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  1. ebay

    Evening, fellow wizened ones I had the sobering experience of my first ebay auction this month and I'm wondering what I failed to do right. I stuck up my old 22D distributor and it went (second time round) for £102 + £20 postage. Buyer paid by Paypal and hey presto, the first charge appears - £5.57 listed as 'charges', followed by an offensively unfavourable conversion rate from GBP to PLN. The money takes nearly three weeks to be released (well, shit happens), then a bill arrives today from ebay in PLN for - give or take - £12.50. So, the charges on the actual purchase price amount to 18%, plus a crap exchange rate. Did I do something wrong or is trading on ebay really this shite? I only stepped up to the 'bay because there is patently no market for a 22D in Poland, but our e-trader equivalent (Allegro) offers a flat 10% on the sale price (not sale + postage) and no bullshit from Paypal. Cheers Mr Grumpy
  2. Still Waiting For GT 6-3-1 Manifold

    Hi Nick I speak only as a casual observer from a ring-side seat, but the spats that GT got into on the TRR forum always seem to follow a well-rehearsed path, starting with a confrontational response to some poor unwitting soul who expressed an opinion in his field of expertise, followed by increasingly acrimonious responses to anybody whose view did not coincide exactly with his, culminating in ad hominem assaults on the victim, his family and practically anybody within a 10-mile radius. Usual wrapped up in the most fascinating contortions of language. As one completely unable to judge the engineering content, it was difficult not to suspect that his increasing hysteria was hiding a position that could well have been fundamentally incorrect. It would have been amusing, were it not for the fact that his most recent tirade offered the carrot for the pre-industrial dinosaurs hiding behind the TRR committee (or whatever pulls its strings) to close At The Bar. Cheers Paul
  3. Still Waiting For GT 6-3-1 Manifold

    Is this the same 'Gareth' who experiences bouts of Tourette's on the TRR forum? Is it true that he is ensconced somewhere in the Baltics? Cheers Paul
  4. Health.....

    Thanks, Nick. Indeed. The digitally-oriented doctor I saw last year observed sagely that its prevalence can be measured by the probability that far more men die with PCa than of it. Paul
  5. Health.....

    Hi Nick Really sorry to read this and I suppose that the small consolation is that you discovered it early enough to decide how to proceed. You noted that your PSA was/is well within normal limits and I just wondered how you ended up being diagnosed. During my 2017 MOT, I was seen by a doctor who recommended that the PSA test was cross-referenced with the index finger test, but when I had this year's general inspection following January's bout of pneumonia, a different doctor dismissed any fallibility of PSA out of hand. Well done for posting - received wisdom appears to be that men do not talk enough about the disease. The breakthrough with breast cancer is increasingly associated with ceasing to regard it as a taboo subject, on the basis that the more it is discussed, the more likely it is to be caught early. All the best Paul
  6. ... and the chancers are out there on ebay: Signed by Stephen Hawking So, it occurred to me that the dusty thumb print in my grandmother's ancient Bible might be significant. I'm getting my mate Bob to certify it for me and it will be appearing on ebay - Rare Copy of The Bible signed by J Christ (His Thumbprint) The question is what I should be asking for it. Ten grand feels about right. Paul
  7. Proctoscope

    Ah, thank you. I would gladly do the promised jig, but this weekend we moved business premises and I am a little short of breath (and patience).
  8. Proctoscope

    Thank you, John Fortunately, I noticed the postage cost before pressing the Buy it now! button: Paul
  9. Proctoscope

    I am grateful for the anecdotal support for ten quid endoscopes, but I would be dancing a merry jig if one of you fine gents would post a link to the source of the device you are satisfied with.
  10. Proctoscope

    It is the fate of the name: John Knox's The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of Women may not have curried favour with our better halves either.
  11. ZDDP ppm mis-labelling

    Hi Darren Two interesting statements in the Duckham's statement: " The 0.12% maximum concentration of ZDDP has been shown to not only be compliant with the regulations, but also provide perfect amounts of anti-wear protection" ... and: " The presence of Zinc doesn’t necessarily mean that it is ZDDP. Zinc in pure form offers anti-oxidation properties to motor oil but in itself does not contribute to anti–wear protection" Both appear to offer clear information, but can be read in the light of Peter's guidance as disingenuous, at best. Trying to hide uncomfortable facts in broad daylight, perchance? Paul
  12. Proctoscope

    Steve A good point, well made - currently soaking the bugger... John, I too bought a ten quid one which is, as set out in the original post, faecal in quality. Do you happen to have a link or reference for your good one? Your PS reminds me of the Derek & Clive sketch about God's intention to mount a third eyeball on the end of the right index finger. For easier inspection. Paul
  13. Chaps I’m looking for an inexpensive proctoscope endoscope, both for car and DIY purposes, one with its own integrated light source and a USB connection to plug into either a smart phone or a laptop. I bought a cheap one recently on ebay and it is... well, crap (if you will forgive the pun) - laughable picture quality and no way of determining which way is 'up'. Any suggestions or recommendations? Paul
  14. Happy Birthday PaulAA

    Hi Darren Many thanks for forwarding this - much appreciated! On the basis that I am now a pariah, to whom the town gates are closed, would you be kind enough to respond to the good gents with a thank you? Please let them know that it is damn cold here in Purgatory, but I'm in touch with the Devil and have asked him to thrown another MG or two on the brazier. Cheers Paul
  15. Hello from Warsaw

    Well, thank you, chaps! It's not quite so witheringly cold here today... a refreshing -10degC and so rather warmer than the startling -23degC we had earlier in the week. In these temperatures, this week's snowfall on the terrace has been a useful example of sublimation for the teenage scientists at home - 6cm on Thursday and nothing today. But sadly, there is so much dry salt on the roads that the '6 is staying put in the garage. Paul