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    All things that go fast. Lost my interest in stick & ball sports a long time ago. Thier mostly overpaid wankers.
  1. For my last engine build I bought a tapered ring compressor from Wiesco and it's now one of my favorite tools. Pistons never went in smoother. jim g
  2. Look at the bright side, at least you can get your motor out of the top of the car. I need a two post lift to pull the body off the chassis. jg
  3. Hey sportsfans, My name is Jim Gray and I just thought I'd introduce myself. Great website, I'm impressed. I live in Aurora Colorado in the US. I race with Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing. My car was my dad's TR-4 street car that was garaged for 10 years when he could no longer drive it. We had this great idea to put a roll bar in it and some tires & go vintage racing. You know how that goes. The farther I got into the car the more I said, well I'll need to change this and need to change that. Right down to building up an IRS chassis. 2 years later it's easier to list the things that I didn't change. I do enjoy the fact the car is still registered for the street so I get the chance do a lot of de-bugging off-track. Well, that's it, cheers. jim g
  4. Gentlemen I was curious as to what spark plugs everybody runs and favorite gaps. I’m playing around with index washers now and opinions seem to vary on that subject. It’s been said that it’s best to index the plugs facing the exhaust valve, between the valves and toward the intake valve. Lots of opinions on that subject. Any comments ? Thanks, jim g
  5. Andy, I don't think they are as big as SU's but I don't have a set anymore for comparrison. They aren't as tall but I think go a bit lower. It so happens I took some reference pictures with a few dimensions the other night so I could design a carbon fiber air box. I'm thinking of enclosing both carbs within the box and building off of the heat shield. Still undecided on that. On the pictures with the tape measure in the frame, my reference point for the end of the tape was the heat shield so I see 4.5" from the face of heatshield to the outboard side of the carb and 6 3/8" to the outside of the velocity stack. These stacks are larger than most fitted to 1 3/4" bore carbs. jg
  6. You might try the Mikuni HSR's, maybe the 42's for your car. They are new technology and direct replacements for the SU's. You will see them alot on Harley's. They have been flawless on my car Try this link http://www.mikuni.com/c-hsr.html
  7. Hey Nick, Sorry I didn't reply any sooner. I use the Mikuni HSR Flat slide carbs. They are the latest in carbeurator technology and designed as direct replacements for SU's. They have accelerator pumps so the car really jumps out of the corners and they flow almost the same as the weber DCOE45's at about 236 CFM. The setup is brilliant, I can change a main jet in about two minutes with the carb on the car. The only time I ever have to do anything to them is when I have a big change in altitude. If need be I can have a carb off the car and in my hand in under 1 minute. They really are a set & forget carb and at $ 280 US each and no special intake required I'm a big fan of them. jg
  8. Name: Triumph TR4 (1964) Date Added: 19 June 2011 - 03:26 AM Owner: JimG Short Description: 1964 TR4 on a '67 IRS chassis. Street legal vintage racer. My dad's street car, garaged 15 years before 2007. As far as modifications go it's easier to list what hasn't been modified. Highlights are 12.5:1 comp ratio full race engine, Mikuni HSR 45 flat side carbs, Richard Good CV axle/hub conversion, 123 programmble distributor, J-type overdrive, 4:11 gears,full race suspension, Traqmate data logger and chase cam video, 3 head fire supression system, Hoosier R6 tires, Accusump system, Tilton peddals, Willwood masters. View Vehicle
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    Triumph TR4
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