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Spax adjustable front dampers, small chassis cars

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1 pair Spax dampers with adjustable rate (rebound)

Paint mostly intact
Adjusters both move as they should and seem to work as they should


Bushes also in good shape.  Upper ones look like polyurethane.

They came to me lightly used and did a further 150 miles or so on my GT6 before being exchanged for the Konis I prefer.

Suitable for Herald, Spitfire, Vitesse & GT6 - all years and versions.

Still available new for around £ 180/pair.

I'm looking for £ 60 /pair collected or £ 75 delivered to UK mainland.

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As far as I can tell they do - not quite sure what the full range is.  There is no corrosion around them (the usual bugbear) and both rotate freely. Anti-clockwise comes to a fixed stop.  Moving clockwise from there they rotate easily with click detents.  There doesn't appear to be a clockwise stop, but the rate seems to stop increasing after about 10 clicks (getting pretty hard by then).  Both are the same.

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