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  1. John, this is uncharacteristic pessimism! According to the vigilant Mr Google, a Triumph 6-cylinder block has yet to make it into the public realm as an eye-catching coffee table. What an opportunity! Paul
  2. Goodness, John... haven't tuned in for a couple days and so only just seen the carnage. You seem remarkably philosophical - I would be wiped out... Paul
  3. Chaps Sideways doesn't have a brand logo (a good thing), but it could have (in the dire parlance of modern PR) a "brand ambassador" and I came across a willing candidate this morning whilst being dragged around the newly-opened local shopping centre. He's bullish about the task and, as you can see from his expression, resolute, determinded and direct. No messing with him. Paul
  4. I appreciate that this is neither a Triumph nor even a car, but this chap's skills with paper and glue is remsrkable: However, I watched carefully and I'm pretty sure he folded it from more than one sheet of paper... Paul
  5. PaulAA

    Impact switch

    Thanks, Nick. Pretty sure mine's original. But it does do the fuel vaporisation malarkey in hot weather. Howerever, I'd assumed that this was the result of under-pressurisation, rather than too much.
  6. PaulAA

    Impact switch

    Forgive the slight (but not irrelevant) thread drift... at the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious, the question of an inertia trip would only be relevant in the carb TR6, were the mechanical fuel pump to be replaced by an electric one. Which is a good jumping-off point to seek opinions on replacing said mechanical pump. I understand that a pump pushing around 2psi would be adequate for twin SUs, like the Facet Posi-Flo. Question is, does it make sense? Paul
  7. I had this on the lad's W124. It doesn't have aircon, but the blower was asthmatic and had an annoying squeak at anything above setting 'I' Mr Google provided a film explaining what to do - access is from ahead of the firewall, but easy and straightforward and, having cleared thirty years' of dead... stuff... a small amount of grease was applied to the cylinder fan bearings. Setting 'I' now removes loose items of clothing and setting 'II' is roughly equivalent to Beaufort Scale 9, visibly rippling the cheeks of the front seat occupants. We've not tried setting 'III' yet, lest it do
  8. Agreed, Hamish - also interesting to watch his two-cylinder prototype Mini engine rebuild.
  9. Coincidentally, I circulated this to some of the vocal doubters in the ex-pat community here this morning. The key phrase is “Last week, the Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine said that for the first time, most Covid patients in ICU were under 40” Their third wave is explosive, thanks, in no small measure, to the imbecile Bolsonaro. Paul
  10. Colin You don't need to pay. Google offers two options for photo storage - native and optimised (or something like that... can't remember the phrase they use). In native format, the limit is 15GB of storage, but if you allow them to 'optimise' the images, the storage becomes unlimited. At maximum quality, a phone picture file will be up to 15MB and the 'optimisation' will reduce that to 12MB. For us avarage folk, there is no discernable difference between the two qualities and I now back-up thousands of images there and progressively strip them off my phone to save space. Paul
  11. John Android is a bu88er for setting up folders and not telling you where stuff is stored. I appear to have approximately ten folders on my phone, inexplicably containing both unique and duplicated images. It takes ages to sort it out into some vestige of coherence, only for the phenomenon to repeat shortly afterwards... I would strongly recommend arranging a back-up for your phone pictures. Much as I am reluctant to assit their domination of the world, the easiest for Android systems is to use the free storage capacity in a Google account. This also means that you can access your
  12. Phil, I would venture to say that this is your best approach. I have no way of knowing whether it helped me, but with a history of chest infections and age not exactly in my favour, I did the 'hammerblow' the day I tested positive and appear to have got over it relatively lightly. Are you being tested? Paul
  13. Thank you, chaps. I'll stick with cork - might even be some blighter in this neck of the woods who has one... Paul
  14. Super - thanks, Nick I see you use a cork gasket. Persuing Rimmers, it appears they offer a silicone version specifically for the alloy rocker cover, but at a premium. Not worth it, I assume..? Paul
  15. John I have one of those and it is somewhere north of useless. It seems that the world of borescopes falls into two catergories - cheap, small & useless or brilliant, substantial & hideously expensive. My brother-in-law offered me some of his old dental mirrors, which seems like a better option... Paul
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