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Won't arrive till Christmas, but I bought a properly fitted composite road bike (human powered variant) with Di2/Ultegra/Powermeter etc.  Did an independant bike fit recently that showed I've been riding frames a little too large, so I'm going to sell the gravel bike, retire my mech geared/rim brake Defy to the trainer, and buy a M/L one of these https://www.giant-bicycles.com/au/defy-advanced-pro-0-2024 .  They had large in stock, but while on paper I'm in between a M/L and a large, I jumped on a large in store, and it trying to shrink the cockpit to fit me properly was sub optimal.  Better to wait and stretch a M/L to fit, than spend all those sheckles and be on something slightly compromised for years.

Will pick up a second set of wheels for light gravel use.

I've made a habit of only buying second hand till now, but I figure I've put in enough work to reward myself with something straight from the showroom that's perfectly fitted, has all the good bit's I've coveted on other bikes, and should last a good long while.

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Fair enough :smile:

DI2 though…. :confused:
Our household (ok, a very specific household member) experience with cycling electronics is 100% failure rate, usually a week after warranty expires. DI2 has been the cause of 2x DNF and a DNS when racing. The DNS was especially irritating as SM drove 100 miles to Cardiff with a replacement rear mech, but was held up in traffic and arrived just too late to save the day.

When they die, that’s it. No field repair/bodge possible and a big bill.

He’s been strictly mechanical gears since (reinforced by his GF having a failure when racing), until very recently. Now he’s wanting me to modify another older frame so we can get DI2 wire through. The memory has obviously worn off…..

It is fair to say that he does give his kit a comprehensive beating in all weathers.

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