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  1. The journal seems a somewhat pretentious predatory journal. No reported impact factor and only 28 papers published - all of which are very vaccine sceptic. I doubt this is real science . Had it been proper science, the authors would have chosen a general accepted journal. It not difficult to get your science accepted in a proper journal. I cannot seem to find the journal on pubmed. Best wishes Nick B
  2. Today I cancelled my hotel and plane to London in June, as Denmark didn't make it to the green list of countries. Bollocks. Cheers Nick
  3. While this is a tragic case, I believe this is one of the cases that are more complex. The swedish enthusiast anted to build his replica as base for a business producing c-types. Jaguar did offer to drop charges if he did not pursue business, and he could keep his solobuild. However, he wanted to make a business out of copying jags, which is a completely different thing than just make a replica for your own amusement. So while this case look a lot like a little man against a large company, it is actually more a case of one business that want to build multiple replicas using jaguars intellectual property. Best wishes Nick
  4. By november hopefully I will defend my phd in cardiology. I have investigated how to create an artificial intelligence that eavesdrops on emergency calls and identify patients in cardiac arrest, which usually presents a challenge to medical dispatchers. I managed to develop a model which surpass the trained medical dispatchers recognition of cardiac arrest by 10%. Quite fun working with AI, even though I cannot fully grasp the consequences. I am quite sure though that I have not invented skynet though :-) It is lovely working with british steel again rather than zeros and ones. Cheers Nick
  5. It wasn't actually 10CR that put me off, it was my phd-thesis that had to be written. I handed the thesis in a month ago, and are now starting to breathe again - hence, the Spitfire are getting well deserved attention :-) . And the new oil pipe for the mechanical gauge are in the mail on its way to me today. Hopefully it is ready for next 10CR - i have got another two years now.
  6. JAMA just published a paper on using your iwatch to record a multichannel ECGs (leads I, II, III, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, and V6) https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamacardiology/fullarticle/2770022 Cheers Nick
  7. Yesterday I was to exchange the startermotor on my Spitfire. As you know, a quite straightforward job on a spitfire. Apart from the oilpressuregauge T-piece was in the way and had to be removed in order to retrieve the starter. Next, my oversized KN-oilfilter was in the way, and had to be unscrewed. Upon tightening bits and bobs after putting new starter in, the oilpressure hose broke. I returned to original spec, just oilpressure-sensor. Hose neatly zipped to the clutchcylinder, waiting for a replacement to arrive. At least I managed to start the car - standstill since last years 10 countries run. While I was at it, I installed the refurbished speedometer. My word, I hate trying to assemble things behind the dash! Cheers Nick
  8. While this is interesting, a few things bugs me. Why is this not presented in a peer reviewed paper? I suspect it is because any reviewer would point to the correlation does not nesccecarily indicate causation. Obesity is well associated with vitamin d deficiency, so the chart you refer to could just as well be a question of the fact that obese people are overrepresented in the severely ill COVID19 cases. Still, there is a valid point about ethnicity, but this can just as well be a question about culture, as is suggested for the somali community in Stockholm. Vitamin D is a good thing, and I would always recommend it, but do not suggest it as a cure towards COVID19, or as a mean to protect yourself from COVID19. Soap will probably remain the best cure here. Cheers Nick
  9. I am sorry to read this rustbuckit. Best of wishes, and please reach out if you need help. Best wishes Nick
  10. Hi John I am a reborn skier - I did a fair bit of skiing when I was a kid. After I moved away from my parents (and had to pay for my own vacations) skiing was not really an option. Fast forward twentysome years I found myself in a situation where skiing suddenly became an option, and I have been skiing once or twice every year for the last 7 years. Like Paul mentions,, it is quite like riding a bike, when I reattached the skies it was easy. Just take it very easy on the first few days. Go slow - and it would be a great idea to hire an instructor for a few hours just to get back in practice. Most important - training before you leave. Don't waste your time on indoor slopes etc. Just make sure your legs are strong, if you have a balance board then use it. In general find all the training videos and do some exercise. Stay away from the snowboards - they are for the young ones who are determined to look foolish and not use a proper pair of skies. You will find that modern skis are much easier to ride than the things we used back in the 80'ties. Go for some shorter skis than you are supposed to - shorter skis are slower but easier to navigate and will not wear you out on the first day. Rent a helmet ! Best advise is to get up early in the morning and get skiing before all the young ones arrives. On the first days yo cannot really expect more than 3 or 4 hours on ski before you are knackered. So get up, use the piste while it is fresh and well-prepped. After 12 o'clock the young snowboarders are awake and terrorizes the piste. After 2 PM the Russians are well pissed, and you really do not want to be run over by 24 stone drunk Russian on snowboard. So keep an eye out for people behind you - most likely they are out of control :-) Enjoy Cheers Nick
  11. We also had a great trip. The car behaved almost nice. I ran into distributor problems after first day. The electronic ignition module went bad, and car would not fore. Fortunately Dirk and Shaun who was on the same hpotel had a spare distributor in the boot. So after converting to point, the car fired up again and ran fine for the rest of the event. Approaching Denmark, the car signalled it would not want to go home - OD stopped working, so the last 3-4 miles before the ferry was slightly slower. When we should leave the ferry, car refused - startermotor did nothing. Just the clicking from the solenoid. So after a push-start I could leave the ferry and return home to copenhagen. Now a bit of fettling to be done - get megajolted (i said that i 2017 also...), sort out the intermittent OD (I suspect a duff relay) and finally - get a less noisy exhaust! Cheers Nick
  12. Oh dear. I really hope you make it. That is such a setback especially considering the efforts that went into the engine. Let us hope the postmortem will be good news. Cheers Nick
  13. that would be day 4 at lunchtime (13-14)
  14. Nürburgring is certainly a stop :-)
  15. Not really - we drive through Alsace north round Zurich and into Lichtenstein. Cheers Nick
  16. I am still in. I did not do as much prep as I wished for. More or less just oilservice. Hopefully I can do without new seats, dellortos and megajolt. See you in the alps (hopefully)
  17. Those figures are not entirely correct. In january1970 there were 4,937,579 inhabitants in Denmark. In january 2019 there were 5,806,081. So the growth rates are very equal. Cheers Nick
  18. Nick B.


    Quite a hot topic - also in todays JAMA https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2737808?guestAccessKey=f86999a7-8dfb-4094-a594-56c9e25329e6&utm_source=fbpage&utm_medium=social_jama&utm_term=2445184190&utm_content=followers-article_engagement-tfl-illustration_medical&utm_campaign=article_alert&linkId=69959292&fbclid=IwAR0XE48dhyTx0zIMDyroGsEthBwlaHL2lBJxoaY0bUTOzv4CwbyK8Pg09Ig
  19. It had to be tested to expected conditions on the germen autobahn heading for the start of 10CR - there is a slight transit of 716 miles from where I live to the start at Charlesville. However - I did the last 10CR without putting the top up (except for the last day with torrental rain on the stretch into netherlands), so it should be fine :-) Hood folding and more clever brackets must wait - I still hope to get the car megajolted prior to 10CR. Cheers Nick
  20. Quick update. I chose the qiuck and dirty solution and simply bought a screen in germany. It will probably need to be modified at a later stage, as it is probably not really compatible with a mk3 spitfire (despite stating that in the add.) It did work however, I pressure tested it by going 85mph in a really bad weather last night. I did not get rain in the nech, and the wind-noise were at a aceptable level. This does however mean that I am much closer to getting rid of the wheelbarrow exhaust, which is much to loud. On the down side: It is not easy to put the top up and down. The nuts for detaching and attaching needs to be replaced by winged nuts to accomodate qiuck install. It takes up the luggagespace behind the seats. Brackets need modification to fit spit mk3. A few pics here after testrun. Cheers Nick
  21. I think you have got it the wrong way around. The EU has not voted to ask England to leave. It is England who decided to leave the union. Most of us are very sad to see our old friend falling apart. The only ones here who are cheering for the brexit is the right wing nationlists, who (thank god) by the recent election were reduced to half and have lost all political influence. Cheers Nick
  22. I definately knew that, it is a very nice piece of music, and I enjoy to play it at least once a week on my piano. Admittedly I did not know it was 71, I thought it was slightly later, perhaps 72 or 73 after denmark entered the union. I am a fan. I am sad to see that England is leaving. All the best to you. Cheers Nick
  23. In 1971. The english MEPs was not a pretty sight. Cheers Nick
  24. OK, I asked for it - I will get my coat.... Still, as long as I do 10CR with the original Mk3 bucketseats, I might still have a few bonuspoints left before I am told to leave sideways. The problem is I am having troubles talking to my navigator at speed due to the windnoise. Plus my navigator is having slight trouble reading the maps since her hair is blowing into her eyes. So I am told to install a deflector, and would ask if any of yiu had experience on installing, and wheter some models are better than others. Cheers Nick
  25. Hello I am getting old and comfortable, so I need a wind deflector for my spitfiremk3 I have found this one in germanyy at a very reasonable price https://www.airax.de/de/windschotts/triumph/triumph-spitfire/3331/airax-windschott-fuer-triumph-spitfire?c=7307 Does this looks OK, or does the faculty of sideways have any opinions on wind deflectors? Cheers Nick
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