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  1. Trumpets will make the piston run lower for the same mass air flow. The stock carb mouth, as SU, creates a small depression that means the piston runs higher to satisfy its "constant depression" operation. Hence fitting a trumpet abolishes the entry pressure drop and makes the piston run lower. The cruise mixture will weaken, but impossible to predict. It is easier to see if the mouth pressure drop is increased (eg with a choke plate) then the piston lifts lots to give a rich starting mixture At butterlfy openings >30 deg the pulses of flow from each iv opening are no longer choke
  2. Looks like a knuckle-walker, too primitive for ST I think. Top Gear will give him a job.
  3. Tks Miles, yes quite good on low dose DOPA and 40,000 IU pd. Magnesium also worth trying, It is marginal in most diets. Peter
  4. I think we have. But have not evolved to life without sun for half the year. Result: low D3. For overview of D3 and back pain see: https://vitamindwiki.com/Back+Pain Peter
  5. PeterC

    Impact switch

    The original TR6 PI switches are now a liability, prone to killing the engine in normal driving. After the second such exciting event, I bypassed mine,but should really fit a replacement to kill the supply to the SU. So tks JOhn. Peter
  6. New variant with 31 mutations predicted to escape antibodies from previious infections or vax: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/medrxiv/early/2021/04/04/2021.03.30.21254323.full.pdf Tanzania- Angola in Feb, here soon? Peter
  7. The problem is the PCR test is capable of detectiing a few virus particles, and cannot tell if they are viable or inactivated. Vaccine antibodies and post-infection antibodles in saliva along with innate defences promoted by D3 all inactivate the virus. Result: an ever increasing population who are non-infectious from a very low viral load , but stll testing PCR-positive. The extreme sensitivty of PCR can be seen as a disadvantage in determining whether quarantine or even a new lockdown is mandatory. Flow testa are much less sensitive than PCR and should give a better indication of
  8. should have added that if have symptoms you are probably infectious.
  9. The difficulty with symptomless transmission -whether the result of vax or not -is that the test fro "infection" cannot distinguish between viable virus and lysed (none transmissible) virus. PCR tests pick up the RNA even if it is in inactivated virus. Until tests distinguish the two I think the answer will not be forthcoming. Innate defences promoted by D lyse the virus preventing transmission but that will fail to be recognosised by PCR tests. When D3 use is widespread the epidemiologists may mistakenly be led to thinkong the virus has lost transmissibilty............ My cliinician
  10. D3 defences will catch the bugs even deep in lungs. It will also, given decent supplementation, ameliorate muscle damage; https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0749806317312823 when fighting an infection D3 does get used up, the serum level drops. So better to aim high on the dose. Holick - the grandee of D3 research and clinical utilisation - himself takes 6000 IU pd nad has for decades. It gives him a physiological serum level of ca 150 nmol/L. He advises 4000 to 6000 IU per day, noting that the Inst Med made a factor of 10 error in thier advised dosage that they h
  11. Hamish, I'm at the opposite end of the atletcism spectrum and only chanced across super-athlete immunity when searching for data on cathelicidins and D3, here: https://ueaeprints.uea.ac.uk/id/eprint/53109/2/2015_He_et_al_The_effect_of_14_weeks_of_vitamin_D3_supplementation.pdf Peter
  12. Hamish, A note of caution re extreme physical fitness: https://www.mdpi.com/2079-7737/10/5/362 For most of us exerecise benefits immune defences, but extreme excercise may do the opposite. Peter
  13. Wilco Hamish. Best not tell your wife that she has to add thousnads of feet up and down to those 66 miles ! Peter
  14. Phil, why arent the jet engines also coated in white powder ? A quick search suggests the fuel de-icer is a glycol, and should burn cleanly Peter
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