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Efi Conversion



Fuel Rail Question...


So I'm in the middle of getting all the parts together to replace the Lucas Mechanical PI system on my car to a modern EFI system, more for reliability, ease of tuning and saving petrol than there being anything wrong with the current set up, and I have a question re the fueling.


I have the shiney new fuel rail ready to drill out and I was wondering if I need a pressure relief valve on the end of the fuel rail to keep fuel in the rail supplying the injectors or not? This question has arisen out of when I purchased a set of Bosch injectors from a BMW the fuel rail has one on the end. I have an adjustable fuel regulator mounted on the bulk head to ensure the fuel entering the rail is at the correct pressure from the pump but wasn't sure about fitting a PRV at the other end or not?






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As Craig says - make it a thread and you'll get some answers. We're not really used to the blogging bit!


The answer is - you need a fuel pressure regulator somewhere. Doesn't actually have to be on the end of the fuel rail but it should be in the return line and of the vacuum referenced type so that the fuel rail is maintained at a constant pressure above manifold pressure.


You don't need to buy a posh one - there are loads of OEM ones out there.



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