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  1. Not sure where you are but I have a couple of MX5 cloth faced seats you can have for free. Mike
  2. well thats definitely failed! Done what it was designed to do but the question is why it happened? Control software bug? Does this mean you have to update the inventory, -1 bursting disc mike
  3. been on a few Helicopters to rigs in the north sea. This was pre Alpha Bravo accident so you could fly without the full training (in the training you have to demonstrate you knew how to get out of an upside down helicopter body in a tank of water...). Didnt enjoy being on the rigs, the guys working on the rigs deserve the money they earn... I was much happier working in research in a nice warm lab in Cambridge. Remember one flight out of Houston on an old plane (doing its last flight) with Continental Airlines. Everyone got on board and then a long wait with staff coming and going. Eventually the captain come on the tannoy and said they had a fault and would have to reboot the plane!. And they powered everything off, plane completely quiet, waiting a couple of minutes restarted it and the fault had cleared and off we went across the Atlantic! Sorry this is drifting away from Nicks GT6.... but I have had 2 mk3 GT6's both with 2.5l engines and have to say it does work work, lots of torque and easy fast driving but my last one ate 2 gearboxes and 2 diffs during the time I had it..
  4. Yes they do but normally too fast to be visible to eye. You can see the effect on video of cars and the lights appear to be flashing due to the aliasing as the sample rate (video frame rate ) is too slow. Same effect as stage coach wheels going backwards in old western movies! There is a second effect, that was noted when I worked at the MRC Applied Psychology unit in Cambridge although you cant see the flickering of fluorescent lights the eye does detect them and can cause movement in the muscles controlling the eye movement. This means for some people they get headaches and feel tired when working under fluorescent lights. Mike
  5. BTW cant see the FB link, I think you have to be his friend to see it.. Mike
  6. Nice idea, how much power does it give you? With a modern you can sit there and turn the wheels without the car moving, that's ok if the steering components/joints have been designed for it but I wonder if Triumph components are strong enough? Of cause the answer is not to turn the wheel when the car isn't moving... the other addition needed is a reversing radar, so used to our other cars beeping when reversing sometime I forget when I get in the Herald! Mike
  7. quite understand, nothing wrong with relay logic. Some of the PLC (programable logic controller) use a programming language that is based on relay logic. The nice thing about simple relay cct's is that they can be quickly hacked to get them to work if something breaks (think dark wet night on RBRR). Mike
  8. could be done in a small (nano) Arduino. Cheap to play with, plenty of 12v power 5v activated relay boards on Amazon etc so easy to put something together. Just need to be careful with the power supply design for the processor as I have found that the Ardunio do seem susceptible to noise on the power supply lines when used in car applications. Worth implementing the built in watchdog timer in the code just in case it crashes..... Mike
  9. there are 2 switches on the gearbox one for third and fourth gear and the standard reverse and and momentary push switch to select OD. All the logic is done in software in a 8 pin Microchip embedded processor. It drive a relay to power the OD and another relay to turn the reverse lights on and turns on an LED when OD is engaged (the LED flashes when in reverse, why because I can). Basically the logic is if in reverse OD is disabled, and can only be selected if in 3rd or fourth. Press switch to turn on and again to turn off. I had planned to measure the car speed (sensor on prop UJ bolts) and then turn OD on automatically above a certain speed.... Can give you more details if you want. mike
  10. if you have a reversing light switch on the gearbox then this could be used to drive a relay so that the OD is inhibited if the gearbox is reverse. It would mean that you could use the OD on all gears then, but probably not advised... On my gearbox I didnt have the plate to hold the inhibit switch so built a support to hold a couple of Micro switches and drive them from a cam attached to the end of the selector rod. The cam is shaped so that it drops out of OD when changing between gears (3 and 4). There is also a simple Pic Micro doing all the logic so that I have a push switch to select the OD. Mike
  11. good luck with the rally, let us know how it goes. Why did you have to get engine rebuilt again, was it a a bad grind of the crank? mike
  12. wonderful. Thanks for uploading it.
  13. Thanks that's great will go hole hunting tomorrow mike
  14. I am trying to locate oil leaks from my 3 rail J type OD gearbox in my Herald. It seems to be coming from a number of different areas more weeping than leaking.... I read that there should be a breather hole on the top plate of the gearbox. John Kipping/Canley Classics recons without a breather the gearbox will leak. There was a previous thread on here from 2008, which mentions the breather hole but I cant find the hole.... Which means its either not there, or more likely I am looking in the wrong place! Does anyone have a picture or drawing showing where the breather hole should be? cheers mike
  15. in the UK and EU its a limit of 15 mph and 250 watt motor and you have to pedal to get any assistance. You can have a throttle to get the bike up to 5 mph max independent of pedalling. But you can buy wheel motors up to 1 kW and there is quite a large number of people building custom fast E bikes... I think in the US its 30 mph limit (probably state dependant). In Histon we have the E scoters you can rent. Some sort of strange trial as they are illegal to buy and use personally. You have to ride them on the road not pavements but I dont think i want to hire one, small wheels and big pot holes dont mix well.... Mike
  16. I have converted my old bike (that I used it for London to Brighton bike ride in 2000, that last hill is difficult going up and down) to electric using a kit from Swytch. The bike must be 25 years old and is a bit like Triggers broom, new gears, chain front folks, saddle etc... Its 250W and can be set to limit to 15mph (legal) or 20 mph (illegal). Its great very good fun and I find myself going further and faster (~19mph) when I go out for a ride. Not many hills in the fens but its great when there is a head wind. Very enjoyable to ride, you can choose the amount of help from the motor (with a trade off on distance) but I can get well over 30 miles from it without the battery going flat. If you want speed you need Bafang conversion, 750 W and probably good for over 40mph... very illegal but looks the same a s250W system... Bafang BBS02B 48V 750W Mid Drive Electric Bike Motor Ebike Conversion Kit Mid Motor for Mountain Bike Road Bike : Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors Mike
  17. No seat belts, strange dash, the grain really needs to horizontal, wrong wiper switch knob, badly fitted bonnet, and awful hood/frame something has gone badly wrong with it! Paint finish isn't great (orange peel). All minor stuff but for that price it should be perfect..... mike
  18. I think it was E5 no E10 in her. Something is not right as it wasn't consistently bad, need to do some digging. About 18 months ago I did loose the front bolt holding the front pulley on, someone (me!) hadn't tightened it up and it came undone and bounced down the A14 never to be seen again. I remember the loud bang from the engine, stopped but everything seemed ok. It took a couple of weeks to realise something was wrong! I wonder if its come loose again and is throwing the timing out? Just had a look at my original Vitesse workshop manual and I notice the MK1 Vitesse has an extra box between the engine and rear box, more joints to leak but might make it quieter. Traffic bad but yes everyone is holidaying at home.... One hold up was 20 mins waiting at a temporary 3 way traffic light system to protect a very small hole in the road. Lights all on red but a couple of police directing the traffic. Cant remember the last time I saw Police doing traffic management...... We drove past the 3 countries showground at about 4pm on Sunday, it was like driving in the 1970's with every other car a Triumph or MG, lovely Mike
  19. Enjoyed the show, lots of interesting cars, including a very nice racing Vitesse Good to see lots of MG's as well. Meet up with a few old friends and generally had a good time. We stayed at the Wyche Inn near the top of the Malvern hill with great views from the bar across the country side and spent Sunday touring around the area. Lovely countryside. The Herald was not too happy, she managed to loose the rocker cover cap (owner must failed to do it up after topping the oil up), the exhaust has become very noisy and she really needs a new, not leaking, exhaust system. Not sure what to replace it with, at the moment is a mess of different size pipes and silencer who's parentage is unknown. Was wondering about fitted a 1600 Vitesse system if I can find a SS one. She also started pinking very badly under load particularly on the hills. Not sure what going on as I havent touched the mapping for a couple of years, the AFR gauge suggested she is not weak so could be be the ignition has changed (trigger wheel/sensor moved/loose..?). Or it could have been like this for a while but hadn't noticed as there aren't many hills in the Fens! Will need to investigate... I am hoping to do the 10CR next year so need to sort it out. Also need an electric fan as she was getting very warm in the traffic jams on what was a cold afternoon. Traffic going down on Friday on the A14 was awful and just as bad coming back across country on Monday afternoon... I thought everyone was working from home! So a few jobs to do on the car, not surprising as she hasn't had any TLC for a while. Mike
  20. There are large experimental schemes running in Australia. The UK had a project to pump CO2 to depleted wells in the North sea. Lots of money spend and development done but scrapped by George Osborn.. Not sure if they are any active projects in the UK. mike
  21. Interesting, do you have a source for the information? I have found it difficult to get honest data about heat pump performance. Our gas boiler really needs replacing and I would like to compare the options re gas or heat pumps. I think electric boilers are none started due to the constrains on our supply into the house. Sorry this is all drifting away from EVs and Guy Martin. Maybe we should start a new topic, 'how to heat your house in 5 years time'..... Mike
  22. north of Cambridge they are building 12000 new homes (Northstowe), probably 2000 have been built, so far all have gas boilers, no air or ground source pumps, and not a solar panel to be seen... depressing lack of vision but higher profit margins for the builders who have given the Tories an impressive amount of donations over the last few years... Mike
  23. I agree. What no one want to admit is that to meet the CO2 target society has to change. Whats needed is a different vision, for example instead of just replacing IC cars with EV cars no one is asking whether we live without cars (or minimise usage). Also home heating. There doesn't seem to be an easy alternative to gas heating. Replace the boiler with an electric one needs a 100A supply, the supply down our 19C road wont support that for the 30 houses on the road. Air source heat pumps, expenses to install and run and will need all the radiators changed (low temperature water). Increase insulation, great idea but difficult in a 1920's without cavity walls house (but we have put internal insulation that works well). Shame the grants have been started/stopped/started/stopped.... The solutions are all hard and expensive. All the changes needed to reduce CO2 will effect peoples life styles due to cost, lack of alternative technologies (CO2 reduction for flying), loss of freedom to do and buy things that we have become so used to. That's going to be a hard sell for any politician, impossible with the lot we have at the moment. But if people see the immediate affects of climate changes people might start to accept and realise that things have to change.... mike
  24. really like the vitesse estate, with sunroof almost as good as a convertible.... Prices are mad, if you pay 30k for GT6 you are not going to thrash it around the UK over a long weekend. Shame most of these cars wont be used hard... Not sure whats pushing the prices up, would be nice to know if these ever sell at those prices. mike
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