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Spitfire Door Shells Through The Ages

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Spun off from my project thread to share some possibly useful/mildly interesting information relating to Spitfire (and GT6) doors

So the story goes that the Spitfire Mk1 and early Mk2 were fitted with the twist type outer door handle and a 'pin' type latch. Like this


The later Mk2 and Mk3 got the push button outer handle and anti-burst latch


Although it's not stated I'm guessing the change coincided with the Mk1 GT6 coming along as these also came with additional holes for the GT6 quarterlights and an enlarged hole upper centre with holes for the GT6 door pull.

The flush outer handles and inner handles were introduced with the Mk IV Spitfire / GT6 Mk3 with the shells modified again to suit although retaining the pressings/holes to take the earlier fittings for back compatibility with the earlier models, except the Mk1/early Mk2.


My assumption had always been that the change happened mid-Mk2 run and that was that. But then I found a picture of this door. Described as a Mk1 door my first thoughts were that someone had modified a later door but looking more closely it actually looks like a proper factory transition panel. Makes sense I guess as there would be a requirement to provide spares for a few years. But hey learn something new every day as they say.


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