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  1. Part no 903599 - and then the trim (glazing part): 613955 ? From my spare parts catalogue, 3. edition (all mk 3 spitfires)
  2. I have had several of those handles in my hands, all had the key-number stamped on the rod. I even managed to get a blank cut by asking a locksmith with the number only. He had them in the computer (in Denmark...) . I have only seen them with FS keys.
  3. Do you have a picture ? Agree with above! Then: I would open up the outrigger where its welded to the mail rail (underside) - although looking good from outside, I have never seen one without rust there.
  4. Probably all made by Taylor Pressform https://www.taylorpressform.co.uk/ Might even do the Heritage panels for BMH with BMH's own tooling... Have worked with both OE and Steel Craft outer sills, always go for OE...
  5. From memory next time will be no. 20 :-)
  6. @JohnD what I did try to tell was - it would never happen here in Denmark; not now and not then. Sandemose, yep! If you asked a Dane if he or shw knew who designed the Oresund bridge, he/she wouldn't be able to answer ... Speaking as an engineer the old bridge shown was a very fine example showing how forces are distributed in the construction.
  7. You have wonderful bridges left from the last century - in Denmark, they have been replaced with concrete - or just removed. The 'Old langelinje-bridge' done by a (in Denmark!) famous constructor (Anker Engelund) next to the harbor of Copenhagen was my favorite, but the Council and the harbour authorities had a fight about repair costs, ending its life. Now replaced with an ugly concrete bridge. Old bridge: https://kbhbilleder.dk/kbh-arkiv/92573 - taken down in 1992. A plate on it? No way, we still pray to the law of Jante :-/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Law_of_Jante
  8. :-) Nice car btw - mine was about FD 4295L (if memory serves me) From this to this (don't ask how many years etc) - and then I sold it ...
  9. They often go there: Should weld up easily - frame only used on mk 3 to FD 7500 ish? so not easy to get hold on s/h. A good old fashioned blacksmith should be able to help with the rivet if you can not use af cut down bolt. But need to be able to pivot, if its the big one in the picture :-)
  10. Second that! Cheers, Mad welder :-)
  11. Second that. Jens - from Denmark too.
  12. Looking good! Could be interested in the panels you mention, but don't know when I will be able to pick them up though. Painters in Denmark only works for insurance companies and the rest are just there for your money...
  13. @John: If you look at your drawing - the current (yes, I know - electrons 'walks' opposite, but forget that!) will go through your diode and make a short across the LED (i.e. there will only be aprox 0,7v left on the LED). That's not what you want. Long time since I did electronics, but why not put a capacitor - it will not draw DC but send spikes down on ground.
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