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  1. Scooter

    Item: Binny

    The early head studs stretched like toffee @60lb/ft.... well done leyland, a gnats over on the factory torque figure and the studs went into plastic deformation! improved ones happily held 68lb/ft.
  2. Scooter

    Item: Binny

    Just noticed you have an L reg Dolly, that has a better engine than later ones. BL ‘value engineered’, that’s cut the quality, of the engines post M reg. crank switched to a cheaper grade of iron and other BL corner cutting. The cars are also made with proper British steel, BL used a lot of cheap imported steel from the mid 70’s, note how badly newer Triumphs rusted.
  3. Scooter

    Item: Binny

    That’s a bloody good price! NOS Dolly ones have gone fir £120 on Fleabay. hylomar? Yes, used it as gasket dressing on the head gasket. A very light dusting of spray Hylomar kept the corossion at bay. Don’t use copper anti seize compound on the studs either, sets up like bloody concrete.. I Always used graphite grease wiped into the holes and on the studs. Never had any problems getting heads off. ditto. Head torques, I used the SAAB values, iirc, a bit higher than BLs.
  4. Scooter

    Item: Binny

    RR GB cooler? That’s the badger! Gearbox oil cooler.
  5. Scooter

    Hoges gone

    Hell hath no fury like dinosaurs cornered.
  6. Scooter

    Item: Binny

    Oil coolers..... on the Sprints they stick them up front under the radiator. It’s a long finned pipe on the factory cooler, reasonably effective - a small 7 row Mocal will do the job.iirc, they sell a kit for automagic boxes. if you go to a 2l engine, you will need an oil cooler. Don't bother changing the cam, the TR7 lump out of the box is a cracking engine, loads of torque. Plenty of extra power to be had just by doing things like cleaning up the manifolds and ports. Misalignment is often ‘significant’. FWIW, there wasn’t a ‘2l’ casting, they just bored out the block. Did it on an 1850 auto engine to get a spare block for my Sprint. top tip: automagic engines are a good source of non trashed engines. You can’t thrash the nuts off them like a manual, and they tended to be bought by old boys. Always liked the slant 4, looked after, they were great engines and nothing like as unreliable as the myth. After mine blew up from new, (strike engine) the rebuilt one built and looked after according to guidance from a SAAB mechanic lasted for well over a decade. 50/50 antifreeze and Hylomar FTW. They came filled with plain water from the factory! SAAB had no problem getting epic milages out of the original engines in the 99.
  7. Scooter

    Item: Binny

    Effectively unobtanium, and when they do turn up, command eyewatering amounts. 1850 Dolly was much under rated. Most of the go of a Sprint where its mattered, without the drama. Nocking them out to 2l is easy and well worth the effort. They really shift with the TR7 sized 8v lump. The BW65 in them seems to be perfectly matched to the engine, and nothing like as 'bad' a box as the ZF acolytes claim. As long as the oils good, they are pretty bullet proof. FWIW, if it hasn't got a gearbox oil cooler, its worth fitting one in modern traffic. Just run a standard small Mocal to the bypass U pipe on the side of the box.
  8. Scooter

    Hoges gone

    Woooooah! Shenanigans!
  9. Scooter

    Stupid B*****d (me)

    It will have gone on into the sump.
  10. Scooter

    TR4 V8 still for sale

    Compared to what good 4 banger TR4’s are going for, it’s actually bloody good value.
  11. Scooter

    VHI Declaration

    The only reason to get an ‘MoT’ on an exempt classic is as cover for the inevitable court case if you are in an accident. Without one, you would want to keep your own service log, complete with receipts, as required by many foreign countries with historic vehicles.
  12. Scooter

    VHI Declaration

    That should say @ 60% fail.
  13. Scooter

    VHI Declaration

    MoT is actually pretty meaningless. It’s only valid at the point of issue. As soon as you drive out of the test station, your wheel could drop off and it’s nothing to do with your ‘valid’ MoT. classics were found to have a much higher pass rate than moderns due to their inate simplicity. Most likely cars to fail an MoT? @ 10 years old, @fail.
  14. Scooter

    Musing on road speed

    You’d be very hard put to find any modern car speedo with a 10% error. Modern electronic speedos are quite accurate, a percent or two over at worst.
  15. I would have thought an alloy 6 head was now reaching financial viability. Alloys 4 heads seem to sell well enough, and TR6's are now starting to attract serious money. Getting harder to find good used heads, seat cracking is an issue thats only going to get worse. Iron head? Acid dip, re-machine, new seats and guides, you are talking about a fair wedge of cash these days.