete floor, with an tight left to enter off a lane way, then a very tight, uphill right, over a hump, surrounded by concrete walls, pillars, stairs, and very very expensive, tightly (and often badly) parked machinery. Today with wet roads and mud from construction on the lane outside, the ridiculous licorice strips masquerading as tires on the Merc needed 5 attempts and a seriously potentially expensive bit of power drifting to get through the challenge. Yokohamas at well over $500 per corner, so that’s about $20 right there.
  21. Day 156 Leveling up my pedaling game. This could go horribly wrong.
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