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ARB Rose Joints and brackets

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Had a day off today so fitted my rose-joint drop links  and made new brackets out of robust angle iron. Top hat spacers used as well. 
car back on the ground and they pivot nicely so not tight with the car weight. 




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A longer bolt into the end of the ARB, some spacers, and your lever arm length might be adjustable, a little, making the ARB adjustable for stiffness.

This is the ARB and link I've just finished for the Ford Project.   The holes in the lever arm have the same function.


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Strange!   These days importing pics from my phone is a convulouted process involving Google Photo, obscure settings on the phone, or special software.   A real.pain.   But I can see it on my phone now, check later if it appears on the PC.  

What do you see where the pic should be, Hamish?  Is there a link to click on?

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19 hours ago, Hamish said:

I had to make it more robust. I had just flat plate metal to rubber bushed drop links 

and the plate was bending. 

not convinced the bolts won’t though. 

With regards the bolt bending I assume you mean the one that attaches to the plate. Looks very similar arrangement to the one I have on the Spitfire. I was similarly concerned when I first fitted mine but seem to have held up fine. Early and late suspension incarnations.



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3 hours ago, Hamish said:

hi John

its a large square box with a very small blue box in the middle

there is a white question mark in the little blue box


this is on a MacBook and iphone



It's very clear on my desktop, as well as the phone. Very strange.

If I do a "Copy image address" that gets twelve lines (!) of URLcode, gobbledegook, starting "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com" when other pics get one ot two lines.

Is this any better?  I've copied the image, printed it to Word and copied that


Or this, pasted to Paint and copied from there


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12 hours ago, JohnD said:

If I do a "Copy image address" that gets twelve lines (!) of URLcode, gobbledegook, starting "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com"

John - I think that content is in your personal space on Google. You can see it because you are logged in to the account but no-one else can access it, so a link doesn't work.

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Does anyone else have a problem with this?   Pics from the phone used to be available when the phone was plugged into the desktop, as if it was a secondary hard drive.   But now there is nothing to be seen that way, zilch.

If you plug the phone in and turn it on in the corret sequence, a window appears with three options, including 'transfer pictures' or similar but it disappears spontaneously after a so few seconds there isn't time to read it!   And, somehow, all my pics are being sent to Google Photo, but I can't see the most rcent ones, only those from weeks ago!

Sorry to hijack the thread!    I started a similar one a short while ago when this all started - I'll go back to that, and copy this there.

Meanwhile, back to ARBs!


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