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  1. Bottom line theys all got there, unlike certain commentators here with Triumph Dolomites.
  2. I am so sick of this crap. So far in F1 we have had: Maria Teresa de Filippis Lella Lombardi Divina Galica Desiré Wilson Giovanna Amati Every one of them got into F1, did you? Every driver getting into F1 does so on skill. So where is your skill? Before you judge! And let's not forget the World Rally Championship! Michelle Mouton Louise Aitken Walker Are you that good? I doubt it. So wind your neck in about women!
  3. "é is not pronounced as an "eh" but as an "ee" Unfortunately that was a late night typo. (oops) What I meant to write was í is not pronounced as an "ih" but as an "ee". There is no 'soft' C in either Irish or Scots. C is always pronounced as a K sound. Both are pronounced something along the lines of: kay - lee. The dh that appears in the Scots form is silent in this case. Irish used to have such structures but was 'standardised' around 1948 to the form see today known as An Caighdeán Oifigiúil (The Official Standard). Scots Gaelic was last standardised (IIRC) around the turn of the last century and, as a result, conrtains more archaic forms, making it appear more 'clumsy'. Having said that, the standardisation of Irish with it's many silent (glide) vowels (which basically tell you how to pronounce the adjacent consonant) is more daunting to the learner (IMHO). Welsh, while it is a (distantly) related Celtic language, comes from the Brythonic group (which also includes Cornish and Breton) also known as 'P-Celtic'. The Gaelic group (Irish, Scots, Manx) are 'Q-Celtic'. In essence the two groups are structurally similar but differ greatly in things like pronounciation, consonal sound, and even nasic alphabet.
  4. The one as always gets me like that is System Shock 2. Epecially if you play it with the lights out! (paranoid) (sweat)
  5. No the point is, scantily clad women and cars is an advert to male sexuality. It advertises the fact that women can only be 'sexy' if they link with cars and the male fantasy. It shows women as being an accesory to cars and, therefore, somehow 'beneath' men. And that is sexist and degrading. Why do you need a car pic with a woman in a bikini if not to satisfy the male ego? Why do we need this in 2007? Why do we need this on this forum?
  6. Well think about it! You lot would all get up in arms if I posted pics of semi nude / nude men! eg:
  7. No I'm just getting a wee bit ansty about links to / pics of, scantily clad females and cars. Sorry but I find that offensive and sexist.
  8. Ah Thief and Thief 2! Half Life - excellent! I must confess I still play Quake 2 as well as Kingpin.
  9. Ill take a wee Guinness (spell it right yous hackit wee scunner!) wi yous wee Matt. And a wee Bushmills! Im no sure what you mean by "Humping Ass". 1. I dont think Im really equipped fer that! 2. Arses are fer sh**ing through!
  10. So you get the largest pressure drop at the carbs? Hmmmmm. Erm. NO!
  11. Indeed Steve. The problem here is most UK grinders dont - they merely give timing figures. I guess that is one example of why the US is ahead?
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