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  1. But....(and I am happy to be told I am wrong) if no1 went "open circuit" would that not allow a big pressure drop to the others? I know the oiling system is not that simple, but robbing pressure certainly wouldn't help the others out. Anyway, poor old John probably needs a few cuppas and a whole pack of chocolate hobnobs to help him get over this. Hopefully the issue will be identified and eliminated on the new engine.
  2. This is intriguing, and we will probably never know exactly how it happened. But in my little brain, is it plausible no1 failed , and that failure caused almost complete lubrication failure? Stuff happens VERY fast in engines, it is difficult to get your head around the piston moving up/down 100 times a second. But hopefully some rooting about will give some more clues. But I do feel for John, very disappointing. Still, correct attitude about getting on with it. Chin up.
  3. My point is that we have to assume a positive test means infectious. And take appropriate action, like keeping the person isolated from society. Until there is a test that can discriminate between who is and is not infectious, it is all we can do.
  4. What area are you? I had work done near Bracknell (long story, but I was very happy), CMES http://cmesuk.com/ They recognised a dolly sprint block as it came out of the boot, so knew what they were looking at. I have a 4 pot rebored, £120 IIRC which is good for the SE. No idea on crank grinds. Head skim and deck block was about £100 too. ANd they supplied pistons heaper than I could buy anywhere.
  5. I have bike ITBs on my car. Bit like your DCOEs it fluffs a bit when first started but is very quickly fine. No idle valve used.
  6. My spit runs a denso 40a jobbie, has done for 6 years/25k It uses a golf electric intank fuel pump, as well as the ecu (negligible) electric fan (Spal 11") and all te usual stuff. Done 3x10CR, including some very wet runs in 2015 and indeed late night stuff. Never a hint of an issue.
  7. A drive out to Ashdown Forrest to meet with a few other Triumphists (although one brought his daimler along, had to be different! We made tea and bacon rolls, talked fluff and nonsense, and felt relatively normal. Then the lad wife and I popped dup to see a friend near Maidstone, had more tea (and lemon cake) then drove home. Covered about 140 miles, all seems well with the car.
  8. You need to find some wire wool, entertaining!
  9. Pete, burning is oxidation, just try wire wool with a PP9 battery, or evena lighter. But ali doesn't do it.
  10. A few thoughts. Al is much softer, so tends to break away in bigger chunks. And they have a much smaller ratio of surface area to size, so less area for a reaction. Next is the fact al oxide is extremely unreactive, yes, bare al does react fast, but stops immediately as it gets a surface coating of oxide. This seems likely. However, we know al WILL burn, remember the Falklands when we had some aluminium ships that burnt? Extreme circumstances yes, but it was catastrophic. Nearly lost a friend, but he got lucky.
  11. Didn't break, more randomised them. We should not have been able to export them to the new website, when we found out we had no choice but to cause the chaos. A small price to pay... Did it work? You did use you registered email address? (and no, I don't have access to the admin side of the site, so can't check. But I know a man who can)
  12. https://www.childcarseats.org.uk/the-law/cars-taxis-private-hire-vehicles-vans-and-goods-vehicles/ Is that any help?
  13. My guess is that you have a dolomite 1500 flywheel and starter. Or possibly just starter, which is pre-engaged as shown. A normal spitfire starter is an inertia type. (i think the pre-engaged flywheel has the bevel on the ring gear different to spitfire, an inertia starter won't work well with dolly flywheel) So a PO has just added wiring to "sort" the problem. You could lose the original solenoid altogether.
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