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  1. JMH

    TRR - new Forum Rules

    Second that! Cheers, Mad welder :-)
  2. JMH

    May's Brexit Plan

    Second that. Jens - from Denmark too.
  3. JMH

    TR4A project in Esbjerg

    Looking good! Could be interested in the panels you mention, but don't know when I will be able to pick them up though. Painters in Denmark only works for insurance companies and the rest are just there for your money...
  4. JMH

    Leccy TR6

    I like :-)
  5. JMH

    Durability of LEDs

    @John: If you look at your drawing - the current (yes, I know - electrons 'walks' opposite, but forget that!) will go through your diode and make a short across the LED (i.e. there will only be aprox 0,7v left on the LED). That's not what you want. Long time since I did electronics, but why not put a capacitor - it will not draw DC but send spikes down on ground.
  6. Looking good me thinks, but as Nick tells: Patience pills required! And yes, avoid the 'new' rubber washers - its sh*t IMHO. Use some of the alu washers and ad a piece of conveyor belt or equal to lower resonans, noise etc. There are an official guide about how to put it all back on the frame: http://vitessesteve.co.uk/ServiceTrainingNotes - see "Body - Herald - Vitesse - range"
  7. @John - how much load is on the relay?
  8. JMH

    Popping a somewhat different hood

    I just recently recommissioned a good friends B&O turntable 4004 - needed a lot of work, but came out very nice. Not easy to find spareparts now, but did find one here in Denmark doing belts and correct profile rubber bands for the carriage. Did a lot of work on B&O tube tv's - but now its just a few capacitors, or the bin... My ancient Harman Kardon amp gave up last month, don't really know if I am going to fix it. Lack of time...
  9. JMH

    Item: Andy Thompson

    Sweden was indeed a good market for the big saloons in the 60's and 70's and as they don't use a huge amount of salt on their roads, quite a few has survived.
  10. JMH

    Fuel hoses revisited

    Need new hoses for my mk3 spit: running dellorto carbs and a huco fuel pump. AN6 fittings (bought cheap!). Any recommendations? SAE 30r9 - but from where? Found these on fleabay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1m-x-3-8-Goodyear-Biodiesel-E85-Ethanol-OK-rubber-fuel-hose-10-mm-SAE-J30R9/162616640911?hash=item25dcb5058f:g:UM4AAOSw7pNZonG0&vxp=mtr /Jens - Copenhagen
  11. Green one doesn't look that bad, but need some welding to rectify what has already been done. Brown one - wow :-)
  12. JMH


    ...and I'm one of them, so 1000 x thanks too :-)
  13. JMH

    Driving Habits Of The Aged.....

    Started here in Denmark for about a year ago (new legislation, you can get your driving license at an age of 17), you need to have a relative with a valid license with you. Believe it has been copied from Germany and ... Sweden?