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  1. The source of choice of Lobros for CV conversions. chap I know of in the New Forest breaks Volvo 3 series and has some if anyone’s after some. Feel free to pass the info on. 07716 782393
  2. Grrrrrr! Brexit! https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry-news/nissan-“satisfied”-brexit-deal-outcome-says-uk-boss
  3. grrrr! Brexit? Who’d have thought it! Business finds a way of working more efficiently! en avant mes amies! “England is an important economic partner for businesses in the department. It’s a market that matters to the people here. Our business partners want to continue working with us. In 2020, we continued to work with our English clients without difficulty. Brexit now requires us to review our logistical conditions to absorb the cost differential for our customers, ”says Jerôme Levassoire, the manager. He therefore had to adapt to compensate for transit and customs costs. “We can deliver small orders anywhere in Europe. Now that the UK is no longer a part of it, our UK customers are being asked to place one big order per month rather than small orders every week. "He is not worried about the future of his relations with his customers from across the Channel: "Our business partners want to continue working with us".
  4. Grrrrr! Brexit? Except from the Irish Times - very telling "Blame Who is to blame is another issue. The message from some State officials can be summarised simply as: we told you so. Revenue said on Thursday night that they have been warning for at least two years that vast changes were coming and traders needed to get Brexit ready, and the difficulties that industry has faced this week was “the outworking of that warning”."And...."The Revenue said on Friday that its systems were “operating fully and correctly” and that “without exception” every system-related query that it has investigated “was a user error rather than a system error.”Revenue said that traders were finding it difficult to compile or complete the required customs declarations “because, in some instances at least, the Brexit preparation messages reiterated by Revenue over at least the last two years, unfortunately for the businesses concerned, went unheeded.”"
  5. DPD not delivering because of ‘Brexit’? The French company DPD? The same DPD that is owned by La Poste, the French postal service that is 73% owned by the French Government, who would be obliged to do what the French President tells them to do? Like manufacture a ‘Brexit’ situation that could be spun in the news? Shirley not!
  6. And forget any dreams of an independent Scotland joining the EU. Spain has made it very clear it will veto any attempt by Scotland to join. Catalunya, the Basques and all that.
  7. Ah Irish trade! there is, and always has been a huge amount of dodgy trade across the Irish Sea, but especially across the NI/ROI border. Ireland’s black economy is @25% of GDP. fuel smuggling, tariff fiddling, the same cows and pigs go back and forward constantly to harvest $ millions in EU payments, Ireland is also a major drug and people smuggling hub into Europe. The terrorists didn’t go away, they merely moved into organised crime on an industrial scale. and all those rackets are going to feel the pinch with hard borders and increased checks.
  8. Increased paperwork and Tax tracking numbers on all sales was always coming..... and it was the EU that wanted it. how so? The EU commission has been aware of the huge and increasing level of VAT and Tax evasion in online sales across Europe running into $Billions. Lots of firms have been using Chinese drop shippers to fulfil orders and pocketing the VAT, a very nice little earner. The EU has pushed back their rollout of a new sales regime to close this loophole by 6 months because of Covid. So Brexit or not, everyone was going to be buying stuff from, and trading with Europe just like they do with the rest of the world - with that customs tag that no one seems to have any problem with when buying Triumph parts from America. 99% of the companies shouting ‘Grrrrr! Brexit’ are the ones with shambolic accounting systems, or have been in on the single market tax evasion scams.
  9. “SIP Scootershop is shipping Vespa & Lambretta parts to the UK as usual, also after Brexit. Basic shipping method is as known UPS Standard with a Flatrate 6 € (aprox. 5,40 GBP) per order. “Since January, 1 2021 we do not charge VAT any more to any order going to the UK, we do charge net prices as indicated in our webshop. “Our customers receive their goods within 2-3 working days as they are used to by UPS. Express Service is available at extra costs. Around 2 weeks later customers will receive a „customs invoice“ with the “import turnover tax” equivalent to UK Vat, issued by UPS. All goods being sent by us are not subject to duties. “We are happy to say in total this is not changing very much for us as a supplier nor does it change very much for our valued UK customers. We are here for you, on our UK Hotline +44 (0) 2038 701487 as well as in our UK webshop.
  10. Contrary to the hysteria of the EUrophiles, we left a dysfunctional political organisation, the EU, we did not leave Europe, a geographic entity. The much vaunted ‘biggest trading block’ represents just 15% of global trade, by 2030, it will be down to 10%. When we joined the EEC in 1973, it was 32%. We were shackled to a dying corpse in long term decline. In spite of Covid 19, the UK has just moved up to being the worlds 5th biggest economy - and will have caught up with Germany in a generation, making us the biggest economy and the most populous country in Europe. Outside the EU, we can go after the 85% of global trade denied us by the EU’s protectionist tarrifs and quotas.
  11. Load of Pooh. been happily ordering stuff post Brexit from Germany from multiple suppliers. no extra costs, drama or delays.
  12. Do you think that’s accidental? remember what I said about using technical changes to drive older cars off the road in the electric thread.
  13. Well, that’s going to kill a lot of older cars, and not just classic ones, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51731757
  14. You must have a council and housing associations like near me. By strange hap stance, a big bung of money they were given to encourage solar panels was all spent on putting panels and reaping the then large feed in tarrifs on their own offices etc.
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