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  1. As above. Rogers guide is very clear. Should be able to buy the parts online. Also its worth paying the extra for a proper leisure battery as they are designed to allow a deep discharge without damaging the battery. re lights 200W (assuming its 12V) is 16A, if the battery is a 100Ah battery it should last for about ~6 hours, Thats a lot of power for a light! mike
  2. great entertaining video as usual! It looks like a very interesting course. Was the engine missing (or hitting the rev limiter) on the first run? cheers mike
  3. I hate it when that happens, you know it will come back and bite again at the worse possible time Mike
  4. no...defrosting worked perfectly! mike
  5. its been another very hot week in Cambridgeshire and the perfect time for the fridge freezers to start a slow decline and to die... first noticed strange noises, more than the usual groaning. Went to get some frozen peas and there were extremely soft!. Grandchildren lollies now liquid. Top shelve of freezer ~4C lower shelves still -10C, fridge about 14C and rising. The fridge freezer is a Bosch with a single compressor and a fan to blow cold air everywhere, I think the fan had packed up. Suggested to wife I should pull it apart find the fan and fix it... This didnt go down very well so new one ordered from John Lewis and paid for next day delivery and take away the old one Probably the right choice as it was 14 years old..... New one is almost the same design (but the shelves are different widths so I cant use the old ones from the original fridge), and doesn't have a radiator at the back but seems to have a heat exchange built in to the wall of the fridge as one of external walls gets noticeable warm when its running. mike
  6. took the Herald out for a "post diff change" run on Sunday.. We went to a local classic car meet at a pub and marina in Needingworth on the Great Ouse. Even there was some drizzle (yes real rain) there was a very good turn of all sorts of classics, lots of shiny ones and some that were obviously used and abused. Including a couple of LH TR5's tatty bodywork and interior but both with lovely new vented disks and nice wheels! Been a long time since I have seen a TR5 that actually looked used! Lots and lots of people and cars. I wonder if this why big events are less popular, this was a free event, just turn up and enjoy the buzz and cars. Coffee (rubbish) and dinks from the pubs and a food van doing pizzas. Nice way to spend a Sunday morning. And the new diff seems fine and nothing seems to have fallen off! Mike
  7. agree my favourite show. And when you get bored of the Triumphs you can go and look at plane restoration and see how restoration should be done. mike
  8. Not sure what to make of this, I am sure its not JohnD fault... but very sad if the clubs cant organise an event together.... maybe the future is smaller local events without any large financial commitment. or maybe the year is just too full with stuff to do and/or it too expensive, EG: Cambridge folk festival still has tickets and I hear that the Latitude festival was very very expensive., I wasn't going as I will be at Folk East that weekend. I am planning to do the CT 10CR but that will cost a lot... mike he 2022 Triumph and MG Weekend, due to be held over the weekend of 19-21 August, has been cancelled. The organising clubs, TSSC, MG Car Club and TR Register made the difficult decision to cancel the event due to experiencing a lack of ticket sales against a backdrop of sharply rising costs for holding the event. Ticket sales were 70% down on where they were this time last year. A spokesperson for the organising committee said, “We are devastated to share this news. Last year, the TSSC, MG Car Club and TR Register all enjoyed award-winning success when the classic car community recognised the collaboration between the clubs as a true innovation within the community and all three clubs received accolades from the industry. However, the cost of living, in particular fuel prices, and the backlog of holidays and other events after the pandemic have all influenced attendance levels this year. The organisers from each of the three clubs have therefore had to ensure that they are carrying out their duty to safeguard the financial stability of their respective car club.” The organising clubs have stated that all attendees, traders, and sponsors will be automatically issued with a full refund and that these are now being processed automatically with urgency. TSSC and Stag Owners’ Club members should contact their club directly. The TSSC, MG Car Club and TR Register will now focus on creating a series of celebratory events for next year in commemoration of the centenaries of both the Triumph and MG car brands. A questionnaire will be issued to club members in due course with the hope that feedback gained from that will better instruct organisers on what attendees and club members are looking for from events in the future. The Round Britain Relay for TS2, the first right-hand drive TR2 that has been travelling around the UK since April will now complete its tour at the Great British Car Journey Museum at Ambergate on the 18th of August. An invitation is open to all to welcome the iconic sports car back from its epic voyage at the Derbyshire based museum instead. Please see the TR Register’s website for more details. The MG Car Club will be out in force at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon on 25th September for MGB 60, commemorating six decades of MG’s most successful model. Details via www.mgb60.com . The Triumph Sports Six Club and Stag Owners’ Club will both have displays at The Classic, Silverstone over August Bank Holiday. Ticket holders are advised that all refunds for the Triumph and MG Weekend should be received by 8th August 2022 and an FAQs page and contact form has been set up on the website at www.triumphandmgweekend.com .
  9. He his playing the Trump playbook.... I read they can't find any MP's to take the government posts, if that happens the government can't function and this could all end in a vote of confidence. If I was a Labour MP I am not sure I would want to take over with the mess the country is in...
  10. Air shows have become very tame. Its a result of the air crash at Shoreham that killed 11 people driving along the road. the pilot completely misjudged his roll, didnt have enough high and hit the ground. Apparently he had been warned before... After that accident the air displays have become much more redistricted. There are horrendous videos and pictures of the accident. I believe somehow the pilot survived.
  11. Re the couch there is always the live feed from Goodwood... Goodwood - LIVE: 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed live stream mike
  12. Roger didnt mean to take over your excellent Spain thread. If it could be split out as separate topic that would be good. I asked as I took my TR6 over the alps which was challenging... I even modified it using the choke control so you could weaken the mixture but didnt help very much and never really understood why. Hope its better in the Herald with EFI! I will check my MS setup, I have the second sensor for atmospheric pressure correction. I might feed in a dummy signal and see if the AFR changes. I thought the MS did a atmospheric pressure correction by making a measurement before the engine starts I guess it doesnt do that it its told there is a second sensor. cheers mike
  13. oh thats rotten luck. Is it the second time for you? Hope its not too bad and doesnt last too long. Its still around and the numbers are rising quickly. mike
  14. Thanks Roger great holiday and loved the write up and pictures. Do you think the EFI worked at the high altitudes? Interested as I am taking the Herald on the 10CR and might be going over some high mountains.... mike
  15. that's a lot of debris/swarf.. Can you see where the large gold bit has come from? Your car really is fighting back this season, it can only get better.. mike
  16. great pictures! You have chosen some interesting hotels! mike
  17. cant you disconnect the vacuum line to the servo and see if it make a difference? Or get you friendly MOT man to do a brake test with the engine running or not running to get more accurate data. Its shouldn't make any difference to the brake effectiveness but you should feel a difference in the effort required on the pedal. BTW Do they do modern MOT brake tests with the engine running or not? mike
  18. I do wonder with the sidecar if the aero goes wrong there is no way back.... I agree with Nick loosing father and son is very hard and difficult for there families. Maybe a risk too far. Mike
  19. 3 this year, another crash yesterday. I wonder if its related to 2 year break in racing at the TT?
  20. What did you do over the Jubilee weekend? Wife was very ill with nasty vomiting and diarrhea bug caught from grandson so we didn't go to any events in the village So I spent a morning taking the spare wheel off our campervan (2011 Peugeot). This is held under the rear of the van with a mechanism to lower it down to the ground. This is done with a cable drive that extends and allows you to drag the wheel from under the van. Quite clever when it works... Although I have used it before and it worked but now it was completely rusted solid. Cutting the cable didn't free it. Once the wheel is in place you cant get to the mechanism that holds it to the van with out cutting the flange that holds the spare wheel to drop the wheel and get to the mechanism. 2 hours under the van (enough room to get underneath without jacking it up) with various grinders, cutting plates, shafts, double springs I finally go it off. Fitted a new one (Ebay OEM part £75), 30 minutes! The new one was completely dry no lubricant, so now its greased and hopefully last a few more years. Interesting working on a van everything is so big and heavy compared to the the Herald Actually not sure I want to change the wheel as the standard jack is a slightly bigger version of a Herald scissor jack to lift a 3T van... Mike
  21. Over the last couple of days I have been watching the TT racing on ITV4, amazing on board photography and very very scary. I think the lap record is an average of 136MPH for the course. No runoff if you get it wrong its a wall, tree or field. So far this year there have been 2 deaths, one in practise and one in Saturday's sidecar race.... Mixed feeling, part of me think this is just too dangerous, narrow roads, no runoff, mixed weather, but then no one is forcing anyone to do it and the racing (against the clock) is exciting. I suppose its good that there is still places where you can race like this.. Maybe I feel guilty watching it and enjoying it when its so dangerous... Mike
  22. gosh you must be high if thats the whole world below you Must look up your camera to understand what its doing... mike
  23. looks like you are having fun, nice hotel and very impressive city wall! Is the car enjoying its trip? Mike
  24. He is very scary, the Gray report was watered down, she was lent on, and why did the Met fine him for just one party when there are pictures of him at other events? Its the behaviour of a dictator. Amazing how much money they have suddenly found to make people forget about party gate.... and now the return to Imperial measurements, sold as another Brexit bonus, have any Tory ever done a real job. deeply depressed by the state of this country and the inability to do anything about it... Mike
  25. Like the TRansit not sure about the UK badge! Its so very Boris, we are not a United Kingdom anymore..... Can we still use the GB badge? Mike BTW glad the van is behaving! We have a van based Campervan and I love driving it, feel like a white van man
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