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Nick Jones

GT6 hatch seal

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Trying to get a seal for my GT6 hatch sorted so I can fettle the hatch fit "under load", as it were.

This is the seal between body lip and hatch.  The PO (bless him!) had slung all the old seals, so I don't know what the original looked like.  Bought one from MEV Spares that quoted the OE number (as do Rimmers, Canleys, Paddocks et al) and this is one that they call a "top seal" where the bubble sits above the push-on channel. 


The pic doesn't quite match what I have - the bubble is soft foam rubber about 11mm in diameter and has a further 5mm tail sticking straight up.  It's soft and squashy, but the chance of getting the hatch shut with it in place is the square root of FA. So it's wrong.

Found this old thread on CT forum
Where people variously suggest they should actually be side seals where the bubble (or lip) sits along-side the push-on channel. There is also the the debate as to whether it should be bubble (pic), double bubble (no pic) .......... 


or lip


Don't care what's original, just want something that works.....

Can anyone advise please?



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Hi Nick

I have the lip type seal on my Mk2. I thought it was OK until last night until I realised that the top section of the seal (ie along the hinges) had flipped itself inwards. I have held it the correct position with some temporary gaffer tape and shut the hatch to try a re-train it.

Please keep us posted on your investigations.


PS Pleased to see you back in the garage where you belong !.

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