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  2. bank account madness

    I have used the mob once when I really needed it. At IWE last year in my tent at near midnight I could not raise Isy back home on the land line, After an hour I decided she must be in trouble. So rang her daughter, s-i-l, grandsons on their 4 mobile smart whotsits - all switched off. And their land line had been taken out. So rang our neighbours 1 mile away, who drove round to wake up a very surprised Isy. Not sure which wins, mobile or landline but hardly a clear win for either. Can mobile phones work when charging ? Peter
  3. bank account madness

    I can't match that - but my personal mobile is still a Nokia 6310i...... Nick
  4. bank account madness

    Peter That isn't Ludditism. That is a level of communication nirvana that is well worth aspiring to... Paul
  5. Cam follower failure

    Hello Alan The Newman steel ones are ground o/d but ends are greyish? I do not know how they compare to Triumph type as I have binned them all! The overall length is 1.750" and wall thickness is 0.060"(44.5mm & 1.5mm) weight 1.68oz (47.5g) and no oil hole and a very small chamfer Roger
  6. Cam follower failure

    There's another on cam follower failure on a site no one has heard of: http://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/64631-musical-engine/ John
  7. Latest little project

    These are the formers ive been using on this jobby
  8. Cam follower failure

    If they are hardened and grey, don't forget to polish before fitting! Alan
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  10. bank account madness

    Janner, My digital ludditism extends to never having sent or received a text message....lack of a mobile signal at home partly to blame for that. My mobile phone is used maybe a half dozen times a year...
  11. Cam follower failure

    Hello Nick This makes me feel better about spending the extra £,s on the Newman steel cam followers. I know the Triumph ones were good its all the mickey Mouse stuff about (I must have been lucky with Spitty,s current engine ) when I put the reground cam in I just fitted the cheapest followers off Fleabay!!!! Up to now 30,000 + miles later no problems? That,s if I ever get this engine built? Spent all day Saturday doing FREE diy for the daughter then Saturday night our house water pumps failed(we have a well) so no water? Filled a few buckets with rain water to flush the bog in the night and spent yesterday and today trying to get a temporary fix(new pump ordered)managed after a fashion(long story!) Bad news is pump may come tomorrow or Wednesday but the weather forecast is Cr***p and they are outside next to the well head ! O the JOY of living the GOOD life off grid Still the GOOD news is the wine delivery from Italy is being delivered tomorrow so B***ger the tea its Vino? Roger
  12. Cam follower failure

    http://www.triumphexp.com/phorum/read.php?2,1507406 link to a thread on the Triumph Experience that I missed at the time. INteresting Nick
  13. bank account madness

    Peter Like you, i find it incomprehensible that anyone would allow a business, access to their financial data. People seem to forget that any business interested in their financial position, wants only one thing, your money. Honest people and honest businesses will always work together We have always managed to work together in the past, so why do we now have to do it in microseconds? Unlike you, I do, through necessity, use on line banking. We have been scammed once and the bank was great. We have limits set with our banks, so that with ANY outgoing of more than £100, we get a text message. With this scam, the money never left our account. The bank just cancelled the debit card and sent out a replacement. All done and dusted in 4 working days.
  14. bank account madness

    If your looking at Bitcoin you are too late, i know a few people who have made a decent amount off them (my mate at work just cashed in for £13k) but thats because they "mined" the coins in the early days when the Blockchain was small enough to be processable by a desktop computer. Buying now is lunacy, but people are doing it because they heard the rumour people got rich, it will be these people who loose the little money they cannot afford unfortunately. A lot of companies are very good with big data, mainly because it would be catastrophic for business to be caught out, your amazon, paypal, google checkout etc, along with your big back end players like RSA and VeriSign.
  15. Spectre & Meltdown

    The level of impact you will suffer from the performance hit on the patches depends application by application as it depends on how many "system calls" the application makes. We develop a lot of time critical bits of software and to be honest the performance hit has been less than 10%, in the world we work in security is the number one priority though so that hit is worth it. To be honest for a desktop home user its not really that big a deal and i wouldn't be desperate to patch, the perpetrator would have to have access to the system in the first place. The worry is more for big business and cloud computing. It should also be noted there has been no known exploits of this code yet in the wild so to speak. They both really need a vehicle to carry them and harvest the data like a trojan horse, on a desktop PC it would be simpler just to use a keylogger, the interesting point of these comes when your talking about a company harvesting many peoples data without input, spectre and meltdown could sit watching and harvesting all the data being processed aka many customers private data.
  16. Latest little project

    Thanks guys. I had a 28mm thick metal former wired out of an old mound tool back plate. Think I have a pic somewhere.....will try and dig it out.
  17. Latest little project

    Nice work. Did you form the curved return over a wooden pattern? Nick
  18. Latest little project

    Boot floors, now Inner Wing Supports, Full body shells next year?
  19. Spectre & Meltdown

    Thanks Paul. Messing with the BIOS I think I'll leave to the wizards in Ruthin. Mind you I'm the slowest link so doubt I'd notice a slowed laptop. Maybe I'll wait until the hackers are making serious disruption globally. Peter
  20. bank account madness

    I hear that a lot of firms are changing their names to include "Blockchain". Maybe an idea for the Register
  21. bank account madness

    Peter, people who have got rich with Bitcoin remind me of the old joke about the Indian Rope Trick - lots of people have heard about it, but nobody has actually seen it. Paul
  22. Have been scouring around for a new pair of front inner arch reinforcements for the 6. Now it appears BMH still make these, but now they only come attached to the complete inner arch assembly Chuffing expensive!! Sooooooo
  23. bank account madness

    Paul, I regard ernie as a high rsk investment . I may not get rich but I can sleep at night not worrying about the markets. Bitcoin....smells of Ponzi. Peter
  24. Microfiche

    Thanks for the heads up Roger. Will keep the garage warm!!
  25. bank account madness

    Peter In a similar vein, Bitcoin... oh lordy! A rather wordy background and cautionary tale, courtesy of the ever-engaging Mr MoneyMustache: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2018/01/02/why-bitcoin-is-stupid/ Paul
  26. Morning All Undoubtedly, you are all aware of the latest security flaw in our PCs, the Spectre and Meltdown risks. The patch that removes the Meltdown threat and reduces the Spectre risk is a change to the BIOS and not the operating system, so this will come from your computer or chip manufacturer and not Microsoft or Google, although there are follow-up patches both to operating systems and anti-virus programmes. I am running a Dell XPS laptop with W10 and an i7 chip and have notices a fairly significant drop in performance. I have also noticed lots of conflicts in the small office network I run (Faststone, Acrobat and AutoCAD not recognising remote files, slow website loading, etc.) It looks as if there will be a lot of catching up to do on the router and mass storage device we use. If you want to check whether your computer is protected, the following link will take you through the process: https://www.howtogeek.com/338801/how-to-check-if-your-pc-is-protected-against-meltdown-and-spectre/ This is to check the settings and it is important to copy and paste line-by-line through the whole process, including the reversal of permissions in the final section. Tedious and time consuming, but not difficult. The important thing is to make sure that your device - and, by default, your personal data - is secure. Cheers Paul
  27. bank account madness

    If you find that film interesting Peter, look on Youtube for the others in the BBC Billion Dollar Deals series. I found the one about the pharmaceutical industry particularly worrying. Cheers, Darren
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