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DIY Powder coating

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On previous restorations I've been disapointed with the durability of coatings on suspension components, wishbones, brackets etc. Using gloss cellulose on exposed parts, easily chips and marks. Many years ago I did get some parts powder coated, still looked good when I sold the car years later.

Toying with the idea of buying a DIY powder coating kit. Anyone had a go? What do you think.

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In principle the home powder coating kits are great, but unless you have access to an industrial sized oven you will be restricted on the size component you can coat.

Smaller items can go into the household oven (if you have a VERY understanding partner!) but it will stink the house out.


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I've been doing home powder coating for a few years now, and use it instead of paint whenever i can.  It's true that the oven is usually the limiting factor in terms of the size of parts.  I bought the largest toaster oven I could find (It bragged that it could handle two 16 inch pizzas).  It can easily handled all of my suspension (and many other) parts except the TR6 trailing arms.

Here is some info on mods to the oven:

http://bullfire.net/Powdercoat Oven/Powdercoat Oven.html



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