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  1. Do you think that’s accidental? remember what I said about using technical changes to drive older cars off the road in the electric thread.
  2. Well, that’s going to kill a lot of older cars, and not just classic ones, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51731757
  3. You must have a council and housing associations like near me. By strange hap stance, a big bung of money they were given to encourage solar panels was all spent on putting panels and reaping the then large feed in tarrifs on their own offices etc.
  4. Service life of modern cars is 7 years - main dealers won’t touch any car over 10 years now, A few tweaks to the MOT would see most cars over 7 years old sent to the great scrapyard in the Sky. There would be very few ICE cars left by 2040. there is method in the governments logic - car makers have development cycles. 2032 means there is only one more ICE design generation left - any ICE car shipped after 2027 won’t recover its costs. Ergo, they will give up of their own accord after the current model cycle.
  5. 2032 now being mooted.....
  6. My local scrapper turns cars with no demand for parts into chipped scrap in skips in 20 minutes. its over, there will be none more ‘classics’ after the 80’s cars. try restoring any not so old Vauxhall, trim is NLA. 7 years after production and parts stocks are now scrapped.
  7. Indeed, modern high efficiency panels have changed the metric. Im looking into using some to charge a storage heater to keep the garages toasty.
  8. they are also astonishingly fast..... they have to slow down so an AH-64 Apache Can keep up with them. A dozen new ones on the way. We have the biggest fleet outside the US Army.
  9. Very, they are all fixed over at Gosport and use Thorney for test flights, including night tests....at 3am ....grrrrrrr!
  10. Well, you can thank those naughty VAG chaps and their cheat software. Filthy diesels that tested as ‘clean’, now the baby and the bath water are being evicted in a backlash. and my SUV isn’t modern or fat!
  11. The 2.2 was a brilliant diesel. Utterly bulletproof and a great performer, but alas, killed by Diselgate cheating.
  12. Cobalt? thats why central Africa is the new ‘middle east that everyone’s positioning themselves for.
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