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Spitfire / GT6 Body Mounts

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Any thoughts on the ideal set up for these?

The ones I took off the car definitely weren't original, and interestingly none were rubber. The car had 6 aluminium spacers with no rubber for the inner front cross member, rear and diff mounts.

Normally I'd just source what ever was in the original parts catalogue in the hope that helps with alignment, but modern rubber seems to be junk and not something you would want disintegrating here if it can determine the door gaps....


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I don't use "soft" spacers anywhere.  These things (though Spit and GT6 are a bit better) need all the help they can get in the structural stakes, so why stop tub and chassis working together?

I tend to use the big square galvanised washers to fill gaps as required, trying to keep things even around the car.

Needs to be done with all panels on the car and a wary eye kept on gaps.  On Heralds and Vitesses this is how you set the gaps.  Take your patience pills and set a day aside.....

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Thanks both, bookmarked that page Ed as it will be very helpful!

I agree with your logic Nick. That's why I'm most reticent to just bung a kit on from a supplier, all which look different to the original parts catalogue, and introduce parts that will degrade or flex. I can't see rubber dampening vibration and road noise, because the body is already directly bolted in multiple places anyway?!

Taking the body off showed an arrangement had been used that many parts suppliers suggest, but rubber on the front bulkhead mount seems really inadvisable to me. I imagine Triumph put a solid alloy spacer there becuase the bulkhead really needs to be fixed rigidly to keep things well aligned.

So solid spacers under the bulkhead and above the diff, and assume I'll be sliding solid ones under the resulting floor / parcel shelf gaps once those have been assessed.

chassis mounts.jpg

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