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  1. Yes the diode fits in between the alternator and the warning light. The banded end on the diode connects to the alternator side. John
  2. I have just had the same problems as you have had, first with the plug leads needing changing around and then engine not stopping when switched off. I hopefully have sorted this by fitting a diode in the circuit from alternator to the warning light. I used a SR5100 5A 100V Schottky Germanium Rectifier Diode 5 Amp, sourced on the Internet auction site. My car is converted from dynamo to alternator with the regulator control box removed and the smaller wires for the ignition light circuit are joined together at this point, so I fitted the diode here. Seems to work fine, engine stops when asked
  3. I originally fitted one of Chris Witors sports systems to my 2000mk1 together with the 6 2 1 manifold. I found the system a bit noisy, especially as I was planning to do the RBRR, so changed the straight through centre pipe to the semi sport which has an additional silencer. This made it much more acceptable while still having a sporty sound.
  4. Hi John I did mean towed car, (slip of typing finger) and yes I agree with your comments with regard towing weights. Fortunately our 'Tow' vehicle, our motor home, has the capacity to safely pull the cars we use as towed cars.
  5. Hi Johnd I have seen similar programs myself and am aware of the potential issues. Perhaps with the heavier weights involved this is probably a concern. With the relatively lower weights involved with my application, it doesn't, or hasn't yet proved to be a problem. But as I said to Nick, I will keep an eye on things.
  6. Thanks for your compliments Nick and I note your concerns. I do keep an eye on things, with both our tow cars being regularly maintained and checked, the other car, my wife's audi a1, is used daily so will show any problems sooner than the triumph.
  7. We have towed our cars behind our motor home without any problems and have travelled all over the country. For the 2018 Rbbr, we towed my triumph 2000 to near the start (200 miles) then did the rbbr before returning home behind the motor home, didn't have any problems.
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