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  1. Do we need an IT forum?

    Chaps Most domestic modem/routers have a 'reset' pinhole. Check your particular device's instructions on this, but generally you will get a 'cleaner' reboot if, rather than switching off and on, you use a pin and press the reset button for three or four seconds, then release it. This clears its internal memory and there are tangible benefits in speed, connection, etc. I say read the instructions, because all the routers I have come across have a default to factory settings (something you probably don't want) if you press the reset button for more than ten seconds. I did this on a cantankerous office router once (a fact I have never hitherto admitted...) and comprehensively buggered the internet connection. The IT chappie who solved the problem (and supplied the new cable modem) told me a story about a call he received whilst working on an IT helpline. The caller couldn't get his PC to start up. Helpline chappie took him through the usual checklist ("Is it plugged in? Are all the cables connected securely? Have you fiddled with anything with a seal on it? etc.), but still no success. Anticipating a product return, the helpline chappie asked for the product code. "I can't see it," replies the caller, "Why?" "It's too dark," "Okay... can you turn a light on?" "Of course I can't!" "Why?" "Because we're in the middle of a power cut..." Paul
  2. Friday...

    A much talked about but rarely seen entity who has the power to both create and confiscate your toys in the blink of an eyelid. A bit like a TRR director.
  3. When Einstein died, he was greeted at the pearly gates by God himself. After St Peter had conducted the usual niceties ("God, Einstein. Einstein, God"), Einstein tackled God on the Big Question - "can you explain The World?" God took him to a large room with a large number of blackboards, took up a piece of chalk and started rattling through some pretty complicated formulae and equations. Dozens of boards and several sticks of chalk later, God stood back, waiting for Einstein to admire His work. Einstein brooded, stepped forward, pointed to a particularly obscure bit of mathematical scribbling on one of the blackboards and said to God, "you've made a mistake here" God fractionally raised an eyebrow and replied, "Exactly."
  4. TR3/4 4xSU CARBS ?

    True, they don't. Seems pretty difficult to get the PI manifolds out of true - I wonder if it's intentional. This looks a bit better:
  5. TR3/4 4xSU CARBS ?

    Hamish Less in-period, but somewhat more businesslike is this 4-carb option. This version for the TR6 certainly got my blood pumping. All in an idealistic, forget-the-practicalities sort of way, of course. I recall that somebody posted a six Kehlin installation on a '6 in the Other Place, for which he had fabricated the manifolds and throttle linkages himself. I have a small framed image of that one on my mantelpiece, garlanded with a perpetual candle and burning incense Paul
  6. Graveyard of the Warriors

    Come on, Nick. Surely I don't need to add an emoji to flag up sarcasm I'm certain the Austin 1300 in the opening shot is road-ready - tyres inflated, equipped with an AA badge... ready to roll! Paul
  7. Graveyard of the Warriors

    "... soon..." Why so negative, Alan? A lot of them have number plates and therefore must already be road legal, no?
  8. Just stumbled upon this sad sight: There are things there to bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened Triumphista. There's a sidescreen TR at 1.23, next to a magnificent turd-brown Austin Princess, which I have already set my heart on. Paul
  9. Hello from Devon

    Hello Iain and welcome amongst the descenting Roundheads Paul
  10. It's a fair point - I've just checked my A6 (well, seconded an offspring to stand in the cold whilst I sat in comfort and pressed the button) and... it has one on each side.
  11. Alan, I think the poor conditions and the low resolution of the video are to blame - there is no sign of brake lights coming on either. But when the HGV leaves the blacktop at 0.30 in the video and kicks up so much powder that the pile-up is near-invisible to approaching vehicles, I wondered why no high-intensity fog lights were to be seen - the conditions would demand them. I found the answer here. Unbelievable...
  12. First Visit

    It's an insurance policy to avoid having to pay the housing association (again...) for 'special cleaning'. I work on the basis that drips are a good sign - if it's British and doesn't leak, it must be empty. It's an outlook that has proven reliable through the upbringing of two children Paul
  13. First Visit

    Like Roger's, the picture of my garage captures a large proportion of my parts and consumables stock. Unlike Roger's, my stock fits in the shoe box captured in living colour in the middle of the picture, which can be whisked away to a secure location at the end of a fettling session. One of the pleasures of a communal subterranean garage... To be precise, Nick, there are two cars in the picture (mine). And a Chrysler 300. My neighbour acquired said 'thing' in what can only be described as an unaccountable aberration of judgement. Paul
  14. Haha! Same here, Peter - my first was a 1969 Traveller in Teal Blue. I can even remember the registration number - ROM366G. I learnt to double de-clutch to overcome the worn synchromesh on 2nd and on more than one occasion had seven people in it. It bore the trauma of my engineering incompetence remarkably well - I still marvel at the fact that I replaced the blown head gasket without the slightest regard for good practice and it held good for the remaining year of my ownership. I treated dry rot in the frame and p'ex-ing for a Ford Fiasco was one of life's Great Mistakes. Paul
  15. Hello from Warsaw

    Hi Roger Likewise - I'm here for the inappropriate behaviour. In the meantime, I took full advantage of the window of opportunity this weekend, between the final sign off from the quack (and hence SWSBO) and the arrival of a disappointingly large amount of snow this morning to get a good few km under the belt in the '6 on Saturday and Sunday. Hovering around zero, rictus grin freeze-dried onto the chops and it was absolutely, unquestionably, indisputably brilliant. Finished off with a 10pm blast of tomfoolery through the centre of town and finally, finally, received admiring waves from strangers of the female persuasion! Paul