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Indicators, not


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That's both disappointing, and hopeful, DTR.   Sending the flasher back to supplier is unlikely to get a replacement, I fear, so I'll try to find one from another source, as theirs lady five minutes.

Yes, going the other way to see what lights up! Hadn't thought of that!

I'll report back.


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Making progress.   Realised that a DPO ( not guilty, m'lord!) had cut out the multiway connector that links the loom in the bonnet to the loom in the engine bay.   They had used an eight-way version, of unknown provenance and with colour codes on the wires that were not the originals.   This was confusing, so I took the original connector (9-way) from the loom from the Silverback, stored for years ( never throw anything away!) and grafted it in, with the original colour codes.   SofS (Son of Silverback) is so called because it has so many organs transplanted from the corpse of the first.   Another just confirms that!

Took me all day, but was satisfying and reassuring!   Then I was able more easily to start checking the circuits in the bonnet.   Found that all work, except one of the flashers, which somehow has a short circuit!  Sparks, a rapidly heating test lead and no light from the bulb!   This may explain why the flasher relay failed so quickly!

Back to work tomorrow - the cause of the short circuit still unknown.  But nil carborundum!


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OK, confession time!


This is the indicator lamp unit I fitted on to the new bonnet.   I didn't use OE indicator/side lamp units, as my old ones were smashed and new are unstocked or rare.  These easy to get and fit, and CHEAP!    I should worry about originality!

They are fitted to the GRP bonnet,to a rubber base and I added an alloy, load spreading washer behind the panel.  They fit and look great!

But look closely. Of the three fixing bolts, the lower two touch the terminal base on each side. Thus, via the backing washer, they form a dead short across the bulb!   Who knew?

Of course, I should have noticed and known!   Now, I've trimmed the bases of the terminals, so they don't touch the bolts, and added a layer of insulating tape between them for luck.IMG_20231004_190008.thumb.jpg.74af7996fe41a533b29a87960b5fb712.jpg


The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
          Gang aft agley,
An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
          For promis’d joy!
Now, it works, but I still need a flasher relay to replace the one this error ruined!
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Yes, it is satisfying!

As to saving lives, the Dean of my medical school is alleged to have asked candidates why they wanted to be a doctor.  If they replied "I want to save lives, Sir!", he told them to go away and join the Fire Brigade.


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