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The Sideways' picture headline


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The busy state of the Sideways board and  that it contains so much interesting and useful information, as well as friendly chatter says much for the users.     That this forum, in effect the 'official' Forum Announcements site, has not needed anything in it for years says even more for our esteemed data manager, Craig!    But why are the pictures that go across the banner head of the Sideways so old?

The first is a lovely picture of a couple at their(?) wedding, which was years ago!    All the others that appear are from before that!

I presume this feature picks photos at random that are posted on the board, and displays them in the headline, as I can't see a way to post a pic there directly.    Has this feature been disabled, or just not activated?    Craig already takes on a Board workload above and beyond any duty - would people want to ask him to update this?


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