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  1. Every single one of those ‘predictions’ by scientists Was 100% wrong.
  2. We are not doomed.....
  3. I’m much more concerned about the Chinese.... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-29/chinas-been-interfering-in-australian-politics-for-past-decade/9810236
  4. Every apocalyptic vision never pans out. remember the claims in the 70’S? Year 2000, no oil, population 100 billion, water all run out, runaway greenhouse effect,famines killing millions across Europe and America.
  5. And if all else fails, Tony Blair left us this http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2004/36/section/19
  6. We will escape on October 31 2019.
  7. Can anyone explain what the problems I never faced traveling to and around Europe before Schengen were?
  8. Drive to library, if it’s open, pay to park, find book needs to be reserved from store, wait a week, drive back, pay to park, get book. go on Amazon, click on used version of book, it arrives the next day for often little more than pennies. libraries - like typewriters, their day has gone.
  9. Hmm, the Guardian that relies on revenue from local authority job ads to stay afloat and washes all its profits through an offshore tax avoidance scheme?
  10. I’m sure you had a point to make, but it’s been lost in your blind rage.
  11. Airbus have been trying to get the hugely lucrative wing work moved from the UK to France fur over a decade. Wings are the big ticket item, they are also utterly bleeding edge design and manufacturing technology. Problem is, while a fuselage is a big tube and you can train former Farm workers with the help of lavish EU subsidies to make them, wings are a whole different kettle of fish. Theyve even triedto bribe the British workforce to move en masses to France, alas, they were not interested, avd even if they did, the bleeding edge research is still done in the UK. the other reason Airbis will NOT be leaving the UK is Boeing, who made it clear they would buy up the former Airbus plants in the UK and their world class workforce’s. Airbus isn’t doing very well currently , they're last two big projects have been duds, the A380 and A400, both commercial failures! They’ve lost their former Midas touch, abd now they are the bone in a trade war with the USA.
  12. For those that still do not understand Brexit - Those being them what trot out it’s nothing but racism, xenophobia and the uneducated. Here is your reason right here, in the Guardian of all places. His remarks suggest Spain is increasingly willing to accept a no-deal Brexit to achieve greater integration.In the interview with the European Council on Foreign Relations he said: “I am of the school who believes that with the UK in the EU we will never have a political union. If what it’s all about is a political union, the UK is not a good member of the club and they’ve never hidden that from us.“We kept thinking we could talk them round, but the proof is in the pudding – they don’t want it and they are leaving precisely because they don’t want what they can see is happening. European elections 2019: surge for Brexit party and Lib Dems as main UK parties stumble – live Carry on.....
  13. Anyway, enough of May, it’s Farages game now. GE prediction based on yesterday from Guido Fawkes
  14. In other breaking news, despite the claims over the last 3 years by Remain that they will leave, Airbus has now confirmed that no matter what, even a hard Brexit, they will maintain production in the UK.
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