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2500 TC

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That looks gorgeous.  If only it were an estate.....

I had a holiday in Holland over the summer, in and near the water.  Man, those Dutch look after their old stuff.  There were 80 year old tug boats that looked brand new, and the most beautiful of yachts; all immaculate.

Saw a few 80's cars too, that were in fantastic condition.





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Looks very tidy bodily - as it should for the money.  Though being a nasty suspicious person, paint that shiny always makes me wonder what's really under it!

Presumably it's really a 2500TC (ad seems conflicted though my Polish is poor to non-existent) not an S - has the short manifold and HS4 carbs.  Something strange with the interior and dash too - early dials and some additions.  Not seen seats like that before.....


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